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Zenia Stampe a Danish politician calls Humanity to take action against Satanyahu!!

Zenia Stampe a Danish politician calls Humanity to take action against Satanyahu!!


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Published on Oct 4, 2013


The world wake’s up and they propagede it like we all are nazi’s,,,, now every one who’s question us about our opinien just read the talmud and protocols of zion no race is kicked out more then 130 countries than those of the talmud and cabala

they should be in the guinness book of records the race that is kicked out so many countries


I don’t often begin a Facebook post with an appeal, but this is an extraordinary situation. This post is long but I hope you will read it. And I hope you will share it.

I am a Danish politician and Member of the Danish Parliament. I have just returned from a week in Israel and Palestine. The trip concluded with a very unusual experience. We were meeting with a political director from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also happens to be the next Ambassador to Denmark. We discussed the situation in the Middle East. But towards the end of the meeting he changed the subject and began attacking Facebook updates I have written in Danish.

It is very unusual for a diplomat to argue with a politician from abroad. It shows how sensitive the Israeli government is to foreign criticism. It also shows that Israelis tend to think they can intimidate critics into silence.

But I will not be silenced. I have seen systematic and deliberate breaches of international law during the last week. I intend to speak out. And now I know the Israeli government is listening.

And that’s why I ask you to read and share my post with your network. For the further it reaches, the more seriously the Israeli government will be forced to address it.

We often hear the Israeli government using “security considerations” to justify their politicies But one thing is now only too clear to me: Israel is making systematic efforts to drive the Palestinians out of large areas of the occupied territories. Israel is in the process of colonizing the areas that were intended to become the Palestinian state. And the word security is a thin layer of varnish applied by Israel to cover that policy.

Let me provide just four examples:

1. Confiscation of Palestinian houses
Israeli law allows any Jewish Israelis to claim homes where Jews lived before 1948. Note that this is taking place in the occupied territories, not in Israel. This means that an Israeli Jew can knock on the door of a house where a Palestinian family has lived for generations. They can obtain a court order to force the family to move out; the settlers then move in. Most often they put a huge Israeli flag on the roof. And the Israeli military is now obliged to protect the house. So the neighbours suddenly see their street turned into a militarized area. The children play among heavily armed soldiers and checkpoints.

How can this policy benefit Israel’s security in any way?

2. Settlements
There are currently 600,000 Israeli settlers living in the Palestinian territories, and the number is rising rapidly. According to international law the settlements are illegal. An occupying power must not transfer its own population to occupied territory. But the most critical aspect is not the growth in the number of settlers but the systematic confiscation of Palestinian land, the demolition of Palestinian property, the depletion of natural resources, and the compulsory relocation of Palestinians. These are all breaches of international law, and a de facto colonization of the Palestinians’ country.

This is not just a matter of principle. I have witnessed demolitions. I have spoken to farmers driven off land where they have lived and which they worked for generations. I have seen settlements covering larger and larger areas on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, with security walls, control towers and huge security zones. If this development continues Palestine will become like a Swiss cheese, where all that is left for the Palestinians is the holes in the cheese. The Palestinians are confined to ghettos in their own country.

How can this in any way be justified by security considerations?

3. Living Conditions
Palestinians in large areas of the West Bank must submit applications in Israel to extend their homes, dig wells, etc. But their applications are systematically rejected. They find water supplies get cut off and electrical installations destroyed by the military. Meanwhile they see the settlements in the area constantly expanding and being given unrestricted access to electricity and water. I have stood on a road where the Palestinians on one side of the road only had a little water, while the settlers on the other side of the road had all the water they needed. It is not just a problem for individual families and businesses forced to cope with very limited resources. This is also a huge obstacle to the Palestinian economy because it impedes the creation of jobs. We visited a farm and a brewery, both of which were very well run and had considerable potential. But when you only have very limited access to water and do not know when it’s going to be cut off, it’s hard to expand production.

What has any of this to do with security?

4. The security wall
Israel has the right to protect its borders from potential terrorists. This includes the right to build a wall. But Israel’s security wall is not on the Israeli border and it does not separate Israelis from Palestinians. The wall cuts through Palestine and prevents Palestinians from accessing their own farmlands, schools, institutions, hospitals, and jobs. Thousands of Palestinians cross the wall every day but doing so requires permits and hours of waiting in chaotic conditions.

The wall is therefore a clear breach of international law, and it cannot be justified by security considerations. If this were about security, the wall would surely be located along the green line: the internationally recognized border between Israel and Palestine. And why does Israel at least not provide a proper number of operational checkpoints so that Palestinians can cross the wall quickly? Chaotic scenes with thousands of desperate people queuing for hours and hours are normal. It’s sheer harassment.

How can this be of any value in terms of security considerations?

I know many Jews and many Israelis. I understand and respect how centuries of persecution have created a need for security, both in terms of protection from persecution in the many countries where Jews live and in the mere fact that Israel exists as a safe haven. I will stand up for this at all times.

But the Israeli government is pursuing goals that are not about security. They are about a land grab; about taking over the little the Palestinians have left. It is a slow and deliberate displacement of the Palestinians from their own country. This must not go unremarked. We have a duty to criticize it.

I look forward to welcoming the new Israeli ambassador to Denmark. He must know that many Danes follow what is going on in Israel and Palestine. Many of us are gravely concerned. And we are not going to remain silent.

Please share. Thanks!

PS: The photo shows me on the outskirts of the Palestinian village of Susiya. Susiya has been demolished by the Israeli military six times and is subject to a standing demolition order. On the horizon, the watchtower of the settlement that Israel says is threatened by the village. Which is why the village is to be demolished. But actually, who is threatening who?

Tanja Amira
Tanja Amira Handlinger tæller højere end ord!See Translation


Azad Rasheed
Azad Rasheed Thank you Zenia Stampe.shared.

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Kolade O. Fadahunsi
Kolade O. Fadahunsi Thank you for this. I was there in 2013 and since then started advocacy for Alternative Justice Tourism from Nigeria. To redirect the huge pilgrimage from Nigeria to embrace Justice in the land. Sad enough, I have been denied visa for two times in 2015 and 2016. I know the Israel government follow up international action by concern persons, let keep on being on the side if truth and Justice.


Rifat Odeh Kassis
Rifat Odeh Kassis Thanks for your honesty and courage …you are a true advocate for justice and peace…


Ahmad Tubasi
Ahmad Tubasi Respect and love from palestine. Thank you so much for your effort to spread the word and raise awareness of our difficult situation specially those who have no idea what’s going on here.. shared 🇵🇸🇵🇸


Rahi Umar Bhat
Rahi Umar Bhat My brother we know every thing about your conditions
We salute your braveness
We lov brothers mothers & sisters all the way from Kashmir


Mureedah Mohammed
Mureedah Mohammed We know everything abt ur sufferings don’t worry u will RISE again!!!!!!! We im Cape Town S. A SALUTE u.

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· 22 hrs


Fakadi Junior Alabayango
Fakadi Junior Alabayango The whole world knows your sufferings ,everything has an end n one day u guys will be free in shaa Allah. .me n millions of peace loving people stand with u in this hard times..

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· 16 hrs


Ahmad Tubasi
Ahmad Tubasi Inshaallah dear brother

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Yasir Ashiq
Yasir Ashiq Love from Malaysia..u always in our prayer..

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· 10 hrs


Ahmad Tubasi
Ahmad Tubasi Thank you brother from Malaysia

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· 4 hrs


Nasir Daniel
Nasir Daniel Thank you for sharing the truth.We, Malaysian are with the people of Palestine. May justice prevail.

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Ahmad Tubasi
Ahmad Tubasi Thank you dear brother yassir

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Sunny Chong

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Alice Diane Kisch
Alice Diane Kisch Dear Zenia Stampe,
I very much appreciate your effort in providing Facebook readers with important realities about Palestine. I am an 80-year-old Palestinian solidarity activist, Jewish, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I am naturally very famSee More


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Leonard Shapiro
Leonard Shapiro I also balked when I got to the paragraph about a ‘safe haven’.


Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor Brilliant comment. Thanks


Janie Molloy
Janie Molloy Fantastic comment. Thank you for the lesson. I try my very best to learn all i can on the subject
Knowledge is freedom. Thank you foe your valuable contribuition.


Amirudin Pramulyana
Amirudin Pramulyana beautiful heart..<3


Yusuf Adams
Yusuf Adams All power to you Alice, Salaam wa Hubb/ Peace and Love x


Mohammed Dindar
Mohammed Dindar Zenia…..don’t be a hypocrite….very well explained in the above


Riaz Zair
Riaz Zair You talking out of your ass dindar?

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· 21 hrs


Mirry Woods
Mirry Woods Great post Zenia Stampe, but indeed, coming to your remark ‘…’israel exists as a safe haven” I experienced serious difficulties as well. Not just about ”safe haven” but also with the very word ”exists” – for israel does not ”exist” but was plSee More

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Mahomed Hameed
Mahomed Hameed Thank you. You bring my faith back in humanity. God bless you. Alice Diane Kisch.
Please accept my friendship.

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· 17 hrs


Anwar Bodal

Anwar Bodal Dear Alice

You Have Hit The Nail On The HeadSee More

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· 14 hrs


Saima Sultana
Saima Sultana Only 4000-5000 palestine died during Nakba ! You are joking right ?

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Alice Diane Kisch
Alice Diane Kisch Dear Anwar Bodal, Unfortunately, the bitter reality is that the British and other Western interests wanted to retain hegemony in the Middle East, especially with respect to natural resources, i.e., oil, and they, the British, found it in their interestSee More

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· 10 hrs


Anwar Bodal

Anwar Bodal Thank you Alice for the clarification

When you talk of Hagemonic ambition which include sowing dissent and chaos, is the current situation re: Qatar and Saudi Royal family tensions, part of such scheme of things, what is your take

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· 9 hrs


Rina Idrus
Rina Idrus Alice Diane Kisch, I have never been more in love with a comment before. You restore my hope in humanity. Thank you for making my morning

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· 9 hrs


Kenny Frederick
Kenny Frederick Alice Diane Kisch…it wasn’t about oil for the British in 1917 , it was about winning the war , the Jews in the US were asked to pressure the American govt in joining the war to help Britain and in return they got the balfour declaration

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Alam Maks
Alam Maks Thank you!

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Johan van der Watt
Johan van der Watt I cannot agree more with the statement that the historical facts as far as Zionism, the role of the British and their downright deceit at the end of the mandate period should be acknowledged more in the current conflict. The USA and the EU suffer from See More

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