Press Release – World Harmony Day 2002

The 20th of February 2002 at 8:02 pm
(20/02/2002 at 20:02) – From 08:02 pm to 08:04 pm

Can you spare 2 minutes for Humanity?

“God had given us life and every life is as important. We must value every living creature in this beautiful world we have been given. Together we can heal the wounds of the world and achieve true world harmony.” – Sunflower Chong

Greatness is in our hearts. These times demand greatness from “all of us”.
And you can help make a positive change in our world. Just 2 minutes of your time, to make the world a better place.

September 11th 2001 has served as a wake up call for many people around the world. Worldwide challenges have touched each and every nation. Aids, armed conflict, hunger, refugees and homelessness are part of our everyday reality. Wouldn’t this be a good time to reverse the tide?

Would you contribute 2 minutes out of your year to make a wish for harmony and world peace?

Just 2 minutes, anywhere you are, that’s all.

World Harmony Day – The Mission

People everywhere around the world taking 2 minutes of silence to wish for world peace and harmony. Each of us taking 2 minutes for all of the world.

These 2 minutes of silence will be a positive and peaceful demonstration of world consciousness and may help to move us all toward peace. The worldwide effort to promote a calm and peaceful consciousness can only help.

We can call this “World Harmony Day” because we hope that everyone who takes a few moments on February 20th is casting their vote for an increase in world peace and harmony.

At 08:02 pm (20:02) on Wednesday 20th February (02)
2002 – Represents a moment when our calendar reads 200220022002, it will not happen again for a million years. A perfect alignment. And a good time for us to make a wish for greater peace and harmony across the planet.

On this auspicious day we can show that we do not support terror or violence
– or violence as the response to the attacks of September 11th, or in the Palestine, or in Kashmir, or in Europe. And we state that loudly with our silence and prayer.

The Significance of World Harmony Day

As we observe silence for 2 minutes (2 symbolizes harmony) each and every one of us will want to ask for peace and harmony – peace and harmony for our children – peace and harmony for our fellow man. And a second minute for your special wish.

From 08:02 – 08:03 pm Focus on World Peace From 08:03 – 08:04 pm Focus on Your Own Peace

After the September 11th terrorist attacks, the ensuing war in Afghanistan, and continuing conflicts in across the world have only confirmed that we need to do something together – across nations, across cultures, across religions, across the globe. Together for two minutes.

Let us all take 2 minutes and peak our minds with our silence.

It is time to re-affirm a clear sense of hope. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said “No one won the last war and no one will win the next.” Let us join and pray together – a silent, collective voice so loud that the universe will have to listen.


World Harmony Day – 20th February 2002
Suntec City Fountain Of Wealth (7:00pm -8.30pm)

Can you spare 2 minutes for Humanity?
Please Join Us To Observe a 2 minutes Peace Silence at 8:02pm to 8:04pm

7.00pm – Arrival of Guests
7.30pm – Speech by Sunflower
7.40pm – Speech by Greta Georges
7.50pm – Speech by Gill Singh
7.55pm – Preparing the lighting of candles
8.02pm – 2 minutes Peace Silence
8.05pm – “Imagine” – Song by Imran
8.10pm – Bushmen with friends, Becky and Colin
8.25pm – Finale song – One Love (Bob Marley)
8.30pm – End of Program


Press Release – World Harmony Day 2003

The 20th of February 2003 at 8:02 pm
(20/02/2003 at 20:02) – From 08:02 pm to 08:04 pm

Commemorate Global Peace & Harmony

Three Nation States joins Singapore to celebrate the second World Harmony Day.

Singapore, Feb 11, 2003 – World Harmony Day 2003, to be held on 20th February 2003 (Thursday) at the Singapore National Youth Park, will celebrate its call for global peace and tolerance alongside three other nation states including Brazil, Laos and Denver, Colorado of the United States of America (USA).

Conceptualised by mother-daughter team, Sunflower Chong and Greta Georges last year after the tragic terrorist attack on the New York Twin Towers, this joint commemorative effort will be denoted by a mass 2-minutes Peace Silence observed by participants from all four nation states.

This year’s World Harmony Day (WHD), the second ever held, signifies a marked progress from the first held last year at the Suntec City’s Fountain of Wealth in Singapore. Not only has this Singaporean idea captured the hearts of the citizens of Brazil, Laos and the US, it has also generated interest within the local community.

“The spirit is overwhelmingly astounding this year.
People from just about everywhere are getting together solely because they like the notion of a world harmony spirit. I feel a family is born out of genuine togetherness”, says founder Sunflower Chong, who is also the main driving force behind World Harmony Day.

What is the Global Significance of WHD?

With 911, the world is thrown into political, social and economic chaos in such great depth no leader could have envisaged. Wars are declared; economies plunge, and lives of ordinary people are threatened. It is only through this event that the world wakes up to realize countries, economies, humans are interwoven in intricacies that we would have never realized if tragedy had not struck. Humans on earth are shaken to realize that the vast diversity of humanity is also equal in spirit. We, the people, want to live in peace, and not in fear.

Economic, Social and Humanistic Significance in Singapore

In the light of escalating turbulence in the world in current history, Singapore needs to defend herself as terror and fear strike closer to home. People of the country can achieve this not only at the governmental level but also at a social and humanistic level. This is can be done not by weapons of mass destruction but by oneness of the heart, if only the voice of humanity can be heard and is given a chance.

What does WHD represent?

WHD represents Universal Love and Friendship. We believe this vision can be achieved through our creating awareness and educating of people the message of peace, love and harmony through understanding and acceptance of differences. We believe the children of today do not want to live in a chaotic and turbulent world that others have left for them. Every human being, therefore, has a social and humanistic responsibility to make every effort no matter, how small, to spread the word of peace of humanity. We call the courageous to take up the challenge to start a change from within.

WHD has a universal vision that we translate into a mission – for a brighter tomorrow provided by the citizens of tomorrow, the youth of today.

Singapore: 2 minutes for Humanity at the Youth Park

There will be a 90min concert programme where the focus will be the lighting of candles representing hope and love for humanity. Participants come from all walks of the Singaporean society including students, cultural and pop performers who show their support for and believe in the cause and mission of WHD.

A feature film outlining the story of WHD written and produced by Greta Georges will be debuted after the 2 min peace silence. In it, it traces ” the story of World Harmony Day “ In Search of Peace & Harmony “and showcases the vast diversity of cultures and religions, different but yet one.

It will be aired in the following countries hosting WHD.

For details, contact:

Founders of World Harmony Day :

Sunflower Chong
Tel: 65 67645907
Fax: 65 67645907
H/P: 96839017

Greta Georges
H/P: 97915437


World Harmony Day – 20th February 2003
Orchard Youth Park (7:00pm -8.30pm)

To Commemorate Global Peace & Harmony
Please Join Us To Observe a 2 minutes Peace Silence at 8:02pm to 8:04pm

7.00pm – Arrival of Guests
7.30pm – Song “Come Together” – Will and Max (15 years old) from Chatwood School.
7.40pm – Speech by Simone O. Sherman from (15 years old) Chatwood School.
7.45pm – Speech by Sunflower Chong
7.55pm – Song “Over the rainbow” – Gina Ismail
8.02pm – 2 minutes Peace Silence
8.05pm – WHD film – “The Story of World Harmony Day”
8.15pm – “Storm Trooper” – Delta Senior School (APSN)
8.20pm – Fire eaters
8.30pm – “Swasamae” – Serangoon JC Indian Cultural Society.
8.40pm – Chinese song ‘Persuit of Power” – Karen Chek & Friend
8.45pm – WHD song – Stoned Revivals
8.50pm – Bushmen with friends, Becky and Colin
9.20pm – Finale song – One Love (Bob Marley)
9.30pm – End of Program



Press Release – World Harmony Day 2004

The 20th of February 2004 at 8:02 pm
(20/02/2004 at 20:02) – From 08:02 pm to 08:04 pm

World Harmony Begins with ME

Read the newspapers, surf and worldwide web, turn on the television, listen to the radio, or just observe in your neighbourhood and workplace. Each and everyone of us is likely to see, hear, feel and even experience some kind of disharmony regardless whether one is living in the North, South, East, or West in our global community.

Disharmony between humans and humans who appeared to be different from them.

Disharmony between humans and animals in the air, land and sea.

Disharmony between humans and plants in the natural environment.

Many concern humans around the world have raised an important question about what kind of future could humanity expect to live in. We all know that our future begins from now. As there is only one earthly world for all living things in the interconnected worldwide web of life, we must start to live with love in our spirit, heart, mind, and body and open up to appreciate and accept diversity within human civilization and the natural environment.

World Harmony Day was founded by Sunflower Chong and her daughter, Greta Georges. It was first marked on 20th February 2002 with an observation of 2 minutes Peace Silence from 20:02hr or 8:02pm at Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City in Singapore. Hundreds of people attended the event in 2002 and 2003. This year, a group of kindred spirits has spontaneously come together to keep the flame of words, song and music to harmoniously share the light of love and peace with anyone and everyone.

World Harmony Day 2004

World Harmony Begins With ME

Date: 20th February 2004
Time: 7:30pm – 9.00pm
Venue: Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City
Peace Silence: 8:02pm – 8:04pm

If the inspiring spirit or message of World Harmony Day resonates with you in one way or another, BE THERE and join us in making a difference to world harmony.

There is a symbolic mass candlelight up before observing a 2 minutes Peace Silence for world harmony.

Sunflower has brought over 500 candles, but do bring your own candles of any shape, color and size to light your flame of true love for peace and harmony.

May Love, Peace and Harmony Be With You Always.

For details, contact:

Founders of World Harmony Day :

Sunflower Chong
Tel: 65 67645907
Fax: 65 67645907
H/P: 96839017

Greta Georges
H/P: 97915437


World Harmony Day – 20th February 2005
Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City (7:00pm -8.30pm)

“World Harmony begins with ME”
Please Join Us To Observe a 2 minutes Peace Silence at 8:02pm to 8:04pm

7.30pm – Arrival of guest
7.40pm – MC Greta welcoming address
7.45pm – Faustina’s song “From a Distance”
7.50pm – Faizah and her 2 lovely daughters “I’d like to teach the world to sing”
7.55pm – Lighting up of candles while Greta talks about the significance of the 2 mins Peace Silence
8.02pm – Observing the 2 minutes Peace Silence
8.05pm – Faustina’s song “Let there be Peace on Earth”
8.10pm – Songs & Performance by Bushmen and Friends*
8.40pm – Sunflower & Lai Hock takes stage to thank everyone
8.45pm – End


Members Thoughts

Here are some thoughts from several people on how they came to be associated with World Harmony Day:

Sunflower Chong

“Instead of the pragmatic path I have chosen the spiritual path to guide my life. This means when the spirit call I have to act from my heart with true LOVE and there is no turning back if you want to be true to yourself and thus to your cause and belief. In short, when the spirit call I must act because ‘The Consciousness’ propelled me to do so that is how WHD
2004 came about.”

Greta Georges

“World Harmony Day brings LIGHT to my life”

“World Harmony Day brings souls from many different walks of life together in a symbolic spiritual oneness. WHD had brought us back to our place again, strengthening us spiritually and mentally as an individual.”

“An English poet called Frances Thompson said “You can’t pluck a flower without troubling a star”. That is such a profound way of saying how truly interconnected we are – not just between humans but also between all life forms. World Harmony Day to me represents this Web of Life. My reality is that for the Web to be in harmony, it must start with harmony within myself.”

Lai Hock

“I am in the WHD 2004 because I want to make it happen!”

“I have lived and worked as an information security specialist in fifteen cities across four continents over the last twenty years and have found it evident that world harmony will advance us further as a human race. We cannot take harmony for granted. It begins with ourselves.”

“I am in World Harmony Day because I believe in a higher way to live our lives, a greater vision. I want to make a difference in the world that I live in.”


Press Release – World Harmony Day 2005

The 20th of February 2005 at 8:02 pm
(20/02/2005 at 20:02) – From 08:02 pm to 08:04 pm

One World, One People, One Voice, One Love For Humanity

My daughter Greta Georges (www.gretageorges.com) and I Sunflower Chong are the founders of World Harmony Day, an event designed to reiterate the fact that we must value human lives and learn how to share this “One World” for peace and harmony to prevail.

We have marked World Harmony Day every year since 20 February 2002. All World Harmony Day asks is for people wherever they are to remember this day of “The Consciousness” or “Social Responsibility” as my daughter would prefer to put it, on 20th February at
20:02 and to annually observe a “2 minutes Peace Silence”- Visual is very powerful. This act is not only symbolic but most importantly it will bring great hope to the rest of the world who care.

This event is open to the public and everyone is welcome. The objective of this event is to bring people together, from all walks of life for one purpose.


1 min for “World Peace” the 2nd min for “Our Own Peace”.

True Harmony happens when not only our soul interacts with GOD but when we are able to manifest it in a meaningful way with our fellow beings and touch them, to inspire them and to live in a more joyful, harmonious way…

Doing an event like WHD is about giving oneself to society to uplift the moral and spirit of the people…world harmony is about a spirit, a spirit of willingness from each and everyone of us to understand to respect and to uplift the others around us…humans, animals, plants…a spirit, which makes choices based on the harmony of the world (planet). It is a spirit of peace, gratitude, righteousness… the spirit of loving-kindness.

The fourth World Harmony Day (2005) will be held on 20th February 2005 (Sunday) at Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City, from 7.30pm to 830pm. This night is dedicated to the “Tsunami Remembrance Ceremony”.

Many people said that the Tsunami had brought us together as one world but that is not really true, why? The Tsunami stirred the human conscious, it is the “Collective Consciousness” that has brought the world together as One People, One Voice and One Love as we share the same belief and value – We have only One World and we have to learn how to share this world and to value human lives, which World Harmony Day is prophesizing and that is our vision for World Harmony Day.

World Harmony Day 2005 will build on this collective consciousness, thus the theme will be “One World, One People, One Voice One Love For Humanity”. The Tsunami Relief Love Movement Tee designed by Pebbles Lim a student from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is encouraged to be worn on World Harmony Day, 20th February 2005 as a sign of solidarity.

The cost of the tee is $15 and all the proceeds will be donated to Worldvision International
(www.worldvision.org.sg) to aid the needs of the affected countries. The cause of Love Movement Tee transcends beyond just the act of fund raising itself; it is a message to remind people of the humanity and compassion in them, and that they are able to make a difference in the world. Peace, harmony, unity, love and respect are embraced when we come together in aid.

President Nathan pointed the way forward for Singapore and his first priority is to secure Singapore’s place in the world – by nurturing relations with other, being a good citizen and taking active part in international efforts. World Harmony Day is one such act that will bring Singapore goodwill, and with the support and understanding from the corporate world and Government, World Harmony Day knows no boundary.

The highlights of the event will include performances and recitals of Peace & Love; Reverie, a youth band will perform their original songs; performances by part time Perfect 10 DJ Ms Magdalene See, MINDS and people from the Singapore Association for the Deaf, who will provide sign language support for the performance. Organizations like YMCA, YWCA, MINDS, Singapore Association for the Deaf, Breast Cancer Foundation will all be invited to attend this event, to promote awareness and develop a harmonious relationship with each other.

There will not be any guest of honor, but people from all walks of life will be attending and they are encouraged to bring their own candles as a symbol of hope and remembrance for the 2 minutes observance of Peace Silence.

If you could send a reporter and/or photographer to cover World Harmony Day 2005, it would definitely make a difference. Programme of the evening is attached.

Thank you for your kind attention.

For more details, contact:

Founders of World Harmony Day :

Sunflower Chong
Tel: 65 67645907
Fax: 65 67645907
H/P: 96839017

Greta Georges
H/P: 97915437

World Harmony Day – 20th February 2005
Suntec City Fountain of Wealth (7:00pm -8.30pm)

“Tsunami Remembrance Ceremony”
Please Join Us To Observe a 2 minutes Peace Silence at 8:02pm to 8:04pm

7.15pm – Preludes by Reverie
7.30pm – One Voice One Love by Reverie
7.35pm – Peace Poem (recital by Ka Onn, 9 yrs)
7.40pm – Welcome speech
7.45pm – Short Sharing :
– Asian Tsunami Relief Love Movement
– Worldvision representative
– YMCA representative
7.55pm – I have a Dream (sing together, background minding)
8.02pm – 2 minutes Peace Silence
8.05pm – All we need is Love by Magdalene See
8.10pm – Poem -“Children” by Kahlil Gibran (pick from the audience)
8.15pm – Thank you speech
8.25pm – One Love (group of four)
8.30pm – We Are the World (sing together, background minding)


Press Release – World Harmony Day 2005 Interview

What differentiates World Harmony Day (WHD) from other altruistic organisations?

World Harmony Day is an organisation that was formed by the spirit of people coming together. We do not have a donation drive or ways and means to self run, we are not a structured, organised group, rather it is the readiness of individuals who want to come together for a common purpose, and it began with my mother and I. In fact, WHD exists because of the spirit of people around us who feels that it is necessary for us to continue the stand for 2 min WHD Peace Silence after experiencing the initial WHD 2002.

How has your religious background contributed to the founding of WHD?

The founding of World Harmony Day was sparked by the tragedy of 9/11. With all the fear, grief, worry, lack of trust, and anger we felt that it was necessary to take action and do something to get over feeling lonely and helpless. Those who support World Harmony Day are of numerous and varied religious backgrounds. The point of standing in peace together is to reiterate the message that we cannot use the mask of Religion to continue the insane violence.

As we all know, Singapore is THE red-tape country, did you experience any such deterrence along the way? And did you receive any unexpected help maybe?

I remember at the age of 22 speaking to the police chief commissioner was a pretty daunting experience altogether. We discussed about what was appropriate to say and not say. Obviously, it was a huge responsibility to host the platform for setting the wheels of peace and love in motion and not sparking any rage and animosity. Some advice was given on which grounds could not be covered – such as not mentioning certain well-known individuals that people around the world love to hate. At first, I was really dubious about the reasons why we could not even speak such names, and I even thought… “Come on let’s be REAL, we know the truth right? So now is the time to bring that out”… but in hindsight it is totally understandable because this event is about standing up for peace and not about feeding any negative energy. Giving those individuals more attention might diminish the value of the event and contribute to the already saturated press coverage. It would be like preaching to a group of people who are converts in that sense. We get a sense of the purpose of peace while conducting ourselves in a dignified manner.

Myth? Singaporeans are also know as being mercenaries and ignorant of worldly affairs? Any comments?

Sometimes, we do live in a perfect bubble with the system serving us so well and there does not seem to be a pressing need for individuals to step out of their comfort zones…. But I guess to a certain extent that is slowly changing and we have met many whom will willingly help and give a damn during the preparations of WHD . Especially with the loss that has been caused by the biggest catastrophe of tsunami in history. I am utterly lost for words to offer over the deceased and their families. I just pray to god that their souls shall rest in peace. Many Singaporeans are really seeing themselves as South East Asians and South East Asians within the world. The amount of emails, contributions, aid and volunteering to the affected countries is over-whelming. By being in The United States when the crisis hit has caused me not only grief but has opened my eyes to the willingness of the world to come together in support. There is a tremendous outpouring of relief and donations being generated throughout the United States – including many families bringing clothing and blankets to donation centres. Another way for people worldwide to help alleviate the suffering is to pray for the recovery of the affected areas. Starting today, let us close our eyes for a few seconds before each meal and send words of prayer to these countries. Let us send a prayer for them before we go to sleep. February 20th 2005 on WHD let us get together and send a universal prayer of peace for their wellbeing. We are in the process of trying to organise just that and will maintain updated information on the website www.worldharmonyday.com. As I have already mentioned, WHD is the coming together of spirited, concerned individuals who will propel this event to fruition.

If you are interested in assisting, organising a committee, or contributing in any way that you feel that your talents can allow you, please email me at: gretageorges@gmail.com

How far has WHD’s vision come two years after its inception? What is the role that technology played (internet)?

We have come a long way from an idea between a mother and daughter… to now helping to connect people of various race and religion in unity… And the turn out on each and every WHD has been very heart-warming. WHD is not about selling any item or product, and the mere commitment of being together for a higher purpose finds us feeling good in this all to often materialistic and sometimes cynical world. The Internet has helped us to network and gather like-minded people and most importantly inform people of our existence.

New entrants boost the World Harmony Network yearly, how do new members get in touch, and what help/advice do you offer?

New Members can get in touch via email at gretageorges@gmail.com directly with me and we would appreciate the help, advice and opinions that they are willing to offer.

How does overseas affiliates (most notably Brazil, Laos and Colorado) celebrate WHD (concert as well?) Is there a standardised issue that is addressed or issues raised more localised in context?

Overseas affiliates set up their own World Harmony Day and come up with their own concept and issues and ideas. We do provide them with the information of what we have come up with and our direction and it is loosely followed. The Laos WHD was held in a school for the blind and it was being organised by an Iranian (then volunteering in Laos) whom I met while travelling through Malaysia. In Brazil I had initially met an enterprising 16 year old girl in Washington D.C together with my mother Sunflower Chong, whilst attending an International Peace Poetry, and the Colorado event organiser was someone whom my mother has been in touch with via email about the concerns of the world and thus the connection was founded.

A 700 people turned up for WHD 2004; did this unprecedented number come as a pleasant surprise? Or has the publicity done its job?

Gosh your question almost makes me giggle…. publicity? We had more post publicity than pre.. And also we had only organised the event 10 days before WHD 2004. To be perfectly honest, my mother and I had lost much of our steam as it was extremely tiring and the purpose would be gone if we were to go through the motions just for the sake of setting something up. So WHD 2004 came as a little surprise … it was because of my mother’s friend who had said to her that we cannot allow the WHD spirit to die off, and from there it was just pure magic. We saw Singaporeans from all walks of life come together for the next ten days to set this up, a network of personal friends. This energy recharged us and the people who carried the torch of harmony and unity with their dedication and belief sincerely touched us. So to have more than 15 people come together in pure faith already did the job for us. The rest of the people who turned up were more than a pleasant surprise for all of us… it was like waiting for the flowers to finally bloom and admiring them in all their glory. Intangible joy of living and being together and the heart has to open up to the experience of life and love to receive it fully. We are very blessed and grateful for the experience.

From your experience, Singaporeans generally concerned with the issues of “peace and harmony”?

I think that … now the gravity of the situation from the Tsunami is slowly sinking into the hearts of many and much help is strongly needed. Peace and Harmony right now has taken a more Asian context and Singaporeans have shown to have the enthusiasm, goodwill and concern.

There is talk of a “World Harmony House”. Can you tell us more about it?

It is important to channel all that goodwill and enthusiasm to something that everyone can see that has the potential to grow. World Harmony House aims to be a place where people can get together and share in their concerns for Peace and Harmony. Encouraging them to draw from their own resources in strength and numbers to grow and flourish.

Which artists will be performing at this year’s WHD? What will you tell people who have never been to WHD, what to expect there?

People who have never been to WHD can expect a day of kindred sprits coming together … the symbolic mass candle lighting of 2 minutes Peace Silence and above all the spontaneous flame of WHD by people of Singapore. The artists performing have yet to be confirmed.

Are there specific issues that will be addressed at this year’s WHD? Perhaps the Asian Earthquake?

In fact, the focus of WHD will be just that. As mentioned prayers will be sent out to the affected and one of the more important ways for people from all over the world to help alleviate the suffering is by praying for the recovery of the affected areas. As in this year’s WHD, on Feb 20th 2005 by sending from our hearts, minds and souls, a mass prayer of peace for their wellbeing.

WHD seems to work on an ideological front that is to remind people of what’s important. If your organisation has the means (funds etc.), what concrete steps will you take towards realising WHD’s vision?

Education is a very important step to help raise awareness and inculcate values and accept responsibility for our future. If our organisation has the means …well the most concrete step will be to develop an education program to be introduced to the youth.

Dynamic civilizations rise and grow because they can continually adapt to the ever-changing tide of situations the world presents. Strategies and ideas are therefore the engines of civilizations. Humankind now possesses much more communications power than ever to generate and convey new ideas and yet we choose to stagnate in the same mindless violent strategies that we have employed since we first evolved.

Now more than ever Humankind needs new ideas and strategies to save itself from itself. “Fear breeds stagnation and love creates growth.” – Sunflower Chong. There can be real progress only when the next generation chooses love over fear.

An educational program of strategic goals and objectives for a brighter tomorrow provided by the citizens of tomorrow, the youth of today.

Do you think there is a lack of community activism in Singapore? Why?

Right now community activism in Singapore is on the rise with the speedy response in helping tsunami victims in the region, with a significant number involved particularly in Indonesia’s West Sumatra and Aceh provinces.

The manner in which Singapore has mobilized aid to the affected areas has really impressed many and even Singaporeans themselves. Singapore’s efforts in this catastrophe by coming together in shared humanity has changed and broke many mouldy perceptions of the lack of community activism.

How has WHD changed your perspective as a person, secondly, a Singaporean?

When WHD began, I was a 20 years Singaporean girl who believed that the whole world would come together to declare their stance for peace, harmony and unity. Now 4 years on… I am still trying to play my part and I have learned that the human factor is the one common thread that runs through all of us. It has dramatically changed my whole mindset and behaviour from being the bench warmer (of hoping and dreaming) to dribbling forward and taking a shot.

Has the WHD cause found like-minded friends in the private, government sectors? Any unexpected friends-in-high-places?

Most definitely…more so in the private sector, I have crossed paths with many people of different professions and have been given a little window to their worlds, which I would never otherwise have had. Unexpected friends in high places? Nah, just unexpected in high places in my heart!


Press Release – World Harmony Day 2006

The 20th of February 2006 at 8:02 pm
(20/02/2006 at 20:02) – From 08:02 pm to 08:04 pm

Time Out For Peace & Harmony

On the 20th of February this year, a unique Singaporean event will be held at the Suntec City. World Harmony Day, the brainchild of Sunflower Chong and daughter – WKRZ deejay Greta Georges, is a celebration of peace, harmony and love.

This year is the fifth anniversary of World Harmony Day observance in Singapore, and is widely endorsed.

A cross section of society will come together, observing at 8:02 pm, a 2 Minute Peace Silence. This act is not only symbolic, but most importantly, will bring hope to the rest of the world.

Ten representatives from the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) will be present to pray for peace in accordance with their faiths. The programme also includes dramas and music by youth and children on themes of peace, love and harmony, including a Cirque du Monde Show – “ONE”. The World Harmony Society includes people from various cultures and beliefs – having a common desire to reach out in Peace, Love and Harmony, believing that individuals can make a difference.

World Harmony Day aims to become a worldwide event involving people from diverse backgrounds in an effort to preserve peace and harmony by showcasing the message of PEACE, HARMONY HYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/poem_sun_world_peace.php”&HYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/poem_sun_world_peace.php” UNITY through activities which raise awareness.

The public is welcome to attend this celebration of humanity, which will take place from 6:30 pm onwards.

More information can be obtained from the World Harmony Day website at www.worldharmonyday.com.

Greta Georges
Telephone: (65) 9791 5437

Raffi Ismail
Telephone: (65) 9124 9586

4 Leng Kee Road
#20-03 SIS Building
Singapore 159088
Facsimile: (65) 6764 5907


World Harmony Day – 20th February 2006
6:30pm –8.40pm

“Time Out For World Peace & Harmony”
Join Us Joyously To Celebrate Humanity – 2 minutes Peace Silence at 8:02pm-8:04pm

6:30 – Guests sign in
7:00 – Welcome speech – Sunflower Chong
7:05 – Speaker – Brian Jenner
7:10 – Speaker – KirpalSingh
7:15 – Story Reading – Colours of Harmony by children
1) Respecting Fellow Humans
2) The Most Beautiful Sound
3) A Wise Woman
7:25 – “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion from Titanic (sing by 13 years old twin girls)
7:30 – “Ti Amo” (Chinese song “I Love You” sing by 13 years twin girls)
7:35 -“One Love” by Bob Marley (sing by Kids – Beyond)
7:40 – Kids Tumbling (by kids – Beyond)
7:50 – EMILY and friend a song of peace
7:55 – You are the Light Movie (Mary Robinson Reynolds)
8:02 – Observe 2 minute Peace Silence
8:04 – You Are Love Movie (Mary Robinson Reynolds)
8:10 – RAP about peace (Fazli Nasser)
8:15 – Kids dancing ( Let’s started)
8:20 – Rap about peace (Psykelecticz)
8:25 – Eastern Percussion (Whispering Verses)
8:30 – Rap about “Da Future” (Richard)
8:35 – Percussion (play by kids – Beyond)
8:40 – Mc thanks audience / organizers say thanks


Virtual World Harmony Day 2006

Fate has struck a blow at our plans for World Harmony Day. Sadly, this blow would seem to be the coup de grace for WHD 2006.

For security reasons, we were unable to obtain permission to use the planned venue for our celebration. We were informed of this decision only late Thursday afternoon. That is why we are so late getting the message out to you. (Several of us met yesterday to see what viable alternatives there were, but found none.)

We want to heartily thank all of you who have lent us your support and encouragement over the last several months. The many out there who have done so prove that the ideal of people coming together to work towards an important positive goal, no matter how difficult, can be a reality.

We do not want to lose the spirit of world harmony day and those who want to be part of creating harmony in the world you can send your thoughts to our Forum on “What will I do to create more harmony in the world.” We have already received this nice drawing from a young child Carissa Lee.

This will not prevent us, wherever we are on February 20th at 8:02 PM from observing a 2 min peace silence on our own or in a group. (It will be great if you could light a candle to give light to our one world.)

Thank you once again for everything.

Drawing from child Carissa Lee

Message from Sunflower Chong

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Peace, Love and Harmony in the Modern World

The concept of world peace and harmony in the current chaotic and war-torn times is one that is often met with skepticism. Especially for citizens of developed nations like Singapore, insulated from turbulent natural disasters and raging wars. The concept is one that begs questions like Why, What will it serve to do? and Will it work? Questions most of us encounter when dealing in games of tug-of-war with bureaucratic pen-pushers in the office. Without realising it, we resort to the same skepticism without taking a moment to ponder upon the impact of such a small, but tireless movement.

The World Harmony Day movement began in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks on New York’s World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in Washington. Mother and daughter team Butterfly Chong and Greta Georges, the founders of the movement, wanted to emphasise the pertinence of having a greater number in the collective diversity against the elements that attempt to divide the citizens of the World. The purpose of having an observance on the 20th of February each year has been to remind others that peace and harmony are not to be taken for granted.

In 2001, the movement had sent a request to various world leaders to observe a two-minute Peace Silence on the 20th of February 2002 at 20:02 hours (8.02pm). In such an ambitious plea, the founders had envisioned a world-wide observance that would coincide with the palindrome 200220022002.


This year, the movement is planning to extend its outreach to include the youth of Singapore in an ambitious move to produce an animated video of The Butterfly Story is a story about the struggles of a butterfly in its survival. The project, an anticipated collaboration between the movement and a local polytechnic, aims to screen the completed video as an educational tool communicating the values of unity in diversity and mutual cooperation as part of the civics and moral education curriculum in Singapore.

Since 20th of February 2002, the movement has relied on the goodwill and contributions of its supporters — people like Brian Jenner, a United Kingdom-educated professional Consultant, who never fails to support the day-to-day operations of the movement and Razees Karim, who tirelessly helps the founders to plan and execute each year’s observance. There are also people like John Chong and Xiong Zhou– two young but incredibly talented youth, who constantly provide emotional support; aside from the creative work that they do for the movement. Above all, Edward Houng is one who needs to be mentioned for never failing to finance the operation of the movement to enable the founders of the movement to continue this work for humanity. He tells Sunflower that she has the best job in the world.

We are very blessed to have Kirpal Singh as our adviser. Last but not least, Richard Lord, Raffi and Kumar Nantha who have contributed in no small way towards putting our feelings into print.

What are the lone butterflies’ tangible goals and aspirations? To ensure as many of our youth as possible are exposed to the concepts of peace, love and harmony.

Speech by Brian Jenner

The Essence of Peace and Harmony

Our value systems have focused so much on subjects that are necessary for survival and prosperity, that the spiritual dimension has lagged behind.

There can never be harmony between communities if the values of one community are imposed on another – neither side will win. In other words, there have to be commonly understood values of love, respect and understanding.

As an example of common values, all religions and cultures interpret the concept of love in their own way. The concept of love, though understood using one’s religious and cultural background, must be commonly acceptable through the removal of religious or cultural meanings, which may offend another religion or community.

Let me use love as an example, and let us look at the butterfly:-

The Butterfly is beautiful and complex, and fills us with wonder. We think of Nature’s creation all around us and how the Butterfly fulfills its part in this complex and marvelous world. The Butterfly has a short life of struggle and sacrifice, undergoing radical change.

Struggles and hardships in life hone our spirits. Struggle is a challenge and this challenge gives meaning to our lives.

Sacrifice has been part of society as far back as history goes and is meaningful to most religions. On a universal note, sacrifice is a positive thing. Fasting and diets are good for our bodies and minds. Giving up an easy life for a hard one can build character. Sacrifice for our family is inbuilt as a way to survive and nurture the young. Sacrifice for friends and strangers is the ultimate of love. Letting go of pride and stubborn beliefs for the sake of harmony is real love.

Sacrifice is another way of taking responsibility – an end to apathy and a positive feeling that each one of us can make a difference

As we touch others with our love, they are often changed and they too will pass it on, creating a ripple effect around the world. This is a way to fertilise minds and we believe it can be a powerful movement for good.

We must make the most of our life and touch as many people as we can.

Change in our lives and character from immature to adult. From discord to knowing peace, harmony and love. From self-centred to loving and caring. From material to spiritual.

The World Harmony Society is a group of like-minded people with a vision that this world can become one of peace, harmony and unity through individual action.

Programme for the Night

World Harmony Day – 20th February 2006

“Time Out For World Peace & Harmony” in the Virtual World
Join Us Joyously To Celebrate Humanity – 2 minutes Peace Silence at 8:02pm-8:04pm

6:30 – Guests sign in

7:00 – Speech – Sunflower Chong

7:05 – Speech – Brian Jenner

7:10 – Speech – Kirpal Singh

7:15 – Story Reading – Colours of Harmony by Inter Religious Harmony Circle
1) Respecting Fellow Humans
2) The Most Beautiful Sound
3) A Wise Woman

7:25 – My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion (www.twinstarsss.com)

7:30 – Ti Amo -“I Love You” (www.twinstarsss.com)

7:35 – One Love by Bob Marley (sing by Kids – Beyond)

7:40 – Kids Tumbling (Beyond)

7:50 – EMILY and friend a song of peace

7:55 – www.YouAreTheLightMovie.com (Mary Robinson Reynolds)

8:02 – Observe 2 minute Peace Silence

8:05 – www.YouAreLoveMovie.com (Mary Robinson Reynolds)

8:10 – RAP about peace (HYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/events_whd2006_rap1.php”FazliHYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/events_whd2006_rap1.php” Nasser)


Freaky Z

Don’t Be Silly

Written by M. Fazli Nasser

(Verse 1)

There’s a saying tat goes we are born for love
Believe in it, cos tats the only principle
Of existence, and its only end,
So while u can, don’t stop making more friends
Cos there will be a time when u suffer, and pain comes thru
Tat will be the day u see friends and foes
Believe me, i have seen so many changes
So many faces, people keep on replacin
But all we need is jus a lil patience,
Say your prayers, so tat God forgives them
Put ur ego aside, damn, watcha thinkin
Say wat u have to say, don’t hide wat u feelin
It takes a big man to ask for forgiveness
To one who forgives is of course a bigger man
So understand, sometimes the best thing to do is
Hold out your hands, and jus make peace


Cos we are all the same…
Same skin, Same blood,
Same music, Same art,
Same minds, same heart
We are all the same really, so don’t be silly

(Verse 2)

Do u still remember when we were young
All the nursery rhymes and the songs we sung
And then our mom and dad, would always buy us toys
To play around, so tat we won’t make a lot of noise

And as we grow up, we learned new things
Even emotions and not forgettin puberty
Tats when we learned bout love, life, and money
Plan bout the future, and how to start a family, but
Sometimes we’re all blinded by lust
We want everything No.1, oh yes its a must
We even fight wif our own parents now
The same hand tat feeds us, we bite it harder now
So think bout it, before u raise ur voice
Karma comes around and u have a choice
Even if they’re mean, and they don’t understand u
Love them, for without them, there wont be no u


Cos we are all the same…
Same skin, Same blood,
Same music, Same art,
Same minds, same heart
We are all the same really, so dont be silly


Lets make the world a better place

World Harmony

Keep ur feet to the ground
U’ll be a better person
Peace, Harmony & Unity….
8:15 – Kids dancing ( Let’s started)

8:20 – Rap about peace (HYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/events_whd2006_rap2.php”PsykelecticzHYPERLINK “http://www.worldharmonyday.com/events_whd2006_rap2.php”)


1) Abdul Malek Bin Ramlan
2) Muhd.Naufal Bin Abdul Gani
3) Aidil Shah s/o Abdul Lathiff


whose to blame?
When all these little kids are dying,
whose to blame?
when all the human race are fighting,
whose to blame
when all these people started crying
Whose the one that we should blame.


From the human eyes i witness,
the power of gods creation,
how it can wipe out and destroy the entire
26 december 2004,
a catastrophe that leaves a scar more deeper than war,
an adversity that cause countries to take action,
providing aid and manpower,
unite as one nation,
and due to this we are progressing overcoming
but the wounds will still remain,
there won’t be any miracle,
judging one another by the colour of skin,
terrorist suicide bombers gather courage,
thinking they can win,the word greediness really has a
big impact,
till his willing to send his men to Iraq for combat,
on this earth i tend to feel so insecure, all i can
see is evil nothing surrounding me is pure,
all i want is some room for humanity
can we please have peace, love and harmony and not to
forget equality.



blame yourself the man in the mirror
the cause of this terror, pursuing all the pleasure
humans battle each other for oil and for land.
as a bird i flapped, as a bird i’ve seen,
most of the places i’ve been,so many kids are dying
Innocent life’s are taken,freedom and peace are shaken
They need to stop this all, they need to stop this
United they must stand,if apart they fall,
Many suffferings i’ve seen, babies thrown in the bin.
this are the acts of human being in their daily life,
my advise is always think first, when a mistake is
done you can’t go back and reverse,
hear my words out and better start to immerse,
lets push aside the politics, push aside the
for the freedom and peace, we got to work together
we got to help each other to achieve our own dreams.



I came, at 30 metres high
into the land of mankind
showing little to no signs
Untamed, I let you feel mother nature’s wrath
as i wipe away anything thats in my path, see
as i hit the shores
striking with a devastating force
punishing mankind for their actions
with no remorse
humans fight one another
for power, for wealth
there will be no peace & Harmony til you find the flaw
in yourself
finally, after the tragedy, the disaster
the damage i caused brought upon the rendezvous
and the definition of humanity
setting aside differences for once
I saw the love
the love that was long missing
the love amongst the human race
the love they thought didnt exist since the beginning
but my impact gave them the key to unlock the safe
love is found
lets keep it this way (take it slow)
ya’ll just need to follow the pace

8:25 – Eastern Percussion (Whispering Verses)

8:30 – “Voice is Spoken” (Richard)

Verse 1:

and all the different people and all the different races, how we,click as one and let music combine us, and colours not the reason fer racial ill treatment, we can werk it now,alotta love is still vacant, da way i rap it over here got you people thinkin, and dun let propaganda get you,be patient, remove our skins and we da same red blooded humans, it doesnt matter if you here or you in boston, we all livin da same way in the eyes of heaven, representin 2 races wen my voice is spoken, its da way dat it is,im playin part, put da soul of every country and combine to one heart, different languages,different states,different places, different people,different colours,different features, outer surface is different but within we the same, jus let life go on and stop takin it away,

Verse 2:

its verse 2,im still speakin it out,
i cnt read a speech,so im rappin it out, its my style of givin and tellin dis people now, respectin ones race,is how we doin it now, puttin 2getda all the flags,and put the hatred all down, colours not the reasons fer yall to claim yall different now, think again..inner surface of us we all the same, its world harmony,go on shout out ya country name, be proud of it and let it fly high in the game, stop goin to war take back all ya troops man, war means tears to a mothers eyes, wen their sons fight battles and lose all their lifes,

8:35 – Percussion (play by kids – Beyond)

8:40 – Mc thanks audience / organizers say thanks


What is World Harmony Day?

World Harmony Day, the brainchild of Sunflower Chong and daughter – WKRZ deejay Greta Georges, is a celebration of peace, harmony and unity.

This year is the fifth anniversary of World Harmony Day observance in Singapore, and is widely endorsed.

A cross section of society will come together, observing at 8:02 pm, a Two Minute Peace Silence. This act is not only symbolic, but most importantly, will bring hope to the rest of the world.

Ten representatives from the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) will be present to pray for peace in accordance with their faiths.

The programme also includes dramas and music by youth and children on themes of peace, love and harmony, including a Cirque du Monde Show – “ONE” – by Beyond Social Services.

The World Harmony Society includes people from various cultures and beliefs – having a common desire to reach out in Peace, Love and Harmony, believing that individuals can make a difference.


How can we Achieve World Harmony?

Personal Development of Character and Moral Values

Basic character development in the home based on parental love, and the passing on of good moral values, done within a single culture.

Encouragement of Intercultural Communication

Multicultural communication and encouragement of understanding and appreciation of other cultural values. This is where fusion of cultures should be encouraged, such as through bilingualism and combining of cultural environments.

Understanding and Acceptance of Common Values in Harmony

We wish to complement our national’s efforts towards racial harmony by looking at the roots of harmony and identifying commonly accepted values that lead to, or are connected with, harmony.

Effective communication requires a common cultural understanding, encompassing the good values of all religions and cultures.

The Ripple Effect

An individual has the power to touch another person through his or he will to spread good values in an interpersonal communication. That other person will do the same to a third person and so, on around the world.


What is the World Harmony Society?

We are a group of like-minded people with a vision that this world can become one of peace, harmony and unity through individual action.

• Exchange of positive and healthy communication between and within communities
• Common understanding of positive human values acceptable to all communities
• Nurturing good wholesome values in the young
• Laying a foundation for future generations

• Annual World Harmony Day Observance
• Promotion of positive human values through poetry, film and other media
• Development and maintenance of our web site
• Dialog sessions and forums

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