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Why the Government dampen our Pure Spirit on World Harmony Day 2003?

Why the Government dampen our Pure Spirit on World Harmony Day 2003?


What Had Happened… on 20th Feburary 2003 at National Youth Park


A man of peace is not a pacifist; a man of peace is simply a pool of silence.
He pulsates a new kind of energy into the world, he sings a new kind of song.
He lives in a totally new way, his very way of life is that of grace, that of prayer, that of compassion.
Whomever he touches, he creates more love-energy.
The man of peace is creative.

He is not against war, because to be against any thing is to be at war.
He is not against war; he simply understands why war exists.
And out of that understanding he becomes peaceful.
Only when there are many people who are pools of peace, silence, and
understanding, will war disappear.

“On War” by Osho, from Zen: The Path of Paradox, vol II


I would like everyone to know that when my daughter and I marked World Harmony Day on 20th February 2002, we read it as a calling from the spiritual power. Are we the spiritual seekers? I really don’t have the answer except to be very honest with you that my heart was crying out loud for humanity. The house is on fire I just got to put it off! In short, I was not seeking for anything but I just could not accept that to get one man, America government got to bomb the whole country and bring the whole world down. If Sept 11 was an insane act, this bombing of Iraq was more insane then ever as it destroyed the structure of the world law and order besides destabilizing the whole world security and economy. I did WHD to appease my soul and not to challenge anybody. When I leave this world only my true partner who is my soul will follow me, this mean when my soul is not happy then my physical self will be affected too.

When we embarked on the second WHD, we did not begin with very high hopes, we had no experience of holding such a big event, but our spirits came together and it is overwhelmingly astounding. People from just about everywhere are getting together solely because they like the notion of a World Harmony Spirit. I feel a family is born out of genuine togetherness and this gave us the confidence and courage to move on to create the amazing momentum we all witnessed that night.

20th February 2003 is a very special day for Humanity and especially for my daughter Greta and I. It should be a very happy day as we were the founders of WHD, but unfortunately it was a very sad day for both of us, as our souls were crying out loud but no one heard us. Usually proposals such as this come from the West and we from the Southeast Asia would just follow suit. This time around, the initiative comes from Singapore itself, so Greta and I thought the authority would appreciate our effort. Instead, the authority misunderstood our good intentions for WHD.

What disturbed me most was my realization that after the event of WHD, even the members are confused of WHD objectives. I supposed some of them have not thoroughly gone through the website vigilantly and read all the information there.

Please do take some time to read the important story of how WHD 200220022002 came about. It is very essential to understand how WHD started, as it is very disturbing in some aspects that some do not have any ideas how WHD started and chose to create their own separate understandings of our beginning. For example, planting a tree on WHD or just focusing on motivation education for the children, so on and so fore.

If the world is so peaceful, why are we doing WHD? WHD is to create awareness that if we want the future world to be ruled with love instead of fear, then we must be proactive and make the change in our own mindset that we can make a difference.

Therefore, WHD came about because the world is NOT in Harmony and my conscience propelled us to take action. WHD was born out of necessity because there is an urgent needs to create an awareness and understanding that we have only ONE World as our home, so please learn how to share this world by caring and loving humanity so peace and harmony could prevail.

In short, WHD is about asking us all to have “the new consciousness”. If it is not, then why did the Inter Religious Organization and the Artist communities felt compelled to host such an event in Suntec City and at the Substation respectively, after hearing about our event at the Orchard Youth Park?


Let me take this opportunity to share with everyone the “World Harmony Day” declaration.

1) To remind everyone to have Consciousness for the World Trade Center incident. It is a great awakening for Humanity, which compels us all to take responsibility, and play a part each day in bringing peace and harmony back for the sake of children in the present and of the future.

2) To promise ourselves that on this day forward 20th February 2002 at 20:02, no more violence should be use to resolve conflicts.

3) It is our utmost duty and responsibility to remind the future generations not to take peace for granted. If PEACE is what they want, they must be proactive in shaping the future world not only for themselves but more so for their children’s children.

World Harmony Day is not a new religious organization it embraces common themes found in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism as well as many, many others. Love and empathy, peace and tolerance liberate: all citizens of the world, as they are all forms of the diverse range of people participating in WHD.

It is a movement that embraces Peace Harmony and Unity at its core. Anti–violence and seeks peace. WHD is a spiritual movement of the consciousness, which brings the world into oneness. It emphasizes is on valuing human lives, cultivating good human relations and respecting human rights. WHD is calling us to be humane.

It is a movement, which helps one to find their place in spending time proactively helping others. This makes our existence more relevant and contributing to the Bigger picture in our lives and helps others.

Proper actions and decisions made by this current generation will help to set the next generation up for better times to help deal with Peace keeping. If it is not contained then other chain reactions like hunger, disease, poverty, refugees and degeneration of our environment, will need to be addressed.

World Harmony Day’s “Seekers of truth, peace & harmony” are people from all over the world who believe common citizens working together can and will make a profound difference. The true spirit of WHD is in bringing all the citizens of the world together in Oneness. In short, WHD goal is to plant “seed of peace”, to bring Harmony to the world.

WHD is still at an infancy stage; maybe many of you are not clear but with time I believed we would all agree to uphold the declaration of WHD. WHD is for everyone…man, women, young and old…the human race.

I hope after reading the website www.worldharmonyday.com that you will support our cause and help us in whatever way you can in order to further our mission and help bring the world back into balance in our troubled world. All WHD asks is for people wherever they are to remember this day of Consciousness, 20th February at 20:02 and to annually observe a 2 minutes Peace Silence.

From the bottom of our hearts, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all that have attended World Harmony Day 2003 at the National Youth Park and spared 2 minutes to help celebrate humanity with all of us in an attempt to restore harmony and balance in our beautiful world. Last but not lease, I hope all of you will remember that “we do not inherit this earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” – Haida Indian Saying. Therefore, the least we could do for them and their children is to keep this world save for them.
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Members True Feelings

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Members True Feelings after World Harmony Day 2003

The WHD experience is just magical for everyone involved. It pushes an individual’s potential beyond their wildest imagination.

Through this journey, our spiritual-self surfaced and led us to understand our physical-self better. Especially so for Greta and Hairul because, by organising it they grew with a mind beyond their age.

Greta, besides developing her other hidden talents such as film making, writing, producing, and editing the film WHD 2003 with great enthusiasm and happiness; is working with her spiritual partner – her soul.

She has what it takes to change the behavior of youth by touching every soul, because her energy is so contagious.

As a mother I have great pride in the way she writes, especially her poems. It was so amazing to watch her grow and blossom with a burning desire to have meaning in her life. As she told me, “Mama I’m not like you, I don’t want to save the world, I just want meaning in my life and WHD gives meaning to my life that I care and I could make a different.”

I know that Greta gives me much wealth. Wealth of the Spirit of World Harmony.


Greta Georges

Hi all,

Well, it is certainly great to see some steam happening. I believe that is coming into place. There are many battering from the media and some individuals about the “real intention” of peace rally, i.e. the candle light concert, but hey you can never ever silence the critics. Even more so the inner ones, but you can certainly learn from it. And ONE up for all the people making an effort for PEACE!!

Let me share with you all, my thoughts about WHD. (Including my inner critic)

World Harmony Day

The preparations that led to this One day were a journey into my own soul. It is not only about spreading the message of peace and harmony to the world but rather finding a place in your own heart that speaks of peace and harmony. The way that we handled challenges and the spirit that had guided and pushed this group is a worthy experience that cannot be brought with money.

We are supposed to comment about what we felt on the show, but as a host being up on stage and occupied with the happenings and the next item and what to say, I fared much better spelling out my frame of mind and discoveries through the journey of WHD. As this is what it is, not a one-day affair but a period of much learning especially for its members. The lessons learnt are priceless, of great passion and most of the times, painful.

Relationships– that is the basis of our group, the web that binds our hearts together.

  • Firstly to achieve harmony in one‘s life, one would assume the best place to start is with your immediate family,
    • secondly with friends,
    • thirdly, spreading the glorious message to other people.

I suppose then that gives us the right to voice our cause. For if no such essence is felt then what is there to speak of?

Perfection is not possible however, especially when dealing with already fragile human ties. To be completely honest, there were times that I felt like a complete fraud. When feelings of disunities and disappointment is bottled up, like a pressure cooker the negativity comes out short but sharp and extremely dangerous when released. My sentiments are that with each WHD I have opened more “reve de moi” Dreams of my own true self that I want to be. This ambition does not come without pain, infecting the road with needles and thumbtacks poised to pierce your soul with every step. Is that the only way to push for growth?

The question that plays in my head as I painstaking try to place my foot down to avoid the perils but now is already another bloody step. Is it worth it? What do I want to be? Who Cares?

My questions ceased the need to be answered as interaction with many of the genuinely generous beautiful beings showed me their attainment through silence.

The tranquility in one particular person really touches my heart. This person taught me with the genuine smile in his eyes that World Harmony must first be achieved within. He has touched my life.

That is the success of WHD when you start to feel the rhythm of a being, a ‘Human Being’. Sharing the immerse pleasure of being in presence. When you touch lives without even having to utter a word or stand up to declare, “I am Grace”. Because peace is already in your eyes.

The lesson in being human and understanding the humanistic quality that drives us to greatness is certainly a great one. There are no 12 steps programmes of achieving “World Peace” but there is only one place to start. Content ourselves with being “Seekers of Unity”, “Lovers of Harmony”. Live it in our own terms and even when we feel like a “FRAUD” realise that is a lesson in itself.
You can silence all the critics by

“Living Peace In our very own EYEs”
Love and Light
Greta Georges


Viki Chang

Subject: Let’s move on…

Hi, brothers and sisters of WHD and Humanity,

We wanted to have the beach meeting to share on a very social and casual setting to know one another and to speak our hearts out without fear and judgment. And there should not be, because all of us are affiliated through WHD and we are also brothers and sisters in humanity. Right now, none of us know any of us and it’s a pity because I feel that’s the very first thing we ought to do: know one another and come together with a clean heart and honesty, sharing what we really feel. After all this is the purpose of WHD, tolerance acceptance and understanding of differences that one another, love, peace and harmony.
It must start with us otherwise WHD is a FARCE. And I see that honesty is the only way to do that. Therefore, your honest sharing with us your thoughts is so wonderful and beautiful. I personally am grateful. It is only with constructive criticisms we all grow. So, we need you and your honesty!!! Smile!!

You see; all of us somehow by fate are thrown into each other lives through WHD. Personally, I feel, we need to know one another!!! This is a social and humanitarian group not a job.

I am a working adult striving for my dreams and career. I need to balance my time between my classes, work, life, my business projects and love life (if any) my tuitions, family. The last things I want in my life is to have a job and unpaid for!!!

Just to share with all, I learn to LOVE and to LIVE. From WHD I learnt to GIVE. I feel a sense of Mission and I love the world and I love the people in it. When I see the retrenchment news, my heart goes out to the fathers, mothers and children who bear the brunt of hardship. When I see the images on news about lives lost, my heart bleeds for them too. My heart goes out to soldiers they are brothers, boyfriends, husbands too.

So, WHD personally, is my own way of saying I need to do something for humanity.

So, you see WHD as a joy not a chore for me. Once, I got this straight, the rest of my being follows.

And with my involvement as a volunteer, I have gained so much and grown in certain ways spiritually and physiologically than I have given. I feel joy in my heart.

I would like to share, with you my story. I hope you all can share yours too. With genuine hearts WHD will go a long way.

As with WHD event, I would like to say, we are not professionals and full time social workers. Definitely, we need more improvements. But having come thus far with only a handful of devotees, and pulling it off, I personally feel is was a great success.

Please, tell everyone in WHD your heartfelt feelings. Peace and Harmony belongs to the people of the world, not any of one of us. No one person can achieve it alone. So WHD belongs to all of us, right, Sunflower?

Come and be involved at any level of commitment you feel comfortable. We need to start as friends and not just through emails.



Sunflower Chong 

Subject: Straight From My Heart
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 14:32:21 +0800

Hi Everyone,

Let’s make 31-3-2003 at the Substation Candlelight Concert For Peace as our next meeting place. Hope to see all of you there. I will be bringing the candles.

After WHD, Gabriel asked Hainee to arrange for him to meet up with her girls to talk about WHD. She has arranged for Gabriel to meet up with her girls this afternoon in her school.

Yesterday Hainee called me up to have dinner with her girls, as they will be sleeping over in the school. Hainee felt it would be very good for the girls if WHD team could spend some time with them to talk to them about life and at the same time built the connections for WHD future projects. Greta and I will be spending this evening with them, so if you are free please join us later too.

Greta and I will be bringing a cake to thank them on WHD team behalf. We will be showing them the WHD footage too. Most importantly I will be telling them why we are doing WHD, as I realize after the event of WHD, even the members are confused of WHD objectives. I supposed some of you have not thoroughly gone through the website vigilantly and read the necessary write up & stuffs.
Please do take some time to read the important story of how WHD 200220022002 came about. It is very essential to understand how WHD started, as it is very disturbing in some aspects that some do not have any ideas how WHD started and chose to create their own separate understandings of our beginning.

WHD came about because the world is NOT in Harmony (if the world is peaceful, don’t you think if I do WHD, people will say that I am crazy) and I was propelled and further driven by my conscience that WHD is born to create an awareness and understanding that we have only ONE World for all, so please learn how to share this world before peace can prevail.

World Harmony Day Declaration

1) To have a conscience after the incident in WTC.
2) To promise ourselves that on this day forward no more violence should be
use to resolve conflicts.
3) To remind the future generation not to take peace for granted.
If any of the member felt WHD is too highly political because WHD objective is to stop all violence in whatever ways even bombing, than I am afraid you are with the wrong people.

Gabriel said that he was very disturbed after viewing the WHD video on that night as we were calling to stop the bombing in Iraq. In short, he equated stopping the war in Iraq is political and decided that he is not comfortable to be with WHD. I asked him, “Do you like Iraq to be bomb?” He said no. So, does this mean you are political? No he said. I told him that when we do not want bombing, this mean we are people with conscience.

He said maybe within a couple of months he might be able to or not to make up his mind to be with WHD or even a possibility that when comes the year 2004, he would still be uncertain about his stand to be with us. Thus, in response to his Absolute Indecisiveness, I further reiterated to him that WHD would not be able to accommodate someone like that especially at this point.

Someone who cannot confirm his own principle stands by being indecisive. Its a matter of deciding to choose to agree absolutely with WHD values and objectives or disagree with it and not be part of the committee because in a near future his uncertainty and capabilities of being indecisive, might lead the group to confusion through not being able to make up his mind to set a stand and also his substantial negativity. BUT it appears to be quite SCEPTICAL that he is very confident to talk to Haines’s girls about WHD.

What upset me most was that he has spoken to me that some of the members felt the same way with him and as the days goes by they are also not sure of WHD. So if it is the case then why don’t they come forward and let me know instead through him. Well, if some of you do feel the same way as Gabriel that WHD is too highly political; please feel free to voice out your opinion. We do not force anyone to be with us, everyone that are with us do it only on their own free will with the same understanding and must be able to stand up for the principles and objectives of WHD. You can start with understanding and learning about how WHD 200220022002 comes about through The Story of WHD 200220022002.

On Sunday, Greta brought me to meet up with an environmental activist guy named Grant. He personally felt WHD should change its principal course and be promoting the environmental instead in order to create Harmony. He stood on a strong ground to oppose the true reason why I did WHD that is in actual fact to have ‘The Consciousness’ after SEPT 11: etc. (as stated above). In contrary, he urged that WHD should be “tree-planting day”, before he could consider whether or not he would join us. With his strong opposing grounds in the beliefs against the original objectives and beginnings of WHD, he would be very unsuitable to be with us to strengthen the actual foundation of me doing this WHD.

Gabriel also initially felt that WHD should be promoting education for the children, thus mis-establishing WHD’s cause as for “Motivation Education” for the children instead. That summarizes his differences, which he had reluctantly chosen not to be straight forward about.

Nazry on the other hand wanted Quiblat to co-host WHD in namesake. I told him it was not possible because even being a Muslim myself, I don’t want WHD to be related to any religion. WHD must be Universal and the main objective is to create “Universal Core Values” for the future generation to bind them together as one people with this value that is “to share, care and love by understanding the people’s need”.

Our emphasis is on “One World for all” and not “One God for all”. On top of it, there are many segments of the society who do not believe in God but they do believe there is only One World; this is what going to hold us together if WHD is to be successful. So he is not with us, like Gabriel because we do not share the same ideology and belief.

Only Viki believed WHD is for the people and WHD cause must try to reach out to everyone to help us build a better world for our children through creating awareness and educating the masses of the importance of being proactive in life. For this very reason I would like Ann (who came that night on WHD) to join us because when I was on the phone with her, she said that WHD should not just reach out to the young but must try to reach the adult too. She is so right!

Not even my daughter know what’s WHD all about, if she did, she will not be convinced by Grant that WHD should be “trees planting day”, instead WHD is only planting “Seeds of Peace”. Read carefully the wise words that I have send to all of you in one of the quote about planting seeds. Only Hairul knew what WHD objectives and he does not want me to compromise just to make the members happy in order to get more membership for WHD. It will be all for the wrong reason.

Love, Light and Peace


Viki’s Reply,

Well written, Sunflower,

Just to reiterate my point, WHD is for everyone…man, women, young and old…the human race.
I think our vision and mission is clear enough. Maybe many are not clear as WHD is still at an infancy stage. It’s ok. Let’s not expect all to view WHD in the way we expect them, after its entire name has yet to be established. Just think, it took Levi Strauss over 200 years to build their name before everyone in the world, now, knows by the sheer mention of the name, that it sells jeans.

Let’s not be disheartened. Whatever good people do, there will always be cold showers. But, this is part of growing up, an inevitable phase of maturity, isn’t it? Let’s set our sights on the horizon and the big future. Let’s be patient.

So much discussion about the Vision Let’s move on…to Mission … means action. Now that we are so clear let’s take action and start work again…. I have some plans that I have discussed with Greta about some achievable yet significant projects. I shall share with all when the time is right.

Hairul…you wrote very well, all your thoughts and I want to compliment your dedication. Thanks.

Keep the spirit and morale up everyone!! Life is tough and difficult, so let’s help simplify it and make it easy!!




Subject: What a great experience?


Its been almost a month since World Harmony Day 2003…the day which we all have worked together for… for the past few months or so, or even longer, period. All the great efforts that we have put in together have been very fruitful for us, as a working group or even for some of us individually too. To summarize, I strongly believe that each of us as an individual have benefited through this WHD. Be it either through being in the working group and witnessing the good and hard times in different aspect trying to pull this WHD through, despite all the challenges that we have faced, or even as friends who have come forward to be the supporting agencies and fuelling us to keep going despite having to deal with the odds at times. Agree?

We got to admit too that from the period before the WHD till now, we were subconsciously undergoing a paradigm shift in our self. Through realizing that perhaps it’s very healthy to agree that in a very subtle manner and effective approach, WHD had brought us back to our place again. Thus, strengthening us spiritually and mentally as an individual.

In the beginning, embarking on the WHD …I had no idea what it would be like to be in the working group. Seeing, it is believing it, and being in it is like living a period of heart-pounding moment/experience everyday in my life during the preparation for WHD.

No one would be able to have the wonderful privilege of living with 2 “very-high-voltage” human being Greta & Sunflower, Nonetheless; I have to confess that I feel very blessed and fortunate to be where I am now. Furthermore also I am very honored to be around dynamic people who make things happen when they want to. My path is LIGHTED.

WHD 2003 had been a very special event in its own offerings and goals set upon it. It should not be compared or critically judge upon WHD 2002 at Suntec City. The cause of both WHD last year and this year was the same, just the style of approach and means of expression were different slightly. These are contributing factors, which are inevitable base on the theme that was set initially. We should focus our attention to the achievement of WHD 2003, instead of spending the next period of our life post – WHD, trying to figure out the unchangeable facts about WHD. We should begin to accept that both WHD were successful and things cannot be the same. Instead we should begin to accept that they are unique in their own values and lesson to be derived from it.

We’ll look upon together on how to compile the lesson learnt through the WHD events/day in order that another person’s life in future could benefit together for the future generation to come – Like in a book. (WHD Story)

Thank you,

May the Light be shined on you too?

De Rul


Ken Loh


It is pretty late right now, I’m feeling quite tired, but before I hit the sack, I just want to share some thoughts with you. As you may have known, WHD took place today. Actually, a number of friends had told me they’d come for WHD few days ago, but backed out last minute. Some of them because other friends could not make it, and some who seem to be very enthusiastic about it at first, but never heard from them again as the day approaches. And some totally didn’t reply but I suppose they were too busy to reply.

Even the reporters, whom we had sent out press invites to, never came today, even though these reporters came during the press conference. The reporter from the Straits Times at the press conference interviewed us at length. But the article in Straits Times never did come out. Later on, we learnt that the authorities are very concerned about the sensitivities involved with WHD, especially with all the peace protests happening in other parts of the world. And I guess that explains why we were “boycott” by the press today.

But the 700 plus people who came today have witnessed and know that WHD is Nothing more than a pure intention to promote LOVE and PEACE among people of the world (It was even more than the number of people who came last year!). There were people from different walks of life. It was a wonderful sight to see everyone, so different, and yet came together for this event, lighting candles together in the name of harmony and peace. People cheered and applause, and we could see peace and happiness in their eyes. They were touched, and so were we. Many asked for the websites and for our contacts, before they leave. What makes this event so special is that it is not an event organized by government bodies. It is not an event that is commercialized. It is an event organized with a pure intention, an event by the people, for the people.

We ended the program by going on stage to speak a few words. Just to show everyone present that we are just ordinary people behind this event, just to show them that everyone can step forward and do what they feel is right, even as ordinary people. We don’t have to stand by and wait for the Authorities to do everything for us. We don’t have to stand idly by and hope and pray that things in the world will turn out better. We can do something about it. Our destiny is in our hands. And this is the message we wanted to put across today.

A friend asked me so what if we hold a WHD? How much can we do to help the world just by organizing an event on a day? He said Mother Theresa doesn’t need a World Harmony Day to go around helping people in need. I think my friend had shot himself in the foot. I told him Mother Theresa didn’t just stand by and hope and pray for the needy people. She actually took actions to help them. And that is what the people behind WHD are doing. The event is to create awareness. It is a small step, but still, it is one step forward.

Well, still, as everyone knows this is Singapore. It is difficult to do things, even though it is for a good cause. We had gone through many difficulties to put up WHD. There were so much red tapes, so much to watch out for, so that we won’t get into trouble with the law. It was difficult to put up such a thing when the authorities look at you with suspicious eyes. I find it so ironic that Singapore’s major news papers could write so much about peace protest all over the world, but couldn’t spare small space to about WHD, a peaceful and beautiful event put up by ordinary Singaporeans whose aim is not to challenge the authority and which happens right here at home.

It is not for fame, but to inspire people around us, Singaporeans especially, that we could stand up and do something for a good cause, which we believe in. It is to show the world that there are still Singaporeans who care about humanity enough to want to do something, and that Singaporeans are not all just concerned about money, money and money. It is so ironic that the authority have encouraged young people to stand up and make their view, but yet when we tried to make our stand, we faced so many red tapes and lack of support from the authority.

I was thus laughing bitterly to myself when I read the Straits Times, the reports which says that very few people dare to ask questions during SM Lee’s talk in NTU, and preferred just sitting there and listened. I was so amused that someone could even say “Like most of my classmates, I’m interested in what he has to say about the economy and job market because I am graduating in a year’s time, I don’t care so much about the worsening ties with Malaysia or the looming war with Iraq because these are political and ethical conundrums that don’t have a direct and immediate impact on my life.” After I read this, I was like, what the… My dear boy, if the world is getting more chaotic with wars, terrorism and such, you must be silly to think it doesn’t have a direct and immediate impact on your life!! For goodness sake, you can say bye bye to all your dreams of getting a job! There won’t even be a job market for you to talk about!!”

Well, ok, I guess you all may have been getting tired to hear me ratter on and on these few days about World Harmony Day… well, don’t worry, I shall end here. It is just my 2 cents worth of thoughts, which I just want to share with you. Ok, take care; let’s meet up again soon!


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