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“While I was Sitting” – Palestinian song by Dima Bashar

Published on May 27, 2013

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I was sitting in my garden once
Under the green olive tree, near the laurel wreath

My kind mother was baking bread for me
And my dad was watering the lemon tree with my sister Malak

Suddenly, an old man came by the fountain
He called me O’ little princess, O’ cute little birdie

He said to me: “we are high up and you are down in the valleys”
[He:] “we give you a few rights, and you give us the [land] deeds”
[He:] “We give you the air and the shelter”
[He:] “We give you water from the river”
[He:] “We give you light from the sun, and you live in peace!”

I said to him, the air and the shadow
I said to him, the river and the water
I told him, the sun and the light, are from God
And no matter how long it takes
And no matter if the relatives and neighbors give up or not

I will never abandon my land, the land of free
I will never abandon it
I will never abandon it
I will never abandon it
Video editing and subtitles added by Operation Egypt.

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Uploaded on Oct 9, 2008

Ghassan Sawalhy, 13 year old, decided to use his talant on Oud to express him self and his generation suffering under siege and occupation


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