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Where is your Soul President Obama?


Innocence gone at the above was deleted but I found it again like the one on Israel weapons of mass destruction – http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/israels-secret-illegal-nuclear-weapons/

Published on Feb 1, 2013

Original video;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn6glF…

Man’s wicked rulers and kings will soon be judged GUILTY!

Thank you Photohelix!

The below paragraph was written after I had escaped from my ex-Lebanese husband from Abu Dhabi in 1983

“Although I’m an ordinary person, I also have great dream, which became my vision and I need to translate it into a mission. I dreamt of a world united as one regardless of race, language, culture or religion. What had sparked such a big dream in a young child mind? My teacher told us about the Palestinian people struggle to have a homeland and the killing of Catholics and Protestants in Ireland and the constant wars around the world troubled me immensely. How could religious leaders or even political leaders unite the world when they were killing one another? If they said that they love God, then why were they destroying life without conscience? Religious teachings are supposed to teach us to value human life, then why were they killing one another due to differences? Weren’t the political leaders job to build a safe world for humanity, then why should they go to war when there was disagreement?”

So President Obama, is all option still on the table in regards to Iran nuclear program?

The common people got better sense then you politicians and I hope after viewing this  LOVE video it will motivate you to do the right thing for Iran?

From: Tian
Subject: Re: Israel and Iran: A Love Story
To: “Sunflower Chong” <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com>
Date: Thursday, January 31, 2013, 4:31 PM

It really touched me! 🙂 I thought of you when I saw this. When we approach things with Love, we can change the outcome without violence!

On 31 January 2013 16:22,

Dear Tian,

Thank you so much for this link it really lift my spirit up:)


DO YOU AGREE WITH ME REAL MEN WILL NOT USE DRONES? http://rt.com/news/assange-drone-killing-leak-813/

Pat Toomey | U.S. Senator For Pennsylvania TUESDAY, FEB. 19, 2013

Expressing Concern Over Status Of Combat Valor Medal
I was concerned to hear that the Pentagon has reportedly decided to rank a new medal for drone operators and others not in direct ground combat above some long-standing combat valor medals. This week I wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta asking for his rationale on this decision.The new Distinguished Warfare Medal will be awarded to pilots of unmanned aircraft, cyber war experts and personnel involved in combat operations who are neither physically present nor in a war zone facing risks of traditional combat service participants. According to recent news articles, in the military’s “order of precedence” of various medals, the Distinguished Warfare Medal is slated to be ranked above some traditional combat valor medals such as the Bronze Star with valor device.

Published on Jan 29, 2013

In this episode of press TV’s documentary program renowned American academic Noam Chomsky says the United States would be recognized as a leading terrorist state if international law is applied.

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