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What’s Netanyahu Problem?

“Netanyahu may be standing short of breath and worn out on the starting line, but he stands there alone,” said local political analyst Sima Kadmon.

What’s Netanyahu trying to do again? If you got the patient to view this link, http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/are-the-israelis-human-or-the-devils-at-work-occupation-101/ you will agree with what Mr Sima Kadmon said about Mr Netanyahu.

Israel PM calls early polls in political gamble (Straits Time October 13, 2012)

He may get fresh mandate, with opposition in disarray


By JONATHAN EYAL                                                                                                  EUROPE CORRESPONDENT

LONDON – Israel’s Parliament will be asked tomorrow to approve Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s request to hold early polls. Lawmakers are not expected to oppose his choice to hold a general election on Jan 22, 10 months earlier than legally necessary.

Ostensibly, early ballots became inevitable when two ultra-orthodox religious parties in Mr Netanyahu’s ruling coalition refused to approve 15.5 billion shekels(S$5 billion) in spending cuts.

But Mr Netanyahu dealt with similar difficulties in the past. He refuses to compromise now because he calculates that early elections will work in his favour, especially with the looming challenges ahead.

And he may have judged the mood correctly, for the opponents to his right-wing Likud movement are in disarray. The centrist Kadima, which won the largest number of both votes and parliamentary seats at the last elections and was kept out of power only by Mr Netanyahu’s adroitness in stitching together a coalition, has now split. The centre-left Labour, Israel’s oldest party, is in worse sharp.

As things stand, Mr Netanyahu, who has been in power since 2009, looks likely to get another mandate. According to a poll conducted on Thursday by the Haaretz daily he and his allies are projected to capture 68 of the 120 seats in the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, a landslide judged against the wafer-thin majorities often produced in the country.

“Netanyahu may be standing short of breath and worn out on the starting line, but he stands there alone,” said local political analyst Sima Kadmon.

A victory would also be will-timed as the Israeli Premier faces some hard economic choices ahead. So far, the country has avoided much of the pain of the global recession, but big problems loom ahead in Israel’s trade with Europe, the country’s biggest export market. Dealing with a downturn is easier if a government gains a fresh mandate.

The same applies to Mr Netanyahu’s other big challenge – that of persuading a reluctant United States to use military force to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Mr Netanyahu ran a noisy campaign trying to bounce US President Barack Obama into such a decision, but failed. He now reckons that, by aligning his electoral cycle to that of the US, he will not fail again regardless of who occupies the White House.

If the US is ruled by Republican candidate Mitt Romney, Mr Netanyahu would be delighted since the two claimed to be soulmates. But even if Mr Obama retains power, the US President will find it harder to ignore an Israeli premier who also won a second term.

Still although Mr Netanyahu is loath to admit it in public, his strategy remains vulnerable. In common with most British-inspired political systems, Israel’s laws grant the prime minister largely unfettered powers to dissolve parliament. Uniquely, however, Israel’s legislation mandates a minimum of 100 days of electoral campaigning, a political eternity full of potential surprises.

Ms Tzipi Livni, a former leader of the opposition Kadima party, has privately hinted that she could be persuaded to return from political retirement. And although only 27 per cent of the electorate regard her as a suitable premier, that may change since she is a formidable campaigner.

Another potential big-hitter is Mr Ehud Olmert, a former prime minister who has just been acquitted of corruption charges. Although his legal woes are not over, the mild-mannered politician is capable of galvanizing the opposition to Mr Netanyahu.

And even the support of the religious parties cannot be taken for granted by Mr Netayhau. Key here will be the fate of Aryeh Deri, a former interior minister during the 1990s and a previous leader of the Shas religious moment. He has served a three-year jail sentence for bribery, but remains popular with oriental Jews. Unusually for people in his camp, he is on the left of the political spectrum.

Ultimately, the ballot will be decided by which issues end up dominating the election campaign. Mr Netanyahu, leading a party which was always considered more credible on security and foreign policy matters, has vowed to put “ensuring that Iran will not have a nuclear bomb” at the top of the agenda.

But many Israelis – including the hundreds of thousands who took to the streets in spontaneous mass protests last year – are angered by growing income inequalities, an extraordinarily expensive retail sector dominated by a few key players and an acute shortage of affordable housing.

The Premier has no economic agenda to speak of. So, if the opposition succeeds in focusing the campaign on the economy, Mr Netanyahu’s commanding lead in opinion polls may yet evaporate.

Either way, he is ready for a bruising battle. According to figures filed with the Israel ‘s State Comptroller this week, his campaign coffers are full. And 98 percent of the cash came from overseas Jews.

This was what Johnathan Eyal had written, “The same applies to Mr Netanyahu’s other big challenge – that of persuading a reluctant United States to use military force to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Mr Netanyahu ran a noisy campaign trying to bounce US President Barack Obama into such a decision, but failed. He now reckons that, by aligning his electoral cycle to that of the US, he will not fail again regardless of who occupies the White House.”

Does Mr Netanyahu still thinks Israel got the right to bomb any country due to their self created fear? It is time for the world to have the courage to let Mr Netanyahu know that he does not have the right to bomb any country if they are not being attack. This was the email I have sent to a Jew who was not happy with my support for the Palestinians struggle for a homeland.

Dear Exxx,

You said that what I have written to you is disgusting. If it is so disgusting then why do I have 21 replies from the US Senators and some of them 2nd reply? To read my responses, please see: http://dearmmlee.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/category/petition-palestine/

You should go look into the mirror and ask yourself what kind of an educator are you? As an educator with a one track mind where is the hope for World Harmony? I feel sorry for your children if you still have hatred for the Palestinian people when they did not do any harm to the Jews after their land was stolen from them. Just put yourself in their shoes if your land had been stolen would you say thank you and allow them to steal more? It was the ‘German Hitler’ that had slaughtered 6million Jews and the Palestinians are the victims. The world had paid the price and now the world wants this saga to end and for that to happen the Jews must have compassion for the sake of their children’s children. Violence begets violence!

This is what I have posted at my blog – dearmmlee.wordpress.com for the world to support the Palestinians plight for a homeland. Do you still have any objection this time round?


The Palestinian people have been waiting patiently for almost twenty years for the Israeli government to implement the peace agreement signed in Oslo 1993. How much longer must the world want the Palestinian people to wait for a homeland? Is it not their right to go to United Nations to claim their right like the Jews had done in 1948?

The Palestinian people MUST exercise their right, and if the Israeli government, under Mr Netanyahu, still refuses to honour it and United Nations fails to enforce it, then the Citizens of the World must carry this responsibility to make it right and for World Harmony to become a reality.

No one should be above the law! Please support the petition.


“Thinking people have realised that the course of human history is determined not by what happens in the skies, but what take place in the hearts of men.” – Unknown

After the cold war my imagination of the “New World Order” was that the intellectuals from the great nations would come together to brainstorm as one people and one world for the sake of greater humanity. Like for instant the great scientists from Russian, China, Europe and America can come together to find the best way out for medical research for the sake of greater humanity instead of just profiteering.  But sad to say so far non-is in existence, even in the research of HIV there were so much controversy, where is the hope for humanity?  Where is their ‘Collective Consciousness’? There is so much work to do to put this world back to its original form but instead we are dividing it more and more by the leader’s false pride and worse of all human GREED!  Mahatma Gandhi said: “The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

Is this world a constant battlefield? Depending on whom you ask? As for the Zionist Jews they believe their survival is in the battlefield.  They are so insecure that they believe to stay on top of everything they got to bomb Iran because Iran is a threat if they acquire nuclear capabilities. Tell me is there any logic or sound reason to go bomb Iran! Now please read what Mr Kenneth Waltz got to say about Iran having a bomb, http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/why-iran-should-get-the-bomb-kenneth-n-waltz/

I am not a Jews hater or am I a racist but I just can’t understand why the world is so afraid of the Zionist Jews and allow them to turn the whole world upside down and if we cannot stop them to bomb Iran we are the greatest sinner of them all!!

How are we going to be free from the stranglehold of the Zionist Jews is the multi million dollars question? Ideally we need to change the structure that had been established by the West which is not a fair system. We know that the Zionist Jews are controlling the world behind the America government so do you think we can change the system that was established by them! This was what James Paul Warburgs said, “”We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”


The only structure I can see is to divide the world into 2 part, because we cannot allow the Zionist Jews to take over control of our economies like they did in America and Europe. Can you imagine the Zionist Jews own the Federal Reserve which mean they literally own America and in Asia the business communities must be careful when they are doing business with them.  For the 2 world ideology to be a reality ASEAN must play an important role by not letting the West to divide us.








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