It’s official: Psychopaths rule our world – Israel elected to chair UNGA


Rasima 11 in #Gaza: While fleeing I screamed & cried & asked God to forgive me for stepping on dead bodies & israel is nominated for the presidency of the UN General Assembly Sixth Counter-Terrorism..

The Arab League rejected the nomination of #Israel to take the presidency of the UN General Assembly Sixth Counter-Terrorism Committee, which is concerned with combating terrorism. The Arab League’s Secretary General, Nabil al-Arabi notified the envoys and representatives of Arab states with the Arab position.

Al-Arabi said, in a statement on Sunday that #Israel carries out illegal actions including the establishment of the Separation Wall violation of #Palestinians’ rights and arresting civilians. He called the nomination of Israel for the presidency of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee a “big disaster for the UN”.

According to the protocol the UN Committee’s presidency is usually taken by alternation among groups and this year is the turn of the group of Western #Europe which agreed on nominating #Israel.


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On Sunday, February 7, 2016 3:36 PM,Dorothy Naor wrote:

Just in case you missed this.



Haaretz February 4, 2016

Israelis Ignore the Gaza Ghetto Until the War Drums Are Heard

Two million human beings, some of whom worked here for years, some of them even have friends here, live in abject poverty and petrifying despair, mainly because of Israel’s blockade.

Gideon Levy |

Most Israelis cannot imagine the daily lives of Gazans.Credit: AFP

The latest news from the ghetto comes, as usual, from the outside. The addiction to fear and the eternal wallowing in terror in Israel suddenly reminded one of the existence of the neighboring ghetto. Only thus are we here reminded of Gaza. When it shoots, or at least digs. Residents of the communities surrounding Gaza hear sounds, perhaps the sounds of digging, and the ghetto is no longer abandoned. We recall its existence. Iran dropped off the agenda. Sweden isn’t scary enough. Hezbollah is busy. So we return to Gaza.

If the Ayelet Zurer affair loses steam heaven forbid, or the Moshe Ivgy affair doesn’t take off – the things that are really interesting – because then some bored commentators and editors and politicians and bloodthirsty generals are liable to drag Israel into another “war” in Gaza. And “war” in Gaza is always another controlled massacre, whose achievements are measured in the number of corpses and amount of destroyed buildings that it leaves behind. Isaac Herzog has already promised as much.

But the real news from Gaza doesn’t reach Israelis. Who here heard that jets of the most moral air force in the world poisoned in recent weeks the fields of a “buffer zone,” which Israel declared unilaterally, at a distance of 300 meters from the fence? Farmers in Gaza report that the dusters spread the poison up to 500 meters, and that 1,187 dunams (293 acres) were damaged in the last poisoning in December. The pilots, convinced that they are doing a good thing, reported hitting their targets accurately.

Pay attention to the sterile wording of the IDF spokesman: “Aerial spraying of herbicidal germination preventing material next to the security fence was carried out in order to allow optimal implementation of ongoing security missions in the area,” he stated.

Fishermen are forbidden from venturing more than six nautical miles out from shore. Sometimes they catch a fisherman or shoot him. Farmers are forbidden from going within 300 meters. Everything is done to serve Israel’s security, and its security alone – and the occupation of the Gaza Strip ended a long time ago.
Just an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv, there is a ghetto. Even without supplying “germination preventing materials,” almost nothing grows in it. Up-to-date data from Gisha-Legal Center for Freedom of Movement indicate 43 percent unemployment, 70 percent in need of humanitarian assistance and 57 percent suffering from nutrition insecurity.

And then there is the spine-chilling report that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency issued in August under the headline “Gaza 2020: A livable place?” By then the damage to the water infrastructure will be irreversible. The water today is already not potable. The GDP per capita, $1,273, is less than it was 25 years ago, perhaps the only one that declined. Another 1,000 doctors and 2,000 nurses will be needed in the besieged, collapsing health system. From where will they come, out the faculty of medicine in Nuseirat or from the students who left to study medicine at Harvard? Egypt tightened its grasp, the world shirked its commitments and Israel exploits this to continue the blockade.

They get three hours of electricity, sometimes six, in the cold and rain. After that, there is no electricity for 12 hours, and then again for three or six hours, day in, day out. There are about two million people, a million of them refugees and their families, made refugees directly or indirectly by Israel. About a million of them are children. No Israeli can imagine it. Few Israelis feel guilty about it. There are few Israelis who care at all. Hamas, you know.

When the next catastrophe in the world hits, be it an earthquake or flood, we’ll be there with a delegation from the Israel Defense Forces, the same IDF in the same fatigues in which they spray the fields in Gaza. We are always the first.

And meanwhile in the ghetto, two million human beings, some of whom worked here for years, some of them even have friends here, live in abject poverty and petrifying despair, mainly because of Israel’s blockade.

The “We left Gaza” operation is complete. Now we only need to wait for the tunnels to start bombing again.


Gideon Levy
Haaretz Correspondent


Israel Plans to Destroy Only Water Source of Shepherds in West Bank Villager

ONCE AGAIN: Settlers poisoned drinking water in a Palestinian village in West Bank

Israel Cuts Water Supply To Ten Of Thousand Of Palestinians

90% of the water in #Gaza is undrinkable but this man has a solution. ..


Video: “Palestinian Child Bleeds on Ground from Head Wound while Israeli Police & Civilians Watch, Shouting Insults”

EX-IOF speak out what they use to do to #Palestinians

What the Media won’t show U.
On June 5 2016 anti-Zionist Jewish protesters marched against the israeli parade in #NewYork


#BDS is a non violent action to Support #Palestinians against the #Israeli violations of international laws yet the #Zionists can not tolerate it


Fire in “Givat Shaul” settlement in the occupied #Jerusalem and aircraft occupation working to extinguish the fire.

Must see
CornelWest supports #Palestine #BDS at DNC.
Tell DNC RNC to support #Palestinian rights

Last week former Rep. Robert Wexler delivered a banal justification of Israel’s oppression of Palestinians before the Democratic National Convention’s platform drafting committee.

Dr. Cornel West, a member of the committee, respectfully pushed back. “For too long, the Democratic Party has been beholden to AIPAC,” West responded to applause. The party “didn’t take seriously the humanity of Palestinian brothers and sisters.”

But “we’re at a turning point now,” West continued. “And of course it’s going to be a slow one in the Democratic Party, but some of us will be working outside the Democratic Party to make it quicker. And that’s why I support the BDS [movement].”


Srael extends detention of Palestinian clown
Circus performer set to be held for another six months without trial or charge under administrative detention.

Read more:


Savage israeli Zionists beating a peaceful #Canadian activist who works in the human rights organization


#NewVideo : soldier pays a knife towards the body of Sharif. — feeling pissed


#Israeli occupation forces arrested two Palestinian young men after storming #Hebron city this night


#Video storming occupation a home of captives brotherly Obeida and Saleh Dawood rugby in the southern region of #Hebron at dawn today


#WATCH : Occupation forces suppressed a march for a sit-residents #Shuhada Street to protest against the closure of the street


Stolen Childhood.. Yes it’s because of #Israel’s blockade
Many kids in #Gaza are leaving school to work ..



Court issued an occupation on the prisoner Hammam Musalimat was sentenced to 18 years in prison to run over near #Aroub refugee camp in #Hebron He run over zionist soldiers

Palestinian police had to kill him by mistake this morning in Jerusalem clashes with gunmen
There are reports that she was shot in the head and killed and some reports say he was still alive.


#Israeli occupation forces kidnapped brothers children “Mohammad and Amir Jaber” after storming a #Palestinian home in #Hebron city


#WATCH: Youth Against Settlements activist tried to use Jewish-only street in #Hebron


Learn the difference between a #Zionist and a #Jew

Watch how Zionist #Israeli soldiers attack a Jew laying down on the ground !!!


#Zionist Settlers stole a #Palestinian house .. !!


#VIDEO For what the Israeli occupation police said is a resistance attack in Tal Aviv

#VIDEO For what the Israeli occupation police said is a resistance attack in Tel Aviv, you can see Israeli policeman shooting on one of the 2 Palestinians alleged made the attack


Doing what they know the best #beating_civilians ….
Here are the zionist fascist #Israeli forces (God Chosen People)

#Watch: Another proof of Israeli crimes against humanity #Palestinian mass graves are discovered in #Jaffa


Share if your media doesn’t show you this.
{Israhell is a War Criminal}

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