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We Need A Breakthrough


I believe I got a perfect solution how to break the status quo? I strongly believe America has no choice but to put forward a vital proposal to make this breakthrough,




These are the sticking points and once we make this breakthrough, the rest will be easy to resolve.

3 February 2012

Dear President Obama,

On the Charlie Rose website discussion I told Benezraa, a Jew, that I want a homeland for the Palestinian people and asked: When do you think they can have a homeland?

An Arab name Worldwatcher reply back and said, “Chong Sun Wah the Palestinian people (Palestinian Muslims, Christians, Druze, other, secular) do have a homeland. It’s called all of historic Palestine — until the foreign racist European Ziönist colonial Jews took most of Palestine away from the Palestinian people.

I have emailed to my Jewish friend in America and ask for his frank opinion on my proposition and this was his reply,

Dear Sunflower,

Thanks for your email. On this subject I have mixed feelings and unfortunately don’t believe a petition will have much if any effect on a peaceful resolution. The people all want peace, it’s the powers that be that keep the separation going. No fret, by year’s end I have faith that a much higher and divine plan will engulf the planet and major changes and a shift towards light (after a period of darkness –which will be very difficult for many who are not prepared- especially spiritually) this will bring peace.

Be prepared with a few weeks worth of drinking water, matches, flashlights/batteries, dried fruits/nuts, MRE food. All will be made beautiful.

Peace, love & light,

I wish it could be that simple. Even if one wants happiness, it would not just come to you. One has to work hard to achieve the happiness that one desires.  In this year, the economic situation does not look favourable for the world. Consequently attention will be turned to the economy with the possibility that an Israeli/Palestinian solution will be allowed to derail again.

Mr Alon Ben-Meir written, “Netanyahu has repeatedly claimed that Israel cannot accept “indefensible borders,” based on the 1967 lines. He highlights that Israel would be only nine miles wide if it were to relinquish its territory in the West Bank. However, this security argument is undermined by the reality that for any agreement to be reached, Israel will have to relinquish land.

Unless Netanyahu claims that a 12- or 15- mile width is more “defensible” with today’s missile technology than a nine-mile width, it is difficult to comprehend what Netanyahu’s “defensible borders” look like without a continued, substantial Israeli military presence in the West Bank.

If the dispute over settlements was solely based on security or political issues, it could be reconciled through good-faith negotiations.”


NO ONE and I MEAN NOT ONE COUNTRY has asked Israel to return the 78% of the land they have stolen from the Palestinian people. Nor have the Palestinians asked for the enforcement of the 1948 agreement in which the United Nations agreed to give the Palestinians 45% of the land. The Palestinians have only asked the Israeli government to implement the 1993 Oslo agreement signed by Yitshak Rabin to give the Palestinians 22% of the land. This means with this 1967 border agreement Yitzhak Rabin felt totally secure Israel if not he would not had signed the peace agreement?

In 1948 Israelis went to the United Nations to claim their statehood, is it not the Palestinians right to exercise their claim by going to United Nation after waiting for almost 20 years? A lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is critical to global peace and security.  The United States and the international community must make stability in this region a top priority. Since the world communities failed in this endeavour, the caring and concern citizens of the world MUST take action to help both parties make a breakthrough because if they could sit down and talk the Palestinians and the world would not have to wait for almost 20 years.

It is high time for Netanyahu government to conclude the deal with the Palestinians instead of keeping every waking moment to find a way to bomb Iran. The Palestinians and their supporters all around the world have waited long enough until this woman (me) from the other end of the Asian continent cannot take it anymore due to the increasingly convoluted obfuscation by the Israeli government toward the Palestinians. Compelled my conscience I am writing to you,

If your eyes can see
If your ears can hear
If your heart can feel
If your mind can think
If your mouth can speak

Fairness is a fundamental value and if America fails to uphold fairness in their dealings with other countries, it will be hard for America to stand tall in the eyes of the world. A great example is the Chinese and Russian veto of the Syrian proposal from the US.  Those nations would probably have viewed the American proposal more favorably if the US took a fairer approach to the issue of Palestinian statehood and stopped favoring the Israelis even when their actions border on the criminal.

I hope that whatever Israel decides to do, they always have America in their hearts instead of using America for their own self interested purposes and motives. After all they owe the very existence of their state to the US. How much more land do they want before they can feel completely safe from the Palestinians? And when will they stop their terrible treatment of the Palestinian civilians in Gaza?

‘As soon as sacrifice becomes a duty and necessity to mankind. I see no limit to the horizon which opens before him.’ – Ernest Renan

You are the President of the nation that allowed modern Israel to exist. You have the power and I believe the belief, hence I pray with all my might that you, President Obama, can help the Jewish people to open their heart of LOVE with GREAT Compassion and grant the Palestinians a homeland within year’s end to LIGHT UP OUR ONE WORLD. Can you please share this meaningful quote with the Jewish people, ‘Humble because of knowledge; mighty by sacrifice.’ – Rudyard Kipling.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong

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