“When I look at what Israel does, almost daily, and then exponentially, every few years, in Gaza, the West Bank, and what is left of Palestinian East Jerusalem, I am aghast!”Anne Beck


UN Envoy Cries for Gaza Children

Published on Jul 30, 2014

Former Member – House of Representatives-LA http://www.DavidDuke.com

Dr. David Duke exposes a video of the UN Envoy on Gaza refugees who breaks down in tears after learning of another horrific Israeli mass murder bombing of a UN operated school and civilian shelter. Suddenly the links for the video disappeared from mainstream publications. Looks like the Zionist thought it was too moving and they did not want it seen by people in Western nations!


Newly Declassified Documents Reveal How U.S. Agreed to Israel’s Nuclear Program
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.613221

Hamas calls on int’l community to disarm Israel

US submits draft resolution to the Security Council requesting disarmament of Gaza

Prominent Jewish Leader: Israel Intentionally Massacred Civilians in 1948 to Terrorize the Population

Lessons from the UN Gaza report: Next stop, ICC?

History of Israeli Impunity

Israel should not escape the war crimes hangman




Christopher Everard

HUMANITY IS AT A CROSSROADS: We have come a long way – and the Universal Cosmic spirit which fuels us, every creature and the entire Universe has proven to be infinitely creative… All those millions of galaxies and billions of stars… For sure – just by the simple Law of Averages and Chance, we shall be visited by real-life eating, breathing aliens soon…. What a challenge and remarkable story our cosmic brothers and sisters will have to tell… Let’s hope their planet has not been polluted and taken-over by a gaggle of liars in their government the same as has happened here on Planet Earth…

Make no mistake, there is a CANCER here on our planet – a cancer of parasites, this cancer is made up of evil people who believe they are the CHOSEN PEOPLE. They create WAR ZONES so that they can make profits from the manufacturing of weapons… And you know what? Perhaps they would also create an antagonistic threat towards aliens in order to keep Lockheed Martin, British AeroSpace and Boston Dynamics Share Prices high…

These sick people are selling their souls for profits – and they have nothing but disdain for me and you.

That hatred for the greater part of humanity is exemplified by the MASS DEATHS of the honey bee population, the loss of trillions of Cicadas in southern Europe, the deaths of Sea Lions, the poisoning of the Sea, our soils and skies – with CHEMTRAILS being suspiciously sprayed globally…

For us to go forward, we must expose and neutralise these cancerous parasitic people – and that means that the global PEOPLE POWER movements which we have seen in Thailand [presently being stifled by a military coup supported by the Royal Family], Egypt [ditto], Ukraine [now a political football with Putin], Spain [looking good for a future overthrow of the corrupt Monarchy], Portugal, Iceland and many other countries in South America – must continue…

The last Pope was forced to resign, Sarkozy and the leader of the World Bank have had their doors kicked-in and their houses raided, the Mafia’s nuclear waste dumping scam has stopped and been exposed, nuclear power plants in Japan remain closed… There are many bright and hopeful possibilities…

But along with those parasites, we’ll have to throw away the unnecessary ‘New Age’ baggage which sells you the lie that the entire universe is a ‘dream’. It’s not. All those stars and planets really do exist. It is not a ‘perception deception’ – it is reality. And those people selling you the Blavatsky-type info are being brushed aside.

A New Dawn is here. The battlefield has proven to be not the only place where the war between good and evil has taken place… The SUPERMARKET is also now a new battlefield – already, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani people have dumped the idea of shopping at the mainstream Supermarkets – and it will soon come to pass that those big Household branded stores will all crash. Organic window-box herbal GARDENING is the new ROCK’N’ROLL – people are becoming suspicious of not only the big supermarket brands, but also choosing to AVOID THEIR DOCTORS AND VACCINES…

Of course, the mainstream TV NETWORKS have also all died a death. After all, how can you Brain Wash an audience when the audience has already SWITCHED OFF?

The so called NEW WORLD ORDER is a CONSPIRACY run by a few interconnected families who work on behalf of the European ROYALS. Almost exclusively, the major linchpins in this sausage factory Hydro-Carbon-Burger-Space-Shuttle-Lady-Gaga-Porn Economy which they have created, are Israeli-zionist supporters who are willing to sacrifice innocent children for an ‘idea’ that some hilltop in Jerusalem should be the epicentre of a ‘Greater Israel’ which will absorb parts of Syria, Iran and Iraq.

Let me say this: The present Israeli government are dead ducks in the water. John Kerry has been exposed as being from the KOHN and BUSH families. This ‘Greater Israel’ has been on the drawing boards a long time – and the KINGS OF ISRAEL are actually the monarchs at Buckingham Palace… Israel is a British invention created by the Balfour Declaration – and we are exposing this horrid GENOCIDE of the Palestinians as each day dawns…

I have made two TV Specials investigating Israel, their secret Nuclear Super-Bomb, John Kerry and the Satanic and evil masterplan to defile and pollute our planet and the minds of our children. Don’t for one minute think it’ll all be on YouTube – it won’t be – and that is because Google and YouTube are part of this monstrosity which we call the NEW WORLD ORDER… If you’d like a FreeView account to view 100% uncensored films then go here http://www.enigmatv.com/the_enigma_channel/Welcome.html

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