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Today Is World Harmony Day

Today Is World Harmony Day – For World Harmony To Be A Reality The Palestinian People Must Have A Homeland

20 February 2012

Dear President Obama,

I hope you and your family are well. Today is World Harmony Day and on this Special Day we need to bring Harmony To Our One World by helping the Palestinian People To Have A Homeland soon. This is not only your job but also the job of Every Caring Citizens Of The World because we cannot accept anymore man-made suffering of the Palestinian people.

I just have an uncomfortable feeling this LOUD MEDIA NOISE ABOUT BOMBING IRAN is also an asymmetric right wing attempt to prevent your re-election. Fear is a central ingredient in Spin. If that’s not the case then ask the Netanyahu government to be patient and let diplomacy succeed because the world cannot afford another war.

They need to attack Iran within this year because they will put your good self, President Obama in a corner obliging you to agree to bombing Iran. If you don’t agree maybe the Americans especially the Americans Jews might not vote for you. Since President Truman pushed for the creation of Israel to make sure that he was not written into history as an unelected partial term president, the Zionists have shown their determination to divide and expand in the middle east and at this time the bombing of Iran also provides an easy opportunity to turn their news cycle away from Israel’s economic woes.

In today’s local paper, Singapore’s  Straits Times, it said that you have pointedly reminded Mr Xi that Beijing must play by the rules in global trade and economics. What about the rule of international law because if Israel bombs Iran there will be devastating lawlessness across the world. As Senator Obama you disapproved of a  preemptive strike against Iraq and I pray with all my might that you can stop the Netanyahu government from  bombing Iran. If the world agrees to the bombing of Iran, the United Nations must take the lead as it did during the Gulf war in 1991 during George Bush Senior’s time avoiding a repeat of the unilateral adventure undertaken by his son. Let us all return to international law and order in this world!

I have written to Senator Michael Bennett and told him that it must be made clear to the Netanyahu government that they must solve the Palestinian homeland problem first, before America will consider the actions necessary against Iran should they actually have a nuclear capability. And that all the senators must stand beside President Obama no matter how much opposition there is from the Zionist lobby. I have posted it at http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/senator-michael-bennet/

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong



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