Inside Story – Israel and the walls that surround it

Published on May 2, 2012

New border wall with Lebanon highlights Israel’s precarious relationship with its neighbours. Kamahl Santamaria discusses with guests: Hisham Jaber, Gideon Levy & Gregg Roman


The Dividing Wall – Israel/Palestine

Uploaded on Sep 4, 2007

June 2004
Israel’s controversial security fence is dividing much more than just the land itself. Even in Israel, there’s a wide range of opinion as to whether the wall is justified.

Hani Amer’s property lies between two walls. On one side an 8m-high concrete wall cuts him off from his village. On the other, a wire fence separates him from the Israeli settlement. “We see nobody and nobody sees us like in jail. The wall grabbed the land and grabbed us with it,” explains Hani’s son. Losing land has, for many, meant the loss of livelihoods. Villagers in Mas Ha claim they’ve lost 97% of their land. But they’re not the only people protesting. A small band of young Israelis regularly joins them to campaign against the wall. At one protest, an activist is shot by an Israeli soldier. “Is this security? Shooting at us?” questions one activist in disbelief. Whilst these Israelis are in a minority, even the fence’s supporters accept that it should have been built along existing borders. “If they had built it on the armistice line, no one would have opposed it,” states Israeli Zvi Ginsberg. Unfortunately, it’s planned route means that for Palestinians like Hani, the wall spells only disaster. As Hani’s wife confides: “When I look at the wall, I feel the world has ended.”

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Video: Separation Wall Cuts off Children from School

Uploaded on Oct 17, 2007

Separation Barrier cuts off children from Tel ‘Adasa, which is in East Jerusalem, and their school in Bir Nebala, September 2007. www.btselem.org

B’Tselem is an Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


Wall of Shame

Uploaded on Sep 1, 2006

The wall being constructed on the West Bank by the Israeli government is twenty-five feet high. Studded with guard towers and armaments, and encrusted with high-tech sensors, the wall cuts across the land, separating Palestinians from their own farms, their own neighbors, and from the Israeli settlements which have sprung up rapidly as a result of lavish subsidies from the Israeli government. Alternate Focus cameraman Rodney Devereux brings us face-to face with the wall and all its implications. Producers: Rodney Devereaux & John Odam, Writer: Lawrence Ludlow (2003)

Alternate Focus is available on the Dish Network, Free Speech TV, Channel 9415, Saturdays at 8:00pm EST and on cable stations near you. Check website for details.

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