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Dedicated to my Grandpa, Jamal Jayyousi, RIP, I love you!


They say my people are invented
That we cease to exist
We are an optical illusion
A mere figment of your very imagination
The damnation of an entire nation
Must have been made up
How could our beloved Israel
Ever be accused of any wrongdoings?
Shake hands with the devil
Mock the groom at the border who is pleading to see his wife
This is his life
Fenced in by every border
Like that old man that sat hours
Pleading for you to let him cross because he needed to see a doctor
And don’t tell me you denying his entry wasn’t methodical
As if you denying them entry and exit wasn’t enough,
You took the imprisonment further
Locking up the innocent brothers
Vowing to never let them see daylight
The struggle is that of an invented cause
Because no one really cares about the Palestinians
They are just a number, their body count is all that matters
And even that is fabricated
As Israel tries to wipe the blood off their hands with every murder
But when they commit it, it’s not called murder
It’s deemed heroic
Even your textbooks validate that
Like when they erase the word Palestine off the map
And when my professor asks me where I’m from and
I answer Palestine,
“don’t you mean Israel?”
No actually I don’t
you know exactly what I mean
Don’t tell me not to hate them
And don’t tell me to forgive and forget
Just because your media chooses not to cover it,
That doesn’t mean the genocide does not exist
I’m still waiting on someone to place a patent on the Palestinians
All inventions come with that, don’t they?

My Letter To US Senator

3 January 2012

Dear Senator Pat Toomey,

May I wish you and your family a Happy New Year. With your support and that of your fellow senators, may the New Year bring great hope and joy to the Palestinian people and the realization of their wish of a homeland in Palestine.You said, “A Palestinian state should only be created through negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.  To the extent necessary, the U.S. should also play a strong role in those negotiations. It is for these reasons that I cosponsored S. Res. 185, which passed unanimously in the Senate on June 28, 2011. As you may know, S. Res. 185 calls on the Obama administration to lead opposition to unilateral Palestinian statehood efforts and threatens a major change in U.S. relations with the Palestinian Authority if it includes an unreformed Hamas, including a suspension of aid.”

If only America could be a fair broker, but reality tells us otherwise. As you know the American government is withholding $65 million in funding to Unesco because of the Unesco’s recognition of the Palestinians. Bravo, you have succeeded in achieving the aim of intimidating anyone who recognizes the Palestinians and justifies a home land for them, but unfortunately, this selfish act never once considered the suffering of the Palestinian civilians. In fact, perhaps you think they deserve it because Israel has been targeted with rockets from Gaza. But have you once asked yourself why the Israelis are receiving all these rockets? If the occupation stops, perhaps so would the terror.

Where are the basic human rights in Gaza? In the Gaza Strip, one and a half million people live virtually under siege, behind barbed wire, and without a chance to escape this prison camp. The living conditions are unbearable due to a severe shortage of food, medicine, clean water, with a strictly limited power supply and worsening hygienic conditions. Despite this situation the blockade of the Gaza Strip has been tightened and the Israeli Army launches military actions and bombardments on an almost daily basis. The civilians are the ones who have to suffer.

In my petition letter

I have written, “In 1948, the United Nations promised the Palestinian people 45% of the disputed land and 55% to the Israelis. After 45 years of continuously killing one another, finally, in 1993, Yitshak Rabin, said that enough is enough, and in the Oslo Peace Agreement, gave the Palestinians 22% of the land and Israel kept 78% of the land. After his assassination, all agreements were in disarray. And 20 years later, the Netanyahu government still refuses to conclude the deal citing security as the reason. The other excuse is about Hamas being a terrorist group; therefore the Israeli government cannot talk to them even though Hamas and Fatah are together. This article references some similarities between the Israeli pursuit of statehood in 1948 and that of the Palestinians now:

Since the Peace Agreement had been signed for almost 20 years and there is still no conclusion, how much longer do you want the Palestinians to continue to wait for talks? Do they have to wait until 100% of the land is in Israeli hands?

There is new talk in the Jewish community that Palestine belongs to the Jews as demonstrated by the example below:

“The name “Palestine” was given to ancient Israel by the conquering Romans 2100 years ago, when they “crucified” their way across the Balkans into Israel. And, where they continued the practice of crucifixion, cutting down swaths of forests and replacing those areas with forests of crucified Jews. “Palestinian” is a name that has been synonymous with “Israeli”, “Jew”, and “Hebrew” up until the past few decades, during which time, by a big lie of propaganda politics, “Palestine” and “Palestinian” have come to designate Arab land and Arabs, not the Holy Land of Israel and the Jews. This is a great propaganda coup for the Arabs. One may only hope that this Arab propaganda balloon will soon be properly punctured and burst.”

In the final five minutes of Mr. Netanyahu’s interview with Charlie Rose, he talks about how proud he is to be the leader of the Jewish state, what that means to him, what that land means to the Jews and how he will “protect the miracle” of a Jewish state. Unfortunately, the indigenous people of that land are not Jewish, and that’s the route of the conflict. Israel wants all the land, and they want it “Arab free”. Anyone who doesn’t see that is too blind, or too afraid to admit the truth.

Interestingly, Mr. Netanyahu mentioned his 101 year old father, and here is a quote from the man who raised Bibi. In an interview with Benzion Netanyahu, in which he is quoted as saying the following with respect to what Israel’s policy should be toward the Arab population under its control, “That they won’t be able to face [anymore] the war with us, which will include withholding food from Arab cities, preventing education, terminating electrical power and more. They won’t be able to exist, and they will run away from here. But it all depends on the war, and whether we will win the battles with them.”

We have often heard the Israeli government tell the world that the Palestinians are trying to drive the Jews into the sea. Now who is driving who into the sea? And recently we heard from Newt Gingrich that the Palestinians are historically “an invented people” and that the Palestinian leadership has always sought to destroy Israel. How dare Mr. Gingrich, a politician with the ability to exert influence the thinking of many Americans, make such a unilateral decision and espouse an opinion reaching millions of people that erases the legitimacy of an entire race of people. Please read this article written by Daoud Kuttab a Palestinian journalist who was born and lives in Jerusalem, I hope you will find it enlightening.

It is time that America stood up for fair treatment of the Palestinians and stops this one-sided support of Israel.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong


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