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The fight for Palestinian justice is an essential part of the fight for democracy around the world.

How Long Before Israel Invades Gaza Again?


An Israeli air strike over Gaza City during Operation Protective Edge (AP photo/Hatem Moussa)

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On August 26, Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) both accepted a cease-fire agreement after a fifty-day Israeli assault on Gaza that left 2,100 Palestinians dead and vast landscapes of destruction behind. The agreement calls for an end to military action by both Israel and Hamas, as well as an easing of the Israeli siege that has strangled Gaza for many years.

This is, however, just the most recent of a series of cease-fire agreements reached after each of Israel’s periodic escalations of its unremitting assault on Gaza. Throughout this period, the terms of these agreements remain essentially the same. The regular pattern is for Israel, then, to disregard whatever agreement is in place, while Hamas observes it—as Israel has officially recognized—until a sharp increase in Israeli violence elicits a Hamas response, followed by even fiercer brutality. These escalations, which amount to shooting fish in a pond, are called “mowing the lawn” in Israeli parlance. The most recent was more accurately described as “removing the topsoil” by a senior US military officer, appalled by the practices of the self-described “most moral army in the world.”

Mainstream Media Propaganda: Breaking the Last Taboo – Gaza and the Threat of World War

John Pilger, Global Research, September 12, 2014.


Yusuf TimolYusuf Timol

After surviving 50 days of apocalyptic destruction, the people of Gaza must be struggling to regain equilibrium while grieving loss, dealing with homelessness, being without power & sanitation. Celebrating survival has so many heavy provisos, including the continuing Israeli blockade of Gaza–so it is lovely to see children out & about at the beach again & this man playing with his baby (12 days after Israel’s ceasefire) without fear of being bombed.

Those who witnessed the gruesome & barbarous assault on Gaza need also take a deep breath before plunging into building the economic boycott (BDS) of all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729) with rallies, teach-ins, speak-outs, forums. It’s a whole new world for Palestinian solidarity which is now international & massive. Israel & its Zionist supporters are trying furiously to clean up their new image problem; the Exodus mythology, so carefully constructed for 66 years, was blown to shreds by their bombs. Israel is no longer viewed as a righteous, beleaguered nation beset by terrorists but a monstrous military machine that mows down Palestinian children, claiming they’re going after Hamas rocket nests.

Regrettably, the way Zionists are dealing with their image problem is with racism & increased Islamophobia that exposes the supremacist & colonial ideology at the heart of Zionism. Islam & Arabs are the new boogeymen we’re supposed to be afraid of or they’ll eat our children–just like “commies” of the McCarthy era put fluoride in the water to corrupt the morals of youth. If this crap isn’t opposed in the boldest & most steadfast way, we will wind up in another era of repression with free speech as the first casualty. The fight for Palestinian justice is an essential part of the fight for democracy around the world.

(Photo by Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images)

Yusuf Timol

Yusuf Timol 7:37am Sep 10
Images from the Zionist Armageddon in Gaza: it really is an end time battle between justice & tyranny because Israel really did go too far this time. It’s been riding so high for so long on Exodus mythology that Netan-psycho-yahu didn’t realize there would be a day of reckoning–just like the Bible says even if you don’t read it or think it’s a historic work. Netan-psycho, driven by racism & irrepressible political & economic pressures within Israel, presided over the beginning of the end for Zionism.This young boy sleeping in the rubble of his destroyed house is surrounded by devastation. Palestinians took a tremendous beating. It should be pointed out it’s likely there are people entombed in that rubble which is going to sit there for a long time while Israel continues war by means of blockade. But Palestinians no longer stand alone–& that will make all the difference.

10644984_690749567667460_3323204243882079656_nThere is no counterposition between protest rallies & building the economic & cultural boycott of Israel (BDS). The point of it all is to educate, agitate, organize to defend Palestinian justice, demand Israel lift the economic blockade of Gaza, & demand governments end military aid to Israel. For the irredeemable knuckleheads who continue (after Operation Ethnic Cleansing) to oppose BDS because it will hurt Israeli workers, there is only one question (make it two): How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history? How does it feel to stand with apartheid & genocide?For those who believe in justice, there is only one side: that of Palestinians against racism & colonialism. There is no middle ground.

(Photo by Ahmed Hjazy/Pacific Press/Barcroft Media)

Barry Grossman

This image shows the total death toll on both sides during the almost 5 years of the Second Intifada and all so-called lethal Palestinian Terrorist Incidents reported by Israel between 2000 and 2004. They are plotted on a satellite image, with a climatically colour coded topographical map, the 1947 UN Partition Plan accepted by Israel as a condition of its membership in the UN, and the 1950 Armistice line all transparently layered in. I am now in the process of colour coding these incidents to distinguish those which targeted IDF or other security forces from those which did not. Certainly a great many of these incidents, though not a majority, were directed at IDF forces. I will also endeavour to colour code those which related to the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and illegal Zionist settlers.For the time being, a couple of things should be obvious. First the overwhelming majority of incidents resulted in one or at most two fatalities. Second by far the most incidents took place in occupied territory with Gaza, the West bank “Green Line” and Jerusalem, with a large part of those which did not nevertheless taking place on territory designated as Palestinian by the 1947 UN Partition Plan which Israel accepted as a condition of its 1949 admission to the UN. Under international law, that territory also remains Palestinian Territory, all of which is illegally occupied by Israel. Needless to say, during the same period there were far, far more Palestinian victims of Zionist violence than vice versa. The last point I would like to make is that the casualties on both sides, disproportionate as they are, have one thing in common – they mostly occurred on what even the international community recognizes to be Palestinian territory.

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