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The dead sea scrolls prove islam ..wmv

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Uploaded on Dec 24, 2010

This is a shocking vidoe which prove islam is the truth .
there were books banned from the bible and were forbidden to be read . There were a new discovery of the dead sea scrolls and naja hamadi books which brought these gospels and books to life again .
it is very shocking . There is stories in these books similar to the Quran .Like the story of Adam and Eve , Satan , Adam’s children wives , miracles of jesus when he was a child , Mary and her parents .
There is a lot of prophecies about islam and prophet muhamed in these books .
first part of this vidoe is a talk by brother Hamza yusif about the discovery of the dead sea scrolls and how it prove islam .
The second part of the vidoe will talk about these banned books and islam .
You must see
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Traders Of The Dead Sea Scrolls


Published on Feb 4, 2013

Mark Hamill narrates a documentary about the history, discovery and continuing search for more of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

How were the Dead Sea Scrolls written: The Scribes who wrote the Scrolls

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A description of the work and laws governing the practice of the scribes who wrote the Scrolls.

History of Dead Sea,Jordan


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Throughout world history, a great many very different civilisations
have grown up, ruled for a while, and then faded away when their time
came. Despite all their power and wealth, they disappeared off the face
of the earth. In this film, we shall be examining past societies that
were destroyed because of their rebellion against Allah, such as People
of Ad, People of Lut and the end of Pompeii.

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