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The Birth of World Harmony Day 20th February 2002

The Birth of World Harmony Day 20th February 2002



Calling for World Harmony Day

On 20th February (02) 2002 at time 20:02pm (8:02pm) i.e. 200220022002

Everyone around the world was deeply affected by the September 11th 2001 bombing of the WTC in New York. The freedom that we love and cherish was torn away from us without mercy, right in front of our eyes without warning.

  1. a) How are we going to claim our freedom back without any more bloodshed?
    b) Is it possible?
    c) And if so, what are the directions needed to achieve this monumental task?

Mat the monk, my Mom the might and myself the motivator shared a great idea, which became our vision and hopefully by the time we send this email around the world, it will translate into a mission with passion.

What is the mission?
Could all of you imagine the whole world stood still for 2 minutes (2 is the number that represents harmony) and silently and prayed for world peace and harmony on the coming date 20.02 2002 at time 20:02 p.m.

Why this date is so special?
Because this is a very special moment that will see the date, month, year and time align perfectly. This is a unique opportunity afforded to us by time itself. Made all the more prescient by the world changing events of September 11th 2001, this fulcrum point in time 20.02 2002 20:02 is an opportunity for us all to try to reclaim the balance and harmony in our lives. “World Harmony Day”.

In the midst of turmoil related to the September 11th 2001 attacks, and the on going war in Afghanistan, we feel a loss of freedom and a sense of fear in our lives. The terrorist attacks and the war has only compounded the feeling that forces much greater, and outside of our individual control, may someday mercilessly destroy our lives and our search for peace, love and happiness.

Have we not heard of these sayings “Fight fire with Fire and you will end up with ashes” and “An eye for an eye will makes the world go blind?” Is that what we really want for our world and the future world for our children’s children? The fight for humanity, if carried out with more bloodshed, explosives or worst still, weapons of mass destruction, will save not only to take away the lives of both guilty and innocent, it will also leave more wounds and scars in the environment, for our children and their children.

Within each individual, as well as within a group of individuals lie the polar natures of vengeance and peace. Let us seek a balance between them. For as long as we have exercised aggression, let us exercise empathy and compassion. In order to achieve this harmony it will be wise to imbue the eastern philosophy of balancing the Yang force with the Yin spirit.

We wish to propose for a worldwide coordinated period of silent prayer and reflection on 20.02 2002 20:02 pm. This gathering is a positive and peaceful conscious and is very necessary for all our souls to be at peace. The specific ritual may vary from place and cultural preference, but the main intention is to organize a collective, worldwide effort to calm us and create awareness of positive and peaceful conscious. We can call this “World Harmony Day” because this is exactly what we are praying for. Imagine the media following the events from country to country like they did during our Millennium celebrations from 20:02pm and ending at 2004 GMT.

All of us must get together and use our collective free will to heal the wounds of the world. We need to contact people in the media in our governments and schools, religious groups and get together for united prayer for peace and harmony. We have to foster a better world not just for ourselves but more importantly for our future generations. It is unfair for them to suffer the heavy repercussions of our actions.

We can let this day pass as we let so many other days pass but since September 11th 2001 our world has changed. It is time now to re-affirm a clear sense of hope. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said “No one won the last war and no one will win the next.” Let us join and pray together so that God will hear all our voices. A silent, collectives voice so loud that the universe will have to listen. Let us live at the end of an era. Let us live together at the dawn of a new age.


Sunflower Chong & Greta Georges
11 November 2001



A Universal Love & Spiritual Movement

World Harmony Day is not a religious organization as such, but rather a movement that embraces common themes found in , Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other major faiths.

These themes include love and empathy, peace and harmony and tolerance: things which can help liberate citizens of the world from all diverse religious backgrounds. That is why we welcome members of all these religious groups to participate in WHD.

WHD is basically a non-denominational spiritual movement that embraces Peace, Harmony and Unity as its core BELIEFS.

A love and spiritual movement helps one to find one’s place in the world by spending time proactively to help others. This makes our existence more relevant and contributes to the bigger picture in our own lives and the lives of others.

Proper actions and decisions made by this generation can help to set the next generations on the path towards peace-keeping with diverse populations.

World Harmony Day’s “Seekers of Truth, Peace & Harmony” are people from all over the world who believe ordinary citizens working together

can and will make a profound difference. The true spirit of World Harmony Day is in bringing all the citizens of the world together devoting the auspicious day 20th February to world Peace, Harmony & Unity by observing a 2 minute’s Peace Silence at 8.02pm (local time) with a deep sense of the “Oneness” of all human beings.


The Palindrome – 200220022002

What The Guardian Got To Say About The Palindrome?

“Do geese see God?”

Today’s date – 20.02.2002 – is a palindrome, meaning it reads the same backward as it does forwards. Mark Oliver discovers that the fun doesn’t end there.

Mark Oliver
Wednesday February 20, 2002
The Guardian

Palindromic years occur normally only once in 110 years (as in 1661,1771). However, at the end of each millennium, the gap is only 11 years, instead of 110, so we had a palindromic year in 1991 and again in 2002 but there will not be another one until 2112. We are, though, the only generation between the Norman conquest and the year 3000 to experience two palindromic years within a normal lifetime. So if you’re looking for a reason to party today, why not raise a glass and say (palindromically): “Lager, sir, is regal.”

Most sources credit Sotades the Obscene of Maronea with inventing literary palindromes in Greek-ruled Egypt, way back in the 3rd century BC. Indeed, palindromes were once known as “Sotadic verses”. But Sotades was probably feeling less of a smarty-pants when one of his verses insulted King Ptolemy II, who had him, wrapped in lead and thrown into the sea. Reports the King said: “Try reversing that one, pal,” are unsubstantiated. Perhaps fortunately for our palindromists, English rude words are more resistant to reversal than their Greek equivalents. Although you may be impressed by, “sex at noon taxes”. As a pastime you don’t need much kit for creating palindromes, just writing
materials, and a mirror, if you want to get a bit professional.

The Palindromist magazine, based in Portland, Oregon, argues that “great palindromes are works of art, and their authors deserve all of the fame and ridicule they can get” and seeks to accredit the writers of known palindromes. Leigh Mercer was such a celebrated palindromist, perhaps most lauded for this 1914 classic: “A man, a plan, a canal Panama!” Dating further back is this cheeky little number by John Taylor from 1614: “Lewd did I live, & evil I did dwell.” Or if you want to go all modern, check out: “Men, I’m Eminem.” You would be surprised at the inventiveness of these palindrome types. One website features the premise for a short film with all the dialogue in palindromes. It’s by a Mike Clelland of Driggs, adopts the road movie genre and is a pretty good effort even if the characters do say “wow” a lot.

On the subject of today’s date, they are getting quite excited in Singapore, where “palindrome activists” are devoting the auspicious day to world harmony and peace and are urging people to hold a 2 minute’s Peace Silence at 8.02pm (12.02 GMT).

Greta Georges, 20, was inspired by the date and moved by the events of September 11 to do something “to remind people not to take peace for granted”. So her mother Sunflower Chong with her friend have set up a website called World Harmony Day and have lobbied the UN, several Prime Ministers, the mayor of New York and Irish singer Bono to help them spread the word. So far none have responded.

However, a Singapore shopping mall has agreed to host a World Harmony Day ceremony for the two women, who plan to give speeches, light candles and play John Lennon’s Imagine around the mall’s Fountain of Wealth, which is a tourist attraction in Singapore.

Alas though, for our friends in the US, today’s date is 02.20.2002, so they are missing out on all the revelry. If palindromes are not clever-clever enough for you, then you could check out ambigrams, or “inversions”, a word or words that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point, such as both right side up and upside down. The website, ambigram.com, has a gallery section with some of the more successful attempts at ambigrams (a pursuit often facilitated by using a stylised font). The examples include such words as noon and the trade name Oxo plus phrases such as No x in Nixon. “Pod” and “dip” come to mind, and “mew”.

Guardian Unlimited © Guardian Newspapers Limited 2002


200220022002 – A Calling

“200220022002 is not about a beautiful sequence of numbers, it is a calling from a higher consciousness.” – Sunflower Chong

Many people have asked, why 200220022002 is so special? It is so very special because instead of seeing it as just a beautiful sequence of numbers, it is a calling to stop all these madness and to restore a sense of peace. On top of it, this unique number is an opportunity to mark World Harmony Day as A Catalyst for Change. That was how the idea of a 2 minutes Peace Silence came about – I minute to focus on World Peace the 2nd minute to focus on Our Own Peace. The proposal to the world leaders, calling for World Harmony Day was born on 11-11-2001.

In ancient tradition that dates from the dawn of time, the magical night is an exceptional night. It is cosmic night when the visible and material world is in harmony with the spiritual world. In other words, an ideal night for communicating with the spiritual forces which surrounds us. These supernatural forces are able to help people who request them to. This ancient practice-several thousand years old-symbolizes the confidence and wisdom of that our ancestors had in the supernatural and cosmic forces bringing happiness on earth. For the spiritual forces to be able to work, the person requesting their help needs to be doing so only for the good.

It is also a known fact that in the Chinese astrology that the 21st century is represented by the Moon. Moon represents Harmony with the number 2. And in this century the Sun and Moon will meet (I am born on 20-1-1955) The date 20 in numerological (2+0 = 2) means Harmony. On 10-1-2002 at 9.00pm, I went to the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City and make a wish for World Harmony Day to be a reality.

As Chinese, I still hold dearly to the wisdom of our ancestors. It was a belief that by doing something positive especially to uplift humanity, like calling for World Harmony Day would be a salvation of our souls. We really hope our action will enlighten the world about the importance of not taking peace for granted. Because of our total belief in the spiritual power and with our hard work, World Harmony Day had become a reality.


The Significance – A Day to Celebrate all of Humanity

The Significance of World Harmony Day

All religions and cultures have a special day – like Christmas, Deepavali, Hari Raya Puasa or Chinese New Year.

February 20th is World Harmony Day. This is a day to celebrate ALL of humanity as one global family.

On this day, at 8:02pm, wherever you are, a portion of humanity will come together – lighting candles and observing a 2 Minute Peace Silence. This act is not only symbolic, but most importantly, will bring hope to the rest of the world.

As this is happening all over the World, it will create a wave of Harmony and become one collective voice – visualizing love, light, peace, harmony and unity.

The World Harmony Society is a non-religious group of people from various cultures and beliefs – having a common desire for Peace, Harmony and Unity, believing that individuals can make a difference.

In short, World Harmony Day is about sharing, caring, loving and understanding people needs – “All We Need Is LOVE”.


World Harmony Day Logo

The WHD Logo is a flower design, which represents “HARMONY” for this reason the hands go outward – Reaching Out.

1) The DOT represents HUMAN HEAD.
2) The STICK represents HUMAN HANDS.

Seven number were used to represent the seven continents of the world.

The 7 continents are:
– Africa
– Antartica
– Asia
– Australia
– Europe
– North America
– South America


The Banner

The butterfly and the flower denotes how people get touched spiritually and in short, this symbolizes the people coming together to embrace world harmony.

– The butterfly on the banner represents the spirit of the people.
– The orchids represent harmony


on the banner is Autigonon leptopus and its Botanical name is Harmony. It is originally a native of South America now naturalised in many parts of India. It is a vigorous perennial climber, known for its dense green foliage and small delicate lantern shaped flower in long trailing lovely sprays.


The Importance of Harmony

Harmony is an important psychological and spiritual quality, whose real foundation is deep within in our soul. Here are some beautiful and revealing messages from Mirra Alfassa on Harmony:

“It is only in union with the Divine and in the Divine that harmony and peace can be established.”

“Integral harmony : harmony between things, harmony between people, harmony of circumstances and above all harmony of all aspiration directed towards the Supreme Truth.”

“Surely we must always want peace and harmony and work for it as much as we can – but for that the best field of action is always within ourselves.”

“Look for the inner causes of disharmony much more than the outer ones. It is inside which governs the outside.”

“For all to agree, each one must rise to the summit of his consciousness : it is on the heights that harmony is created.”

“Let us strive that the day may come when this harmony will be the means and the end.”

By Mirra Alfassa


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