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Singapore Government sues till you go Bankrupt!!

Singapore Government sues till you go Bankrupt!!


My ‘Love – Hate’ relationship with LKY



All the Singapore Government can do is to sue you until Bankrupt when we disagree with them, while ‘illegal Israel’ will kill you and attack you when they feel like it like what happened to me when I stand by Palestine by creating a petition to call for a Palestinian Homeland.

I was attacked NON-STOP since 2011 and the latest ‘No Dick’ Sheldon Adelson and is Smelly Cunt wife Miriam Adelson send a group of Israeli women to meet in MOSSAD office to plan the attack on me by shaving my head BALD and use a big dildo on me.

The evil Zionist Joos genocide the whole Palestinian population NON-STOP and the Singapore Government never utter a word so this means Singapore=’illegal israel’. No wonder they can be good business partner bird of the same feather flock together!


Lee Hsien Loong charge WP for corruption, 3 MPs likely to lose their seats

Singapore MDA morons seized DVD of One Nation Under LEE

Singaporean totalitarian famiLEE LEEgime’s MDA (Media Development Authority) intruded lunch screening at hotel ballroom to seize DVD of this movie made about the totalitarian famiLEE LEEgime:


One Nation Under Lee – Full Documentary HD

Published on May 12, 2015

ʬ One Nation Under Lee is a documentary by Seelan Palay about Singaporean prime minister Lee Kuan Yew and how he iron-fistedly subjugated an entire nation in the guise of democracy. The film.

A 45 minute documentary on Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of modern Singapore and one of the world’s remaining strongman. The film was seized by Government officials when it premiered at.

Raffles’ Little Child The Accidental Nation Lion City, Asian Tiger The written history of Singapore dates back to the third century. Later, the Kingdom of Singapura rose in importance during.

ʬ One Nation Under Lee (complete video) YouTube

One Nation Under Lee – Part 1

One Nation Under Lee – Part 2

One Nation Under Lee – Part 3

One Nation Under Lee – Part 4

One Nation Under Lee – Part 5


Many civil servants believed that I have a hidden agenda? 

They said, “Why do a divorcee with two kids running around giving proposals to the government?

My journey for MM website gave me great insight of the people feeling towards him.  A young journalist wanted to put MM Birthday website article on the paper but the editor told him there were more important things to write about.  When I called up all the school principals to sign on MM’s website one teacher from a secondary school asked me,” Why are you doing this for him?”  Another lady vice-principal from a junior college shouted on the phone “So what if it is his birthday what do you want me to do?  She banged the phone down.  Most civil servants that I have contacted instead of getting excited about the idea of MM’s website they just ignored me.  Why?

Singaporeans were angry with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew for a very long time (my children included) and many still do.  What are we going to do to make things right?  After all these decades of suppression, the young people need to let out their anger and frustrations and this open dialogue with MM Lee gave them the opportunity.  I understand them very well because I too was upset with MM Lee for holding the rein so tide especially when he said that parents without good gene will produce not clever children, in short not sensitive or not considering the people feeling.  So when I first wrote out my feeling it was all anger but after letting out all those frustrations then I noticed the way I wrote again it was with a softer approach.  Hence, it is human nature for the young journalists to behave in such a manner.  After they have let out all their frustrations only then will they be willing to listen to what you have to say, so in a way the dialogue had brought more good than harm as it is an awakening for the whole nation especially for the government?  What action follows will determine what kind of Singapore we going to have.

It is very important to explain to the young people why Mr Lee Kuan Yew did such and such things and in a such and such way, we cannot expect them to understand as they are very shallow in thinking because they are not allowed to talk politics since young.  It was only after my son left for Australia that he could see the world in Lee Kuan Yew shoes, therefore he appreciates him now and thanks him for giving us this Unique Singapore.  Similarly, since my daughter left for London and when she called back she talked good things of what MM had done.

If I am not wrong all these anger was mainly due to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew not allowing the people to talk on race, religion and politics for almost 4 decades.  In short, many think Mr. Lee Kuan Yew treated them like children especially the intellectual ones.  We must change this mindset if we want Singapore to reach the utopian statue.

How can Singapore be utopian when you hear things like this; I had attended City Harvest event at the National Stadium and Paster Kong was so proud that in the mist of the audience there are ministers attending that he announced it out loud.  I was disturbed to witness this scenario especially when he said that Jesus Christ gave us this Unique Singapore, I ‘lagi’ cannot ‘tahun’.  We need to monitor all these organizations so that they walk in line with the government in promoting peace, harmony, and unity.   I don’t mind religious leaders talking good of their God but to say that what we have is God given I cannot accept it.  So I am very concerned and worried of late.

After the event, I went for lunch with the young people and I tapped their minds about Lee Kuan Yew.  I told them it was not good for the pastor to announce the presence of the ministers because what is he trying to insinuate?  I told him how could the pastor said Jesus Christ give us this Unique Singapore.  I said it is Lee Kuan Yew who had inspired us to build this Unique Singapore.  I remembered vividly my son shouted at me on the phone from Perth in 2005, ““If there is no Lee Kuan Yew do you think there is a Singapore and do you think you can work towards world harmony?” You know what the young guy from NUS said instead, he said, “If there is no Jesus Christ there is no Lee Kuan Yew.”

Wah, I really cannot take it to hear from an NUS student who is so naïve.  Where got hope for Singapore if every young lad thinks like him? This really got me worry more for Singapore’s future.  I am very worried about our future if we could not convince or help all these youngsters see Singapore got its place and statue today because MM Lee got great vision and foresight by building a great team to lead us.  We have also to thank all these dedicated leaders like Dr Goh Keng Swee, Mr Toh Chin Chye, Mr Ong Pang Booh, Mr Lim Kim San, Mr Rajaratnam, Mr Othman Wok and Mr Jek Yuan Tong and the many good civil servants behind the scene. It is time to find an venue or platform for the people to remember all these great leaders who had sacrificed their lives in building Singapore. We must really work hard like a family to reach out to the young and help them to see clearly how Singapore came about.  I thought through the World Harmony Day gathering I could play a small part by sharing with them why we must have thanks and gratitude but unfortunately, such aspiration was not encouraged.

Our immediate job is not for the people to like MM but it is very important to enable future generations to feel him thus understand him better; hence the society needed to be opened up when Lee Kuan Yew is still around and not after. It is important for us to bridge this great divide if not when MM leave this world all the worms will come out unstoppable and thus we cannot go far as a nation. My mother is a great visionary she predicted this scenario:(

See how smart the Chinese people where they put Mao at the top, thus China is rising with might because the Chinese leaders got respect and gratitude.  I hope for the next election PAP can get 70% and above.  I strongly believed it is a duty and responsibility of every Singaporean to uphold his legacy for the sake of Singapore. 

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