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28 January 2012

Dear Senator Carl Levin,

Thank you very much for your brief reply. The Palestinian people cannot wait any more and the citizens of the world are so exhausted with this saga which could be resolved if only the Israelis would embrace love instead of fear.“Fear breeds stagnation, love creates growth”– Sunflower Chong.

The citizens of the world have to take action as Yitshak Rabin would have expected us to do. He freed Palestine by signing the peace agreement in Oslo in 1993 and we, the concerned and caring citizens of the world, must follow up by demanding that the Israeli government stop delaying its implementation.

This ‘Calling’ has been posted at my blog – dearmmlee.wordpress.com – FREE PALESTINE – THE VOICES OF THE PEOPLE MUST BE HEARD

The Palestinian people have been waiting patiently for almost twenty years for the Israeli government to implement the peace agreement signed in Oslo. How much longer must the world and the Palestinian people wait to have a homeland? Is it not their right to go to United Nation to claim their recognition just as the Jews did in 1948?

You mention the Palestinian people “who support peace” and also renouncing violence and recognizing Israel, but what of the violence perpetrated against the peaceful Palestinian civilians who live under siege by the Israelis? What about the the deaths of those people that the Israelis are directly responsible for killing? What about the deaths of the people on the Turkish ship? I am not surprised by the one-sided support for the Israelis that you have mentioned, but is exactly that kind of favoratism that is keeping this conflict from being resolved. There must be a fair and balanced approach and the US can no longer afford to overlook the unlawful actions of the Israelis while holding the Palestinians to a higher standard.

The Palestinian people MUST exercise their right to have the Oslo agreement implemented, and if the Israeli government, under Mr. Netanyahu, still refuses to honor it, and United Nations fails to enforce it, then the Citizens of the World must carry this responsibility to make it right and for World Harmony to be a reality.

No one should be above the law! Please support the petition.


Please read my suggestion to Senator Jeff Merkley to break the status quo – http://dearmmlee.wordpress.com/category/petition-palestine/senator-jeff-merkley/

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong


From: Senator Carl Levin <senator_levin@levin.senate.gov>
To: sunflower_chong@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 12:16 AM
Subject: Re: Your Concerns

Dear Ms. Sun Wah:

Thank you for contacting me about the situation in the Middle East.  I share your concerns about the instability in this region of the world.

In the coming months, I believe it is critical that the U.S. and its Quartet partners — the  European Union, Russia and the United Nations — work with the Israeli Prime Minister and those Palestinian officials who support peace, recognize the State of Israel, and renounce violence to secure a peace agreement.

I will continue to monitor this situation closely as the peace process moves forward.


Carl Levin


3 December 2011

Dear Senator Carl Levin,

I hope to get your support for this Petition for a Palestinian State.


The success of the “Arab Spring” tells us that a “Global Spring” is possible to achieve, too. And it can begin with nothing more than a click of your mouse supporting our petition. The Palestinian people need our support now more than ever, for a “Global Spring” to finally achieve a homeland for their people. To build a better world, everyone must care. We must have the strong faith that we can build a better world for all.

On behalf of the Palestinian people, I thank you all very much for your support. Please spread the word.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong

Founder of  http://www.worldharmonyday.com

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