Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide

Carol Hage
July 9 at 9:02pm
A suicide note at his side explained that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been his patient for the last nine years, had “sucked the life right out of me.”

“I can’t take it anymore,” wrote Yatom. “Robbery is redemption, apartheid is freedom, peace activists are terrorists, murder is self-defense, piracy is legality, Palestinians are Jordanians, annexation is liberation, there’s no end to his contradictions. Freud promised rationality would reign in the instinctual passions, but he never met Bibi Netanyahu. This guy would say Gandhi invented brass knuckes.”


Sociopaths & psychopaths rule much of the world, they are the world biggest problem!!!!!!!!

Jun 27, 2014 11:21 AM…..The question is…..WHY Palestinians are responsible for DISAPPEARANCES of these teens??…….. Why?? …. So if ANY CRAZY settler stage their own disappearances in order to get Palestinians PUNISHED for??…..They can??……What PROOF these ABOVE THE LAW have???……. Why these CRAZY entity has to every now and than CREATE a situation and to ACT up one it???…… ..Who gives them the right to attack Palestinians because they are SUSPECTED of Kidnappings???……. Who give them the right to BOMB Syria because they suspect them of WEAPONS???…… Who??…… Why UN is unable to STOP these madmen & mad women???…….Why the WORLD is silence vis a vie these TERRORIZING ENTITY??…… Why??…..
~ Jim W. Dean, Press TV.
“Do I think you would murder these three settlers if you could profit from it? You bet I do, and you would do worse. That is why I consider you not only a national security risk to my country, but to the whole world, and we are going to have to address the issue of immunity for people like you.”Three Israeli settlers are missing, allegedly kidnapped in Al-Khalil (Hebron). But there seems to be more here than a simple kidnapping.Israel is engaged in a frenzy of retaliation, killings, mass arrests, a reign of terror across lands they illegally occupy, a pattern of war crimes, inhuman abuses, also not atypical of what we have seen so often from Israel.

Nothing about this “kidnapping” makes sense.  No demands have been made, no “proof of life” sent.  It is highly unlikely that these young people will be found alive and, based on the behavior of Israel, it quite likely seems that this was the idea all along.

The likelihood that Israel has chosen a “blood sacrifice” to sustain their obsession with “national victimhood” has to be considered.

A file photo of Israli forces detainng a Palestinian youth.

A file photo of Israli forces detainng a Palestinian youth.


I wish I could say I was surprised, but I am not. The Zionists decided that a crib death was the proper response to the new Palestinian coalition government that resulted from the orchestrated, failed pretend-a-peace talks and the PA’s proceeding with UN recognition.

The Likud crowd who falsely claimed Iran either had nukes or was building them and wanted the US to launch pre-emptive strikes is now exposed as having patently lied to the world and to their own people. But such a thing hardly raises the dust in Israel. Lying is the national sport and many Israelis take great pride in those skills.

The earth was also moving under Israel’s feet with the Syrian war not having removed Assad to replace him with pro-Western puppet rulers in a Balkanized state. The whole world, besides Israel, looks forward to what we hope will be successful nuclear talks and the removal of the Iran sanctions. The sanctions and isolation movement against Israel for its long list of crimes against the world community is the strongest it has ever been.

We are well aware of Israel’s history of false flag attacks whenever they deem them necessary to change the momentum when they feel it is going against their wishes. The dead end peace talks were predicted, and it was a safe bet that Israel would continue building more settlements. But I think the political peace between Hamas and the PA caught the Zionists by surprise.

Hamas becoming an active political entity would take away from Israel one of its favorite bogeyman fear weapons used to control their people and stay on the bully offense. All of the above was a recipe for another false flag game changer event, but the Zios picked a poor one.

There is almost universal consensus that Hamas would have zero motivation or anything to gain by kidnapping Israeli teens. On the contrary, what is happening now was entirely predictable, which is why all of our Intel sources believe it is a staged event, and why the Western governments are not saying much about it.

Now, with unarmed Palestinians having been killed as the raids and arrests continue, to have these kids show up alive with a contradicting story as what had happened to them would be devastating to Israel. We see only two scenarios. The kids will be rescued with the appropriate patsies killed in the process and a convincing evidence trail. But that would run the risk of these kids making a slip to expose the sham.

This is best solved by the kids being found dead. The Israelis would scream for revenge, which in Zio-speak means collective punishment for all Palestinians, a social concept that Zionists sell for the other, but don’t buy as a legitimate tool when used on them.

That would trigger a new intifada which the Zios would love. They would have pulled off another of the wolf wearing the lambskin cons. There is a split decision on Israel killing their own for game changing strategic benefit, with me feeling they would in a heartbeat based on their long track record of already having done it.

But what is also surprising is that with all of the growing international movement toward stronger anti-Zionist sanctions and Palestine’s movement toward UN recognition, all of those parties are silent when you would expect them to be leading the counter charge with calls for major sanctions against Israel.

It would be an easy intellectual sell, one that I have field-tested successfully for years. All you do is switch positions of the two parties. You make the Zionists take the place of what is happening to the West Bank Palestinians, where any similar type of crackdown situation like we are seeing done now to the Palestinians, if done to Israelis would be instantly denounced as an pogrom and not a “security operation”.

And don’t tell me I am exaggerating by using the term pogrom. If hundreds of Zionists were rounded up anywhere, especially including law makers, 340 in all so far with 240 from Hamas, what would the world Zionist lobby position be? They would have gone crazy of course…demanding military action, sanctions, maybe even terrorist designations by the UN being called for against their tormentors.

But once again, we see when the Likud party Israelis do this to the Palestinians… it is OK. And we all know why it is OK…because of decades of political and moral corruption in countries that have strong pro-Israel lobbies
where their interests outrank everyone else’s.

Some would say that different groups competing for controlling influence is just part of the democratic process. It is the natural way of things and there are obviously winners and losers in this competition. But it is more than that, because Israeli Intelligence has been tasked with eliminating any opposition to whatever Israel is doing inside and outside of Palestine, even if it includes compromising governments.

The short list in order of submission is Canada, Australia, Britain, France, the US and Germany. If you criticize Israel in any capacity, not matter how justified, you are targeted for retribution to scare other from doing so. Many of us now view this as a terror campaign itself.

My number one concern has always not been the political aspect but the national security one, which is a huge difference. The Zionists understand this perfectly. Where they view their national security at risk, there is literally nothing that they would not do to anybody to fix it. And that would include killing their own people with a false flag attack if they felt it would rekindle the decades of propaganda about the Arabs wanting to throw the Israelis into the sea, something that is admitted by most everybody to be a manipulative canard.

You may say once again that I am exaggerating. Oh, no… I have their confessions. The Zionists have admitted this on numerous occasions, and their archives are filled with examples, but these are never printed in the Western press, the worse admissions only in Hebrew in Israel. The WWII Zionists have a long list that includes admitting that “only through blood will we get the land”, meaning that the larger the number of Jewish victims in WWII, the bigger case they could make for their being given a homeland at someone else’s expense.

One of their most ruthless treatments of their own people was the American Zionist Lobby working to deny German refugee Jews from being allowed entry into the United States. Why?…because they wanted to force them to go to Palestine, where they were willing to do anything to build up the Jewish population there to substantiate their claim to the land, and of course to fight for it. The Zio cutthroats just said “come to Palestine to help us, or die, and help us that way”.

The British, of course, were not interested in destabilizing relations with the Arabs there by flooding the place with refugees. There was a worldwide recession going on at the time. And lastly we know that the German Zionist organization worked closely with the Nazis to train and export their people to Palestine as they would make trouble for the British.

This treasonous outrage against World Jewry by the early Zionist groups was followed with the huge destruction and deaths by the Allied countries in winning the war. And to hide the nasty little story above I just shared with you, they launched a multi-decade psyop to blame the deaths of the German refugee Jews on the Allies by simply censoring out of the publicly known history that the American Zionist lobby with Rabbi Stephen Wise had actually lobbied Congress NOT to let them in.

This little nasty part has been cleaned out of anything you can Google on him now. Not a word of it can be found, what we call in the Intel biz a “cleaning” has taken place, proof that “they” know how damaging it is for them historically.

That is how ruthless the Zionists were then… and to this day. Book after book was written about how “not enough was done to save the Jews” during WWII when the Zionist archives show they made a conscious decision not to spend their money on refugees, but to save it for building up the entity later on after the war.

Orthodox Jews, virtually all of whom were anti-Zionists, were given the cold shoulder when it came to using Zionist funds to ransom them out of Europe. It was decided that they could better serve the Zionist cause by dying, and eliminating themselves as Zionist opponents in the process. There is a famous quote by one rabid Zionist, “One cow in Israel is worth more than all the Jews in Europe!” My rabbi friend David Weiss of Neturie Karta has all the archival material about this, which is where I got it from.

So, I for one will not be surprised a bit if these unfortunate kids are found dead, and the number one suspects in my book will start with the classic Intel analysis question of who stood to benefit the most, followed by what was their motivation and past track record of doing similar horrendous acts.

All of your radical Zionists are guilty on all three counts. Are you listening Bibi? If you would like to have an all day televised seminar on the history of Zionist crimes against humanity, just give us a call. We will make the time for you.

Do I think you would murder these three settlers if you could profit from it? You bet I do, and you would do worse. That is why I consider you not only a national security risk to my country, but to the whole world, and we are going to have to address the issue of immunity for people like you.



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