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“Palestine is a global cause and we are all Palestine”

“Palestine is a global cause and we are all Palestine”


Interview with Jorge Armando Zambrano Ecuadorian doctor about Gaza: “Palestine is a global cause and we are all Palestine”

Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor 7:41am Sep 10

Interview with Jorge Armando Zambrano Ecuadorian doctor about Gaza: “Palestine is a global cause and we are all Palestine”

We know of solidarity with the Palestinian people in the four cardinal points, we learned from media that did not exist until recently and are domain-general today. Similarly we can get in touch with comrades who are on the other side of the world and take on the cause of the Palestinian people, this is the case of the interview with the media that are not in Nazi-Zionist hands, mate Jorge Armando Zambrano, dentist; Jorge may be an example of who undertook in the early 1970s, in those years became interested in the Palestinian issue, and to this day is linked to the suffering of the brotherly people. He currently combines his medical profession with that of the blogger with information dedicated to Palestine, you can continue your work in http://joarmaz4.blogspot.com/, this page complaint by the Zionist genocide. Also administers two more blog dedicated to exposing the double standards and double talk of Yankee imperialism and its puppets: http://wwwjoarmaz.blogspot.com/ and http://wwwjoarmaz5.blogspot.com/

How you felt as doctor spent 50 days of thousands of dead and wounded Palestinians?

I still do the Palestinian cause since 4 decades, and what happens in Palestine is no stranger to my feelings, and in medicine as a professional concern and outrage is greater, seeing scenes of children, women, elderly torn Zionist bombs is outrageous, because we know the consequences of these massacres for the population, and most of all for the child population, sequels are never exceeded. Also, knowing that the weapons used that Zionism is a prohibited weapon, makes clear that this is planned and that its intention is to exterminate the population. What do international agencies to punish the offender? An attacker who does not apply the laws and international agencies created to protect the defenseless population.

‘In Ecuador people still events?

I Here in Ecuador and throughout Latin America itself, in some countries with greater impact than others, had a very strong coverage in social networks and the media not committed to big capital. Telesur 24 hours a day covering live events, and media of resistance in the Middle East, is the best way to keep abreast of truth. Now the Zionist imperialism is not so easy to sell his lies during the 50 days of this genocide friends managed to convince two local radio journalists to talk about Palestine, did live interviews via skype from Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela and Argentina friends with bloggers and analysts RT, thus we reach many people and tell them that we could happen to us tomorrow.

‘Any participation in the solidarity with the people of Gaza?

‘In this point we could say that where there is greater mobilization in the countries of the Southern Cone, where the presence of the Palestinian community, Lebanon, and Syria is quite strong. Venezuela, its government, is one of the most dedicated Palestine since Chavez took power commander, and Maduro, today, still in the same line.

-Ecuador Try to distance the empire, is well ?, unit of most South American countries around Alba and others helps to understand the need for independence ?, the Ecuadorian people recognize or understand the example given by the united Palestinian resistance against Zionism?

Ecuador, Correa since he is the head of government has always tried to distance themselves from imperialism, remember that there was a military base installed in our country that out governments had ceded their territory, under the pretext of fighting drug trafficking, Correa he drove, he also brought an ambassador of USA, which gave him 48 hours to it was and declared persona non grata, the current ambassador has called for consultation twice a chancery for speaking out against the government, and is expecting another slip of this ambassador “graffiti” as the government calls it, to throw it, (about graffiti is that this man attended a protest mercantilist press and wrote in a mural a legend reviling the government).

There is a widespread outcry in the population and governments grouped in Alba to cut that dependence USA, and most of these governments belong almost all to this new trend of socialism in the XXI century that created Chavez, so are elected under this premise: no imperialism, no to submission to the will of the USA. Before it was very common to see a president go twice a year, depending on the circumstances, the United States to ask for approval of the American government to continue to rule, so that this does not lie down with a coup as is the custom when a government does what they say.

That big industry who knows the root of the problem of Palestine to the Zionist invader clearly agrees with the acts of resistance, understands and sympathizes. Before there were no alternative means exist now for more the matter and the cause of the problem; is very flattering to me to see how young people talk about Palestine, I touch it when you see a group parlamos interest in understanding the problem and that’s good, very good for the cause.

What has been the response of the Arab-Palestinian community to the Zionist aggression?

‘In the Southern Cone, where the Lebanese presence, Syria and Palestine is quite significant, were felt, and governments like Chile also expressed very strong and clear against Zionist aggression, so much so that American congressmen wrote pressuring the president of that sister country.

Is there Zionist pressure or Ecuador?

I do not think there is such pressure rather I think there are commitments and economic agreements, but this did not stop for the government to lift his voice in protest against Zionist aggression, but to whom we are linked to the Palestinian cause us wish we had been stronger.

Shall we you can tell what has been said President Rafael Correa on Israel and how his statement has been received?

-Correa Is a very passionate man, and that sometimes it does make errors, and says something without considering the consequences. Correa has gone to Israel, and admires that myth has been created about Israel, in agriculture, science, and technology, on occasion in a national link has overflowed Saturday in praise of the “Jewish “and this year he brought a Zionist who gives talks of entrepreneurship, to motivate a large sector of the bureaucracy and certain entrepreneurs; the interview was published, side by side, on the ninth day of the attack in which he also said that Israel is entitled to defend these two interviews were edited and taken out on youtube and circulated on the net, of course this was done by Zionism That is indisputable, I posted this video criticizing harshly, to date I receive comments for and against the above video, I try to rectify many acts of solidarity with the Palestinian people and that is very dignified.

Does it work the boycott of products from Israel and Palestine solidarity and resistance?

‘In these countries works halfway, this is a measure that will pay long-term results, people are compulsive shopper, and the measure needs a lot of awareness, and it’s emotional.

You want to add something?

Nothing, thank you for this opportunity to express my solidarity with the Palestinian people and say you’re not alone, not only that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, Palestine is a global cause and we are all Palestine. Viva Palestina forever and ever.

My dear Jorge Armando Zambrano, thank you very much for your words. We follow a cooperative effort. All our solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Author: Ramon Casanova Pedregal for Rebellion

Pedregal Ramón Casanova is the author of “Diary of crisis,” you find in free books from rebelion.org; and is the author of “Seven Novels of Historical Memory. Posfacios “, published Sunday Malagon Foundation.

Rebellion has posted this article with the author’s permission through a license from Creative Commons, respecting their freedom to publish it elsewhere.

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