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Open Letter – *To the Men-in-White*

Open Letter – *To the Men-in-White*



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There was a joke about Singapore that the Government even had to draw a straight line for the people to walk on it if nobody would dare to thread on it.

A good example will be the MRT lines.  When you come out of the train all the lines are there to show you how to stand in line and even arrows to show you which direction you got to go.  Don’t you agree with me it is absurd?  How typical you might say, but it is really the true fact of life in Singapore since the PAP government took over, as we are constantly told how to behave.

No wondered we are where we are now got to remake Singapore because the people needed to be guided and be told what to do even in their personal life.  From falling in love to investing in shares, from how and what language people should speak to how many children they should have, from how they spell their names to what time they should arrive for dinner, from how to keep public toilets clean to why they cannot chew gum, the lists go on.  If we are human with common sense don’t we have minds of our own?  Why is it that we need to be told to do the simplest thing in our everyday life?  Our role in the society is spelled out so clearly in a straight line, for this reason, no one dares to walk out of line until the Government tells them which line they should take.


Two Italian men and a lady stranded on a deserted island; –

The two fought and one KILLED the other to have the lady.

Two American men and a lady stranded on a deserted island; –

They both had the lady TOGETHER.

Two French men and a lady stranded on a deserted island; –

They killed the lady to have EACH OTHER.

Two Indonesian men and a lady stranded on a deserted island; –

The first man claimed that island is independent and took the lady as his advisor. The second man swam to another island to search for jobs.

Two Thai men and a lady stranded on a deserted island; –

The first man rented the lady to the second man for 2 baht a night.

Two Filipino men and a lady stranded on a deserted island; –

The first man kidnapped the lady and asked for ransom from the other man.

Two Malaysian men and a lady stranded on a deserted island; –

The lady ACCUSED the first man of sodomizing the other because she was rejected
by both.

Two Singaporean men and a lady stranded on a deserted island;

The two men are still waiting for instructions from the GOVERNMENT on how to proceed.

Suzhou Park a very good example that without LKY it cannot function and my mother said that the high salary had made them incompetent in every sense of the word because they were afraid to make the wrong decision, in short, they are not willing to take responsibility instead often pass the ball to the other courts this is famous knowledge in the PAP government! One of my banker friend from Hong Kong after having one lunch with our ‘young elites’ in 1987 told me they cannot make it in China. I asked him why and he said that they were very arrogant because they carry the label of LKY and they did not realize to succeed is to cultivate a good relationship and always be humble. This is Singapore failure due to our system who BELIEVES MONEY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!)

So by now, you know why Singapore needs to be remade but I doubt it will work if it’s still conducted by the establishment because they were the ones who had to cause the problem in the first place. In those days and even now, I was not trying to be smarter than the rest of the people by answering back and making a stand or believing I got an answer for everything, I guessed I was born this way or just different from many others or maybe my conscious level is higher than the others.  But I strongly believed the real reason was that I was connected with real-life experiences at a very young age.

You called these children kids from the street or street smart. A character like us do not have the privileges of higher learning and it is a blessing in disguise:) We learn life we live life whereas the people that are in the establishment they hold books and live in a BOX created by the system!


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Subject: Open Letter To Lee Kuan Yew–*To the Men-in-White*

Brilliant article from a young Singaporean girl on Facebook. I hope the PAP leaders read this and take seriously what the writer has written because it reflects the sentiments of a lot of people who are getting disenchanted with the arrogance of the PAP.

*To the Men-in-White* by Neo Yu Wei on Sunday, 24 April 2011 at 22:14

Source TRE *http://www.tremeritus.com/2011/12/22/dear-pap/***

You guys were once my heroes. When I was young, I was so proud that I had a government that was indeed one of the world’s best, if not, THE BEST. Although LKY was (and still is) portrayed as a fearsome, if the ruthless leader, he was much respected. When he appeared as our PM on the world stage, my heart never failed to swell with pride because it was obvious that he was also someone other world leaders respected. But not now. The problem is, you are victims of your own success. And the world has changed, yet you remain stuck in the 1960s. This is why your once-fantastic branding is being eroded, why I find it hard to support you like before.

1) You were too successful

First, there was LKY and he was a great leader. He was like a god and still being treated like one. He “miraculously” transformed a small, poor, resource-less little island into a country that now has one of the highest GDPs in the world, where other countries are now trying to learn from. No one can take that achievement away from the first PAP team and indeed, I would guess that this is also the main reason why many in the older generation are still your loyal fans.

I may not agree with all the strategies you’ve used then (and some were downright questionable) but I can’t deny that you had some very good reasons to do so. But unfortunately, when you’ve set the standard of governance so high,  every other subsequent PAP team that comes along can only look worse and worse. And it doesn’t help that you constantly try too hard to be perfect. The higher the bar is set, the more difficult it is for the PAP teams that come after to match it.

In a way, I think LKY only does his own team a great disservice by publishing so many personal memoirs, recounting again and again how good he was. Because the more god-like he is, the more voters like me will wonder, how can we ever have another “god” like him to lead us? And the answers you propose will always be a disappointment. Because, against a god, everyone will look like a mere mortal. Didn’t anyone tell you that you can’t replicate a god using your same old cookie-cutter?!! Great leaders are first of all rebels, don’t you know (and LKY was one too!)?

2) You were too smart for your own good

No one can or has been able to rival you in terms of your (mostly) rational and well-thought through, sound policies. Especially in terms of our economic policies. You’re so darn good with your cost-benefit analyses, your economic forecasts, your financial planning. Every policy you rolled out is justified using very rational arguments that the opposition and the public find hard to counter argue. You are top-notch because you have a very brainy team, all with impeccable qualifications from world-renowned universities. Unfortunately, this made you assume that only you have the brains and everyone else is just **censored**censored**censored**censored* who needs only to listen and obey. The game of politics cannot be played by cold logic alone. And it certainly can’t be won by treating your voters as morons. An example of this would be the issue of bringing in the IRs. Yes, your cold, rational argument makes very good economic reasons for having casinos in Singapore. No one can argue against that. But not everything can or should be measured by dollars and cents or by the amount of GDP it will generate for Sg. We’re no longer the generation in the 1960s that constantly had to worry about money or material matters. We’ve moved up the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

In fact, most Singaporeans work ridiculously long hours, are constantly too stressed to even go on dates or have sex (hence the low marriage and fertility rate) that we’re all very very disillusioned with the constant drive for wealth. Increasingly, we want to slow down, have time to smell the flowers and be with our families. And having casinos that will bring in more crime (organized ones too), encourage more addictive behavior and increase broken families will not sit well with a population who now values the quality of life rather than personal wealth. Yet, you bull-dozed these concerns and won yet again with your cold, rational, economic arguments because there wasn’t enough opposition in the parliament to stop you.

While people may buy into the cold logic of your policies now, your lack of empathy and human touch are slowly alienating voters. The breaking point may not be now, but you can be sure that the disconnection is getting wider by the day. It’s a time-bomb that will go off at some point.

3) You forgot evolutionary laws, history and your own past.

While you’re very brainy, you’re mostly all technocrats and specialists. You’ve scorned the social sciences and the humanities, you think these are only for sissy people whose A Levels don’t qualify them for specialist degrees. Yet, if you had been more well-informed in these areas, you might have learnt some valuable lessons about power. History, for example, is the best teacher that could have taught you that power never ever ever ever lasts forever. Indeed, the more you try to hang on to it, the more it will invite adversity.

History would also have taught you that every regime was once in opposition. As Marx could have told you, the history of mankind is all about class (or power) struggles. You may be in power now, but one day you’ll be overthrown. However, you have hope of leaving your great legacy behind if you take a leaf from the pages of human evolution, which would have taught you that it’s human diversity that has helped the human race to overcome the odds, to survive this long. But instead of embracing diversity, you tried your hardest to kill off any form of alternative views, whether these come from within your party or externally. You only wanted to hear your own voice or voices that are exactly the same as yours.

This inbreeding will eventually be your demise. Most of all, you forgot your own roots, where you were once an opposition party too. You focused so much on hanging on to your power, you forgot your original vision, you forgot your voters and you forgot why you are governing Singapore.

4) Power breeds fear and paranoia

In the beginning, you used power in order to stabilize the political situation so that you can give the masses homes, food, clean water and their livelihoods. That seemed a justifiable use of power even though it involved some ruthless and ugly tactics. But over the years, you started to crave power for itself.

Again, you forgot the story of Macbeth (see, I told you the humanities are important!!) – where an originally good leader was so obsessed with his new power that he saw everything as a threat towards it. He became so paranoid that he even killed his best friend whom he thought was after his throne. He only heard what he wanted to hear from dubious soothsayers (which turned out to be half-truths). Needless to say, Macbeth eventually had a tragic end.

Like Macbeth, you’ve become so obsessed with winning overwhelmingly in every GE that you use every weapon you have, every trick up your sleeves to clobber the opposition to smithereens. Smear campaigns, legal suits, changing electoral boundaries, raising the cost of candidature, forming GRCs, threatening the electorate with upgrading…it’s like watching the Brazilian football team beat the Singapore team by 82-2, except in football the rules are fairer and the referee neutral. Why do you need to resort to such gangster-like ways? You could have won overwhelmingly anyway with all the talent you have! I’m not sure how long this bullying strategy can go on but sooner or later you’ll become the thug that the electorate can’t wait to get rid of.

5) Power corrupts absolutely

Power is not power without money. And in this aspect, you’ve outdone yourselves by pegging your salaries to the private sector. You’re the highest paid politicians in the world and your income is >40 times that of the median income of the general population (only less than Kenya ). Of course, you justify it with yet another one of your cold, rational arguments of attracting and retaining the best talents in the government.

But seriously, how can you compare public sector salaries to the private sector? In fact, many of your candidates have never worked in the private sector before and one wonders if they’ll survive even for a day in a private company. Yet, they are paid private sector salaries, paid not from profits but from taxpayers’ money. And though I fully agree that politicians must be paid their worth, don’t you think getting 40x the median income is crossing the lines of corruption? Ok, even if all our Ministers and PM are worth every cent of their $4m annual salary, it also means that they have to perform much much much better than any other government in the world.

Again, you have set the standards and expectations so high, you only have yourselves to blame when you cannot meet those expectations from the ground. And the more you fail to meet their expectations, the more the electorate will think you’re not worth your astronomical salaries. It’s a vicious cycle that you’ve started and it’s going to be very hard to stop now.

You talk about the so-called “crutch-mentality” of the poor, yet this same mentality can be applied on yourselves. When you’ve used money as the main means to attract people into your party, you’ve basically recruited people who value money above serving the country in the people’s interest. These politicians who are in it for the money will not have the incentive to think independently or to represent the people’s interests because they’ve got millions to lose if they don’t toe party lines. Because they’re paid millions, what incentives do they have to empathize with someone struggling with 2 jobs to make ends meet?

Very soon, the voters will feel that you’re just a bunch of corrupt officials, no different from those in many 3rd-world countries. The way I see it, you only have yourselves to blame for this situation you’re in.

The only way you can somehow reverse these trends is to learn from Madonna (see, you never thought popular culture could teach you anything right?). She keeps herself relevant not by sticking to the same old formula again and again. That would have killed her career long ago as it did to countless of other pop stars. Rather, she keeps re-inventing herself and her image to keep them relevant to the current times. And she pushes the boundaries. She’s always ahead of her time and like a true leader, she sets the trends not follow them. She’s a rebel. Yet, all you have done is to remain exactly the same as you were in the 1960s.

The electorate is increasingly tired of your same old scare tactics using HDB upgrading as a stick, tired of you saying that Singapore will go to ruins if the opposition wins, tired of you always using smear campaigns against opposition candidates, tired of your arrogance and lack of empathy, tired of you giving out inconsequential hongbao’s before elections only to increase your own salaries by millions after.

You keep encouraging us to think out-of-the-box, yet you’re perpetually stuck in the same adversarial mindset towards the opposition. If you can only start to think of your relationship with the opposition as a mutual symbiosis – you share a portion of power with them in return for your longevity and credibility. Power is always temporary, but your legacy needn’t be. Just look at the current Conservative Party of UK which traces its roots back to the Tory Party in 1678. Do you think they could have survived this long without any meaningful opposition, no defeats, no radical internal reforms? Are you so politically shortsighted that you can only see your future in the next 10, 20 or 50 years? C’mon, think further!! And didn’t anyone tell you that in other to be the best, you need to have competition? Otherwise, how can the electorate be sure that you’re indeed the best if they can’t compare you to any other party?

I’m no military strategist, but I do think that sometimes, you need to lose some battles first in order to win bigger battles later. It will not be a bad thing for you to lose a few GRCs in GE. In fact, if I were you, I will be celebrating. Because nothing gets people going like a failure. Rather lose some small battles now than to wait for the big bomb to explode later. By then, not only will you disappear into the dust heap of history, so too will Singapore. That will be your ultimate betrayal to this country that you so painstakingly and successfully created out of a little red dot on the map.

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