The Interview With God (flash presentation) (HD)


I remembered I have written the below thought in www.sunflowerchong.com

I came from Alexandra Estate Primary School. In primary 5, I wanted to commit suicide because my life was ALL FUCK UP COMING FROM A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY so I wanted to die before my mother bit me to death because I stole my father money and gave it to my brothers and the neighbours after my teacher told us the story of Robin Hood, stole from the rich to help the poor:)

My teacher Ms. Loh told us God gives us life and we cannot take our own life only God can:( In Singapore, my teacher told us when you commit suicide they handcuffed you so better don’t kill yourself because that is not a good way to leave the world.  My teacher wanted Sun Wah instead of running away from her responsibility she told us we must challenge society and work toward making the world a better place. She said that just imagine one person don’t litter can you imagine when All humanity don’t litter how clean the world is going to be and we do not need to waste money to get the world clean up. So in short, what she was trying to tell us is that we can change the world for the better! And my teacher also told us the house we are living in is not our home, the world is our home because God only gave us one world.

This was a recent conversation from facebook

“Ah yah, brother Otis, I want to commit suicide when I was in primary 5 but my teacher told me I cannot take my life God had given to me only God can take my life. I came from a dysfunctional family or in my language Fuck Up family, my father a gambler but the educated one so you do not know he was a gambler only after my mother not in good term with him then exposed his weaknesses. So long story to tell can write a book on IT:) so I kept stressing that we must strive to be a Good Human Being mean even people treat you bad you can still be nice to them just like my mother treated me real bad until life have no meaning for me. But because I’m a child of God and I’m a Soul that mean my thinking is above human so I still must be very caring to my mother and father and being Chinese, our value we must take care of our parents.

Before my father passed away I was the only one keeping him company for a month. After his passing, my brother told me my father was very happy with me because I cut his toes nails and fingers nails. When my father was alive he thought that I was a loud mouth person and he was afraid one day I will get the family into trouble with all my big ideas for Singapore. Half a year before he die after he read my first book My Lifelong Dream and Asean’s future is our future then he realized I’m intelligent. And also he said, “I did not realize I have a beautiful daughter.” I was known as an ugly duckling when I was young and I often asked God to make me beautiful and have fairer skin like my sister. So my story so very long to share:(

Many people life are Fuck Up but this does not give us the excuse not to make this world a better place, ok? This one my teacher told me when I was young and she wanted me to challenge the society no matter how fuck up my life was and still must strive to be a good human being. And now my son really understand why I keep on giving so to me this is the greatest blessing God can give to me. I considered myself a successful mother when I make a lot of money and give it away to support good and worthy causes and my children are proud of me then I have arrived and I have not wasted my life and I have not failed Almighty God most importantly.”

So Evil Zionist Joos you cannot stop me to make this world right because my teacher told us to make this world right, OK? And my mother said that if the world allows the evil Zionist Joos to have Palestine, Indonesia can claim back Singapore and we cannot do anything about it because it’s in history and yours EVIL ZIONIST JOOS you just plucked out from the air that God gave you this land in Palestine so say who?

My teacher told us God and Satan were at war in our head. We were at a lost when we heard it because how can God and Satan fighting in our head. Then teacher explained God is a good thought and Satan the evil thought like temptations and greed. She said that if Capitalism is allowed to take over our well-being, then we will lose who we are and why we are here? No wondered they kept deleting David Icke Video David Icke Who Are We & What Are We Doing Here HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc2PEOLjVQA

I told my teacher all these Religious leaders especially those in the Vatican are high-class beggars! My teacher said Sun Wah, you cannot say that outside because people see them as GOD! I said then I don’t work and be a nun I got food to eat but my teacher said cannot everyone have to work in order to survive. But how come all these religious leaders can survive without working a day just hold the religious books then asked for money.

I told my teacher I will be God to strive for goodness but teacher told me, Sun Wah, you cannot say you are God but you can say you are the messenger of God:) So after you watch the below video I’m sure you know why I am so passionate to save the world but my fellowmen called me CRAZY to believe I can save the world and for your knowledge while I was typing this thought,



Lightworkers Awakening: (7- Signs You Are A Lightworker)



My Lifelong Journey Searching for the Voice in My Dream

“…there is power in self-sacrifice.” – Veronica Roth, Divergent

Professor Bennett wanted me to keep walking and he said that the Asean House vision is nothing something BIG IS GOING TO HAPPEN!! I asked Prof Bennett what is it and he said that he can’t see but I got to keep walking to find out.

Palestine DNA In My Blood!

My Journey was never about Palestine


The Greatest SECRET That Will Change Your Life (Listen up)

Published on Jun 11, 2016

(I love this audio) This Speech was from 1956 and still true to this date! I was given this Audio Cassette tape and a simple player by a very Successful man when I first learned about the law of attraction. He told me it made him so successful. I started listening to this tape, and my life begin to change. I listen to it everyday, sometime twice a day. Fill this wisdom and knowledge in your mind and let it guide you to success. Dont forget to Subscribe for more videos like this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEQL…

After watching the video I’m sure you know the secret of my success and why I NEVER GIVE UP! Trust me, you need to use your brain unsparingly if you want to stay alive if not you will lose your SOUL!! When I pray to God I only asked for WISDOM AND YOUTH. My goal is to save the world from evil Rotschild Zionism by waking up the MASSES who are still sleeping or don’t have the courage to take a stand!!

Well I, Sunflower Chong Sun Wah has been thinking even while I’m sleeping because I will not sit around and allow evil Rothschild Zionism to destroy our world! That is why I am Calling for A SOFT REVOLUTION TO OBSERVE A 2 MIN PEACE SILENCE’ to awaken the world. And, it is time for the bench warmers to get your asses off the bench and out of your comfort zone and save the world for the sake of future generations! If you do not do something, there will be no world left for any of us!


Sharing My Vision of Architecture – The Evil Zionist Joos deleted my personal blog SunflowerChong and I will bring this back in e-book very soon:)

Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2016 08:51:18 +0100 [02/19/2016 03:51:18 PM SGT] From: olivia@wanadoo.fr France
To: sunflower_chong@thepoisonappleoftheworld.com

Don’t worry Sunny,

They are panicking, overdoing, hoping everyone will be terrorized, but they are also publicizing the BDS campaign and we have lots of ideas to answer their methods, even here in France where they are trying to get more repressive with us, the activists involved in the Bds campaign.

Let’s laugh at them who are so scared and keep on the fight!

Best, Olivia


World Harmony Day Story – Is It A Calling?

 “Stretching out to catch the stars, he forgets the flowers at his feet” – Jeremy Bentham

“We live in a world where ambition is equated with courage, strength and determination. Grand dreams have always fired the imagination and driven men and women on a great endeavor. And yet, if a fine line is crossed, we are accused of being naively idealistic, of having our heads in the clouds, of shooting for the moon, and people cease to take us seriously. Such conflicting signals may cause confusion and can certainly make us wary of taking that next step, of reaching out just a little farther to catch the stars. Most of us, perhaps, dream large, but live small. That should not and need not lead to any sense of disappointment or diminish what we do achieve in our ordinary day-to-day existence. In reflecting habitually on the stars that may forever be too far away, we miss out on the tiny successes of each day and the triumphs available to us at ground level.”


It all started from a childhood dream 

The ‘Voice’ in my dream said that one day the people would listen to my voice. How bazaar this dream was and it kept occurring in the midst of my solitude and in my loneliness too? The Chinese people believed that dreams were messages from God and I was intrigued to find out why the people would listen to an ordinary girl like me, therefore I have decided to dedicate my life to strive to listen more clearly to this ‘Voice’.

My journey began from the consciousness of my new name Sunflower and the endless voyage that finally brought me to the insight that we need to learn how to share this One World. This means that for Peace and Harmony to prevail we have to work towards bringing to the ‘Collective Consciousness‘ of the Human Race the idea and desire for World Harmony.



“I want to be with Allah, but before I go to be with Him I must first complete my job in this Earth.”– Sunflower Chong

Professor Bennett told me My Past Life I was Born A Muslim.

Prof Bennett said that World Harmony seed is sown in my heart. Facebook brother Lodi Frows send me a message on 14/11/16 and I did my last creaming on 17/11/16.

“Sunny you are right only prayers can help us. If we are praying properly we may be in a new ARC of NOAH. Godwilling.”

Calling For A Soft Revolution


CONVERT TO ISLAM – Why did Many Scientists Accept Islam – MUST WATCH


The Elite Don’t Want You To Know: GOD IS REAL – Here’s the Proof




In 1988 when I went to see Professor Bennett I was a destroy person. Constant crucial migraine and I cannot think properly and wondered why I was always thinking non stop and something very far fetch like saving the world.

When I refused to continue to walk the spiritual journey due to my constant excruciating migraine Professor Bennett said in a fatherly manner and pointed his finger to my chest near my heart and said, “The seed is sown in the heart don’t fight it embrace it with acceptance and love because it is your Calling. Don’t share with anyone about your dream because they will tear you apart and bring you down and call you crazy. You can come to me and I will help you untie your knots one by one to reach your destination.”

Professor Bennett said that the Asean House vision was nothing something big will be coming. I asked him what was it and he said that he could not see but that I got to continue working hard and when the time comes I will know what God really wants me to do.

He wanted me to keep on walking and said that I will see the rainbow one day, my teacher also said so:) Lagi best he said that by the time you see it and go get it, it will jump away:( That had been the story of my life from coming out with the vision of the Singapore Art Center to World Harmony Day and I pray this liberation of Palestine will be the real rainbow and will not jump away BUT WILL BE A REALITY VERY SOON! I’m so excited can’t wait for it to happen:)

Sunflower’s Birthday Creaming Speech For Palestine

I saw Yitshak Rabin

My Greatest Fear…Loss Of Palestine

My Endless Struggle to Uplift World Harmony Day

My dream is not just achieving great architecture to manifest the presence of God but most importantly is to save the world by first saving my own soul and thus the soul of my children. My sincere hope is that they will save the soul of their friends and with the blessing from God we will save the soul of the world. (I’m so happy now because my son is very spiritual and helping his friends to reach their inner happiness:) Almighty God blesses me already even though I still living from hand to mouth but I have confident I will overcome this setback.


My Vision is to Unite ALL Religions under the Umbrella of UNIVERSAL LOVE

My Mission is to find the FORMULA or the Platform to make it happened


What we understand from this is that Harmony is so important for us when the world is going through so many changes and due to globalization the world seemed to get smaller and smaller.

Thus, we need to understand and define what sort of World we wish to create and it comes down to one word; HARMONY.


  • – World Harmony
  • – Religious Harmony
  • – Racial Harmony
  • – Work Harmony
  • – Family Harmony

Let Me Enhance Worldwide Unity With Share, Care And Love By Understanding People’s Needs.

God I am not, but an expression,
And a gift of God.
Saint I am not,
Nor a Saint would I try to be.

An ordinary being I am,
Born with qualities true,
To work for my country’s needs,
And the aspirations of its people.

At times I am not what you see or what I am,
With time I hope you will understand me.
Though I like not its sham, drudgery and broken dreams,
This world still is a beauty shining with ‘welcome beams.’

In fact I am contended and very happy,
I am still alive and free, (escape from my ex-husband from Abu Dhabi)
Especially on my return to Singapore,
Where many duties await me.

My devotion and loyalty are strong and even mighty,
That I may contribute fully to our lost society.
Let us not lose another twenty-five years,
If you can lend me your ears,

My special task is help us to achieve an identity,
To foster the people’s happiness and unity.
This great mission that I shoulder, will it be too big for me I wonder?
Am I ready, to take on such a great responsibility?

To achieve what I feel God wants of me,
The people’s support and understanding I seek.
The only answer to counter I believe,
Is the fostering of Universal LOVE as our Belief?

Religion is pure and good,
If there is only ONE to believe.
It can be mean and nasty,
When different sects contend to lead,

Please listen carefully to me,
Lend me your ears if you are not too busy,
Your full attention I need,
To understand all my yearnings and beliefs.

To reach our goal of unity,
Let’s build with one identity,
Preached goodness, give kindness,
Conducted in fairness, strive for Inner Happiness.

– To grow strong roots of true unity; Act in them is the first necessity – Sunflower 1983




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