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My Reply to President Obama

23rd March 2012

Dear President Obama,

“God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”– Unknown

It is very kind of you to give me a reply because I had not expected one. Hence, I will cherish this letter with all of my heart. My son, Gabriel Georges, and my daughter, Greta Georges, are very happy for me. Through all the years they have seen me working so hard for the betterment of society, they have wondered why do I expend my energies in this way, and now, they have finally seen that someone of very high standing has given their mother a reply that would not only make their day, but make them proud.

I have also been blessed to have 31 replies from the United States Senators. They are all very concerned about the nuclear issue in Iran. This is my recent reply to Senator Lieberman http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/senator-joseph-lieberman/ and I hope you will have the time to read it, despite your busy schedule, because I truly believe it represents how many of us in the rest of the world feel.

You said, “Through comprehensive and sustained efforts, we can achieve the goal of two states:  a Jewish state of Israel and a viable Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security.  This approach requires working with Israelis, Palestinians, and other stakeholders over the long term, and my Administration will do just that.”

I would like to share with you the words of the famous Austrian Jew, and father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, who rejected Zionism because it has within it the same seeds of human frailty that he could easily comprehend. To wit, Freud wrote once to a Zionist who tried to recruit him:

“I cannot do as you wish. I am unable to overcome my aversion to burdening the public with my name, and even the present critical time does not seem to me to warrant it. Whoever wants to influence the masses must give them something rousing and inflammatory and my sober judgment of Zionism does not permit this. I certainly sympathize with its goals, am proud of our University in Jerusalem and am delighted with our settlement’s prosperity. But, on the other hand, I do not think that Palestine could ever become a Jewish state, nor that the Christian and Islamic worlds would ever be prepared to have their holy places under Jewish care. It would have seemed more sensible to me to establish a Jewish homeland on a less historically-burdened land. But I know that such a rational viewpoint would never have gained the enthusiasm of the masses and the financial support of the wealthy. I concede with sorrow that the baseless fanaticism of our people is in part to be blamed for the awakening of Arab distrust. I can raise no sympathy at all for the misdirected piety which transforms a piece of a Herodian wall into a national relic, thereby offending the feelings of the natives. Now judge for yourself whether I, with such a critical point of view, am the right person to come forward as the solace of a people deluded by unjustified hope.”

Frankly speaking, if a two state solution was the answer, it should have been a reality a long time ago. We need to put all the best creative minds together to work out a final settlement for the Palestinian people. We cannot allow this to drag on forever, and even if there are other pressing matters in the world, we still must keep the Palestinians’ aspirations on our radar. The Palestinian people have been waiting for a homeland since 1993, for almost 20 years! Please do your best to help bring back their dignity as human beings, they have been badly treated, especially in Gaza.

May Almighty God bless you, and your efforts, and our fervent hope that the Israelis and Palestinians will have peace, harmony and unity for many generations to come.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong

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