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On Monday, February 11, 2013 8:32 PM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear PM Lee,

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy Chinese New Year.

I too feel I am in a foreign land like most Singaporeans please find the right balance to show to the people that PAP cares for the well being of the ordinary Singaporeans because your survival as a party depend on it.

What’s is the point of making more money when the people will not vote for PAP. Why not slow down a little bit and work hard on the ground to bridge this great divide especially in the business sectors. Do let them know the trade off, if the government got to slow down on growth so this means there will cut back on certain program and again you can call for a dialogue to decide which program got to be cut something like that…

Government cannot force the company to employ older workers but invite them for tea and pour your heart out to them that they got to support the government to bridge this great divide if not their businesses will be affected too. Tell them we are in it all together to help Singapore turn the tide and this responsibility is not just on the governmentt shoulder. If we as a nation cannot bridge this great divide the next election we will see less vote for PAP.

The problem with older folk they are not good with computer hence the company must assign a good and patient staff to assist him. Don’t just leave them there because they will be lost but with a Caring Heart they will learn very fast. My brother in the mental hospital is very lucky because he got a good counselor who cares and most importantly she makes sure my brother will not be a burden to the government. We need more people like this counselor then Singapore will have a bright future because the heart counts too.

We are in this situation because we had been focusing on the brain and not the heart. We need to educate the heart – http://www.dearmmlee.com/educate-the-heart/

Janas  •  14 days ago Report Abuse We have been having ppl with brains but without heart in the govt for too long. It is time to change that! We need ppl with some brains but alot of heart to serve in the govt now!!

Maybe the future MP you don’t need a lot of brains but a lot of hearts what do you think?



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terence  •  13 days ago Report Abuse

no need find job lar most of them while as a MP, they are doing business and holding many of the big earning companies in singapore. the 15 k part time MP is just extra money for them to do extra things for their real life. Do u guys think they will go out of job?

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Clement  •  8 days ago Report Abuse

Ya. Being MP actually makes one richer that’s all, raising portfolio and social status. After their term, they can just incorporate a company, and be a contractor with the government and town councils, rich gets richer, supporters gets specials, poor gets nothing but poorer, opposition gets marked.

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Peter  •  14 days ago Report Abuse

There are real issues when Singaporeans are concerned about deeply,

– including competition for jobs with foreigners, even for professionals, manager and likes and those above fourties of age. It is sad that some Singaporeans has to go oversea to work and leave their families behind, because they are being push out of the market by foreigners.

Issues loan sharks affecting innocent neighbours/families and the ineffectiveness to deal with this issue,

Issues on the state of our roads in Singapore, reckless tailgating and driving in our roads with little reinforcement by the authorities,

high cost of livings, hawkers centre bidding goes to the highest bidder and pass the cost to the consumers,

the eroding advantages of being a Singaporean over a PR/foreigner, when I compete with foreigners during an interview, etc. and when I have to spend two and a half year doing national service full time and also reservist, and they dont. In office and work place, there are divides, group of foreigners vs Singaporean.

The list goes on and I hope the PAP is aware of these negative sentiments on the ground and do something about it quick.

When I walk on the roads, and as with Sylvia Lim, I understand exactly how she feel about it, as if I am in a foreign country.

What is going on with our country?

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Peter  •  14 days ago Report Abuse

To add to the post, there are foreign managers prefer to employ their own kind and bypass Singaporeans

Foreign workers accept lower packages because lower cost back their home countries – not a level playing field for Singaporean who are being critised as lazy


On Saturday, March 9, 2013 7:36 AM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear PM Lee,

I am very happy that the government is doing all their best to help the lower end of society because now we know that the government really cares for the people at large.

I heard a lot of unhappiness from SME. They said that the government is killing their businesses and I am very concerned. During this challenging period for the SME can your government have a special team just to listen to this small group of SME, don’t forget SME can be one or 2 three people in a company. Do listen to their immediate problem and see how to help them to move forward with confidence and not like Minister Tharman said no choice. The people are wondering why you are quiet?

Just now Lim Swee Say said that Singaporeans hardly say ‘Thank you’ and I could not agree more. I have a good idea how to change this – Campaign. We must start from the home by getting the children even to say thank you to the maid. When they come home they will greet the parents and when they leave the house they will let their parents know and this is showing respect. But many household do not do it because they take their parents for granted and parents are partly to be blamed for not enforcing it. Get students  from Poly to come out with creative ideas how to promote this GOOD Manners. Maybe held a competition to create an awareness and get all the students exciting and talking.

Just for your inform I met Brig George Yeo in Jakarta, Singapore embassy with Sami the architect that had done the library project and when I went to introduce myself to him instead of saying thank you for my contribution he just look blank and walked past me without an acknowledgement. I was disappointed because he left a bad impression to Sami.



On Monday, March 11, 2013 8:04 AM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear PM Lee,

Can security guide or pest control businesses use less manpower? Pest control use tank and who carry this tank human and not robot right? They can buy many tanks to increase their productivity but they still need manpower to carry all these tanks. Similarly for security business you need people to patrol the ground and not robots. SME must transcend one of the Minister said but how in these kind of businesses? These are just 2 examples  but  their  are many more in the same boat.

I hope you can get MOM civil servants to look into this matter because if not handle well PAP will loss more votes in the next election and I am hearing it on the ground already. They said that the top people do not understand the problems facing by the SME.

I must share with you what happen to this SME a man of 73 years old with his wife 68 years old. They got a food business in Chinatown. They got illegal labour to wash the dishes and got fine twice and by the third time they went to jail. After this they close their business and stay at home. They were productive citizens but with the government new policy they are made redundant and they are very unhappy with the government because the government instead of helping them had kill their business.

Please do your best to help these group of SME because they went to MOM to share with them their woe but the answer by the civil servants they got to follow order. Why don’t the civil servants collect all these feedback and present to their bosses and then their bosses will present it to the Ministers. If the civil servants care for the ordinary people they should go the mile to help the government solve these group of SME problems but as usual they will reply back that it is not their job because their job is to follow order. You must let the civil servants know to help the people solve their problems is to help the government.



On Monday, March 18, 2013 8:29 AM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear PM Lee,

I am very concerned when I heard the SME said that the government is forcing them to take the “Lazyputra” this is the nickname for the lazy Singaporeans. Hotel 81 foreign workers can clean 30 rooms in one day but the older workers that are doing the work now can only clean 5 rooms a day. The foreign supervisor report back to his boss and he told him to leave these old men alone because the government is supporting all these lazy people by giving them 40% of the pay. This is very worrisome if this is the way the employer think of the government.

This good intention by the government must not be misunderstood by the people and especially the employers. The government needs the support of the employers to help these group of people improve in their work attitude and if these group of people take advantage of the good intention of the government and refuse to work harder then the employers got the right to terminate them. You make sure the employers are aware of it. The government is not forcing anything on the employers.



On Thursday, February 21, 2013 8:18 PM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear PM Lee,

Recently my daughter asked me about my view on the white paper. I told her Singapore is a service industry we have no choice but to get more foreigners to enhance our growth but what need is to monitor or qualify who should be a Singapore citizen. We need to get a team to study this matter because the civil servants are over stretch why not get the retire professionals to look into this matter.

All our life the Singaporeans said that the government does not listen to the people and most civil servants advised me not to waste my money on this government because they said even how great an idea you have they will not listen to an ordinary person like me. But Mr Tay Kheng Soon is not ordinary and I hope this time round your government can give him the respect and invite him to your office to hear him out. If you do that then the top civil servants will be in ATTENTION because they can never believe this can happen and the people also will get a shock that you are willing to listen to outside people and not only in your government. This will make the people very happy because your government value the people view and not just from the civil servants. This will be Singapore enlightenment!

If you think what he said make sense then you get him to rally the intellectuals and professionals to come on board to support the study but of course your civil servants will be working by their sides. You don’t need to pay them just invite them to have high tea at the Istana. No one will dare to support him fully if PM Lee Hsien Loong does not acknowledge his contribution. Whether his contribution is the right answer for Singapore is not important but he came forward because he cares you are touch and you want to hear him out. So slowly slowly like this the intellectuals will have the gut to speak up and thus will be closer to the government and this mean more votes for the PAP. Steve Chia told me if PAP keeps listening to the people there is no room for the opposition to survive.

You must take every chance to show to the people that the government is very sincere in listening to the people and Mr Tay contribution is one good chance you must not miss. Mr Tay is a nice man but got an arrogant face. You also got an arrogant face before but after your caner you chance 180 degree become compassionate and listen to all the young Singaporeans even my daughter so touch wen she saw you on TV with the young Singaporeans. Now you listen to all the clever people in Singapore because they tooo cannot wait to voice out their opinion for Singapore, please create this space for them so the WP cannot take them away from you!



On Thursday, February 7, 2013 6:53 PM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear PM Lee,

I was visiting a charitable org at Toa Payoh and strike out a conversation with the project manager about Singapore’s future. The gentleman is 56 years old and his son who is 22 years old works as a policeman had told his father that he feels like a second class citizen. His father agreed with him and told him if he got the opportunity he should migrate for a better future because Singapore is not a land for the ordinary Singaporean. In fact he is not the only one who thinks in this manner but many that I have spoken to share the same sentiments. They have no faith of a bright future because most of the jobs are taken by foreigners. They don’t mind the low end ones being taken away but it is the PMET that drive them mad.

Look at the paper at Forum page today by Bernard Chong Seow Ming and what he had written is so true. I share with you one personal experience. I am not doing well so got to rent out one of my room. I rented to a young Indonesian of of 20 years. This guy did the www.dearmmlee.com website for me. He just graduated from Sunway from Malaysia and he managed to get a job from Interactive but did not managed to get the permit. The guy that interviewed him was an Indonesian so Richie was certain that he will get the job.

I am a real estate agent and I met a lot of foreigners and sad to say they just want our passports because easy for them to travel. The Indians foreigners can break our society one day because they are bringing their class system here. The Indians living in Regency Park do not mixed. The high rise blk do not mix with the low blk. My Indian tenant told me in P&G most of the staff are foreigners. She is a foreigner and she also agrees too many foreigners in the MNC!

In the 70’s, 80’s even until 90’s the building construction projects were all given to foreign companies especially to contractors from Japan and Korea. If you go back to record most of Keppel works went to Takenaka, WHY? The excuse was our local companies did not have the experience but how can they have the experience when opportunity was not given to them. I went into construction in the 90’s on behalf of the foreign company like Permasteelisa and through my contact with the architects I begged them to give the local construction company the opportunity to tender for the project but they told me the Developers do not want to hear of it. You also know that for the architecture works most of the foreign architects took most of the great pie of the nation. I often felt their struggle and pain to make a living in Singapore especially in the 90’s.

Sadly to say this pattern now is repeating on the jobs front and it pain my heart again. I am fighting very hard not to comment on it but I can’t help myself because what WP Low said is true we must focus on our local people. If they got a higher pay they will do the job. I give you another personal example and this involve me. It is not the pay I am complaining but the bad attitude of the company.

My real estate not performing so I need to find a job but people like us cannot find a job because we do not have paper qualification. My daughter saw on facebook they need a hostess in a restaurant so I went for the interview and they will pay me $7 an hr. They book me for 5 hr and because the restaurant was not busy the manager asked me to leave after 4 hr. She said that she will email me the next day to let me know the next schedule but she did not. Then the next weekend she wanted me to work just one day notice.

What I want you to know there are many older folks who are willing to work but the treatment by these people are far from desirable. Because it is so easy for them to get cheap labor so why should they care for the Singaporeans. In short from the government to the business communities they do not care for the Singaporeans they only care about the making money.

On this jobs thing I am very unhappy with the government so I write to you with the hope you can help the other Singaporeans feel they are FIRST CLASS CITIZEN. I am ok because people like me is die hard LKY fan but not PAP fan. On Feb 16 at 4.30pm got event at Hong Lim Pk and I know they will condemn PAP and I got to go there to see what they are going to say about the government.

Please take good care of your health to help stir us to the right path because now is a crucial period for Singapore’s future.

Sunflower Chong


On Wednesday, August 1, 2012 10:32 PM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest PM Lee,

If by bringing foreign sport talents can win more votes I am all for it, if not better be with the people sentiments. I am very liberal but on this issue I am with the people because as we know our talents pool are limited why not just spend the money on sport to bond the people with the government rather just focus to win a medal.(Those arrogant top bosses of the sport must be sacked choose those like those new ministers you have promoted they got soft and kind face, I feel they care for the people happiness.)

I prefer to win all hearts of Singaporeans rather just 1 medal to give Singapore glory. In the eyes of most Singaporeans this success was done not from the achievement of the local so is money wasted. I think the reward system for sport should be discontinued. For once let not link money with success, let patriotism take its rightful place. (But you give money for them to have good meals and sometimes trips together even we know that they cannot win a medal.)

To get more vote for PAP very important to focus on civil servants because it is PAP front line and most of them believe they are working for the government and not for the people.( I know what I am talking about. My brother worked for PA 23 years as a cleaner and he got very good record but cannot tahun he end up in mental hospital after being scolded and shouted at for making mistakes like buying the wrong food for the bosses. They got him to sign the letter of resignation something like that… and the counselor make sure that he was the one who wanted to resign and not that PA wanted him to resign from his job.  I told the mental hospital staff must give actual report to help the government to understand why so many people ended up in mental hospital if not nothing can be improve and this is a big headache for the government. The civil servants must be kind to the uneducated ones, they are human being and must be respected.)

The civil servants must change their mindset that they are working for the people. Once the civil servants care this means in the eyes of the people the government cares. So it is very important for the top civil servants or the so-called bosses to bond with their staffs. When their staffs are happy they will serve the people with happiness. Life is already stressful so why give each other more pressure? The secret of success is to be happy and I strongly believe we can reach it “If Everyone Cared”.



On Monday, December 10, 2012 12:09 AM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear PM Lee,

I got this from a magazine STORM.

Storm: The Asian deference to seniority must take that challenging.

“Michael Sengol: When I came in the old timers didn’t want to teach anyone anything. The turnover was among the newcomers while the old guard stayed on. I saw the fear. If I teach this guy my job, I’d lose my job. So at the town hall meeting we said they would be the coaches. We started a team spirit of gelling – no old and new teams. The hierarchy of fear – I’m the boss, don’t question me – is not good for business.

It’s not just Asian phenomenon. I gave my German colleague a cultural awareness session about connecting with staff. If the staff can’t reach out to you to share their ideas or problems, they will not come to you. Then you’ll be running the hotel by yourself. You have 700 brains walking around. Open the door. Let them come to you and talk to you. Two minutes. That’s all it takes. Never let them go home with a problem.

My staff can see me anytime. The door is always open. A structured way doesn’t work in a 24/7 free-for-all business. The customer comes to anyone, so the staff must be able to talk to anyone. By creating structure and hierarchy you are stopping them from thinking.”

Change is never easy especially most of the old civil servants were from the Lee Kuan Yew era and most of them have the old mindset that they cannot be questioned. Just for your knowledge my girlfriend works in NUS and her office is next to her boss and she cannot just go over to talk to him instead must make an appointment and after 3 days only then she can talk to him. We were all laughing when she told us about the top civil servants attitude and sad to say the government was not aware of such behavior and there are many more stories about them. Even one top civil servant has a private toilet in her office which was not allowed.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,


— On Thu, 12/6/12, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:
From: Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com>
Subject: Bus Driver Strike
To: lee_hsien-loong@pmo.gov.sg
Date: Thursday, December 6, 2012, 11:44 AM

Dear PM Lee,

Under Lee Kuan Yew government it was no nonsense, no discussion, no second chance because everything is to the book no matter what. Now with this strike incident the talk on the ground is NO COMPASSION because Lee Kuan Yew still around.

If I am not wrong under your government there is room for discussion and negotiation and you give people second chance and I hope you can show it when the 4 bus driver is concerned. I wish the drivers will not be jail because the management is partly to be blamed and this was what a taxi driver said, “What a joke due to their ignorance they got to go to jail.”

In fact this incident is a blessing in disguised because it will benefit your government if you seize the opportunity. You must look into all the ministries from top to bottom how is the relationship because it is very vital for PAP to continue to stay in power.

The civil servants are not working like one big family because most of them still stuck with the old mindset, they talk down to their staffs. The top man must be accountable for the good relationship for the entire Ministry or department. Now you tell them if all their staffs happy then they will get their bonus not just make a lot of money then get bonus. If the top man make a lot of money for the company and people are not happy you minus their bonus something like that. Same with the schools, hospital too. Once the people like the civil servants this means more vote for the PAP. The people see the civil servant as the representative of PAP.

There are many unhappy people working in the government and not all about pay but just cannot tahun their bosses like what happen in SIF. Good people do not want to work there because this certain people got bad name in the market. You are the only person who can fix it by telling the top man that it is important for you to see the people working in your government are happy like Bhutan government aspiration for their people.

Do you remembered the SIA strike Mr Lee Kuan Yew tell the management if they did not do a good job they got to go too. And for Mah Bow Tan Mr Lee Kuan Yew already said it openly if he was not performing well then he got to go too. Mr Lee Kuan Yew is not protecting the civil servants anymore. For almost 5 decades he had been protecting the civil servants by not allowing us to say anything about them. I remembered my mother said during those times that when the people complained about the civil servants it was not Lee Kuan Yew no good but the civil servants not doing their job. Same with the MP if they are not doing their job why should we vote for them?

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

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