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My Greatest Fear…Loss Of Palestine





The Wave – חובה לראות – מתורגם לעברית – הנחשול

no thank you.  i have no use for israel.  since their founding they have been a racist terrorist state.
Dian Grossman IS A IGNORANT JEW and I forgive her.

Who is the Demon Scumbag Netanyahu or Sunflower Chong and I leave you to decide because this will determine the future of our one world for the future generations?

Dian Grossma Kjaergaard 7:13pm Jul 11

Nonsense. Use your energy on something constructive, like really helping the Palestinians. Your Israel-bashing is sick and destructive.

You live in a demonic world of your own making – I feel very sorry for you. Not even Khaled Mashal believes your theories: Mashal praises kidnappers, say Hamas has no information

The Hamas leader rejected claims sounded among Palestinians that the attack was an Israeli invention. “No senior official in Israel has an interest in playing with Israelis’ nerves and strumming on the strings of Israeli security,” he said.

Smoking Gun Proof Of Israeli Teen Kidnapping False Flag

Mossad Murdered the 3 Israeli Boys..



Palestine Will Be History If The World Is Still Indifferent!

I was born into this world, in search of my true self and a meaningful life. I have always believed that I have a responsibility towards my country and towards people. During many sleepless nights, I have wondered why this world I was born into can be so unfair. Am I on this planet ‘earth’ to suffer during my life in order to learn something, and then contribute my hard earned knowledge, so that it will benefit others? I don’t know for sure, but somehow, in the back of my mind, I feel that I have a special purpose in this world to share that knowledge acquired during the course of my struggle.

For centuries, people have tried to solve the mystery of our beginnings, and yet the questions surrounding our existence in this world have yet to be solved. Why are there wars, while at the same time, we keep trying to save people’s lives? It was so confusing to my young mind and when I questioned the teachers or elders, their usual answer was that when I grew up I would understand the “real world”. And, that I would learn to accept it because there is nothing we can do to change the world for the better.

Alone and young, I did not know where to start in my search for a better life and of a better world. Since the adults could not give me an answer, and I was not allowed to question them, I turned inward, and asked myself the questions, especially in front of the mirror. I later asked my questions of God while looking out the window because my mother did not allow me to look at the mirror and talk to myself. (She thought that I was crazy, because one of my aunts from my father’s side went to a mental hospital and she often talked to the mirror!).

I often wondered what kind of a world I was I living in. Were we simply born selfish without any love for others and why did we not seem to care? Why were fairness and equality so hard to achieve? Why was this world so filled with contradictions? One minute, we were talking of peace, and the next minute, we were at war with each other! Why is human nature so destructive? Shouldn’t we start to learn how to share this beautiful world? I don’t fear the weapons made by men nearly as much as I do our world leaders who control them.


I fear ‘progress men,’
Who change this beautiful world,
Into their own hand.

I fear all men,
For woman to them,
Is only a night pleasure to spend?

I fear my ex-husband,
Being his wife,
Prisoner I’m.

I fear for my children,
Protection and love they need,
I pray that I will always be with them.

I fear for my life,
For the future,
I know not where I land.

I fear for I’m lost,
Decision I have to make,
Alone! Firm I need to stand.

– May God bless me always – Sunflower 1983

But now my greatest fear is the possibility of the Zionist Jews stealing the entire land from the Palestinian people right in front of the eyes of the world, and attempting to justify it in the name of God.

My journey started when my teacher, Miss Soloman, told us the Palestinian people stole the Jews’ land. In those days, we were very afraid of “white skinned people” and she was the only one in the entire school. Although I was very young, I dared to ask her, “If Palestine belongs to the Jews, where should the Palestinians go?” Instead of giving me a decent reply, she told me to be quiet and got us to sing the song “Born Free”. The song goes like this “This land is mine, God gave this land to me, this brave and ancient land to me.”

I thought, “Oh that’s just great! God gave the Jews the land belonging to the Palestinian people and lets them chase the Palestinians out of their own home!” Does a fair God leave nothing for the Palestinians? Do you think this act is actually the act of God? It seems outrageous to me that the Jews can justify this theft in the name of God, and the world does nothing to stop the Jews from taking the Palestinians’ land. That is why I have become so angry and outraged that I have written to all of the Senators in America with the hope that they could turn the tide in support of the Palestinians. If not, there is no land left for the Palestinian people and God should be justifiably angry with all of humanity.

Another one of my teachers said that if Palestine really belongs to the Jews, why was it called Palestine and not Israel? But the new talk in the Jewish community is that Palestine belongs to the Jews as demonstrated by the example of these espoused revisionist historical references below:

“The name “Palestine” was given to ancient Israel by the conquering Romans 2100 years ago, when they “crucified” their way across the Balkans into Israel. And, where they continued the practice of crucifixion, cutting down swaths of forests and replacing those areas with forests of crucified Jews. “Palestinian” is a name that has been synonymous with “Israeli”, “Jew”, and “Hebrew” up until the past few decades, during which time, by a big lie of propaganda politics, “Palestine” and “Palestinian” have come to designate Arab land and Arabs, not the Holy Land of Israel and the Jews. This is a great propaganda coup for the Arabs. One may only hope that this Arab propaganda balloon will soon be properly punctured and burst.”

The previous statements represent the true “propaganda” being spread by the Jewish community. So now the question is what will the world do when the Zionist Jews keep changing the talking points and moving the goal posts? With their control of a lot of the media, will we ever hear a fair and balanced view of the situation in Palestine and see a proper homeland for the Palestinians?

Don’t you think it is time for the media to be a fair messenger by publishing this article?


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