“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Nostradamus predicted WW3 but He also said that We Can Change the Tide!!The action we will determine the kind of world we want to live in.

“Where is the Love?”



I, Chong Sun Wah was from New Town Secondary School. My teacher warned us not to chase after money as our career but instead, we should chase after the rainbow and write our book. My teacher also said to listen to our inner voice and I heard The Voice is to make the world right.

We have only one life and we must live it to the fullest and chase our rainbow whatever it might be. We must not waste our life with constant complaints and regrets because the power is in our hands to succeed! I have pursued my passion and that is to strive for greater humanity hence World Harmony Day was born on 20th February 2002 🙂

“Don’t Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold.”– Bob Marley


My Aunt from Bangkok compared me to a temple bell. I have lots of patience and I will wait for someone from the Higher Power to ring this bell loud to the four corners of the world to bring the awareness of World Harmony Day:) It will be great on 20th February annually, the Collective Consciousness can come together as one global family to manifest the presence of God. God has given us one world and we must LEARN how to share this one world for Peace & Harmony to Prevail.

“To free your mind is to free your soul”– Sunflower Chong

Why do I take this walk when I know NO ONE will LISTEN to A NOBODY? Well, very simply, I DID IT FOR MY LOVE OF GOD ALMIGHTY! When I was young the people laughed at me then I cried to myself and said that one day when the people realized what I am trying to achieve I know they too will love me for who I am and they will thank me for having the courage to embark on this impossible journey

On World Harmony Day 2002 the people really thanked me for giving birth to World Harmony Day and they are Singaporeans and their parting words to me was to stay strong don’t Give Up until someone will take over from me. And similarly, in Washington DC when I was there to promote the aspiration of World Harmony Day the people also thank me from the bottom of their heart and said, “You must bring World Harmony Day to the global stage.” Hence I read all these signs that the Worldwide Spiritual Movement will happen one day and I need to keep working hard with great love to reach this goal:)

When I was young I was unloved by my family and some of my teachers because I TALK so much and so LOUD or to put it bluntly I answer back:( about wanting to make the world right! In our daily life, we are not allowed to OPEN our mouths, therefore I would talk indirectly to God in silence and very often I look at the mirror and talk to HIM:)

I was seeking for God and I had made a vow to Him that I would not fail HIM and that I would walk the spiritual path no matter what the obstacles in front of me to prove my true love for HIM.

When I was a young child, in my darkest moments, I often hid in a dark corner and quietly cried to myself and asked Almighty God why was I here on earth to suffer like a slave for the big family? Instead of being angry with the world and the people who had made my life miserable and unbearable, I often asked God was He preparing me for something great? When you think in this manner, you will not be angry at the Unfairness acts and Injustice done to you. Instead you believe that everything happens for a reason. I had accepted my fate or karma because my teacher’s soft and gentle talks had convinced me that sacrifices is a necessity for real growth instead of being filled with hatred that would tear me apart.

I was able to experience, learn, and feel life without bitterness and with great love because God is preparing me for something great and this means suffering and sacrifices will be my friends instead of my enemies. My teacher taught us about Resilience. She said we must be like the lotus flower, even though it is in the mud, it grows with beauty and grace. In short, in my struggle in life, I will do it graciously and gracefully.

Frankly speaking, at such a young age, I really did not know what exactly God wanted me to do in this world that I didn’t feel I belonged but I knew I got to do something to give meaning to my life, but what? Again, I have to thank my teacher Ms Loh, who shared with us the power of the Conscious Mind.

“Consciousness Creates Reality” – Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual

“Consciousness creates reality,” a statement that has gained a lot of attention across various alternative media outlets around the world. Make no mistake, consciousness has been (for quite some time) studied by numerous scientists, especially in its relation to quantum physics and how it might be correlated with the nature of our reality.

What is consciousness? Consciousness includes a number of things. It’s how we perceive our world, our thoughts, being aware, our intentions and more.

She told us not to get sucked into the belief that capitalism is progress and represents success because if we were not careful, the harm done will be too late to rectify. My teacher Ms Loh stirred my imagination and raised my consciousness…. She wanted us to be connected to our soul because she said that if we were not watchful we would lose our reason for living a full and useful life and be doomed to live only for MONEY’S SAKE! She said that our worth is the deed that we do and not the money in our bank account. She said that we can and should do more since the world needs us and if we love God we will shine for Him by striving for greater humanity!

When I was young, I will never forget what my mother said about China, “Do you think the sleeping giant will not wake up one day?” And when Henry Kissinger visited China my mother said, “Do you think America can take advantage of China like they did to the third world countries like Indonesia!” My mother disliked America a lot because she said that they are wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing. It pained my mother’s heart when she saw how the American corporations destroy the environment for their own profits starting in the late 50’s. And until now they are still carrying on the old practice where profit trumps everything and like what has happened in the coast of Florida by BP. She will not forget the Opium War in China and she said that in Asia there is another kind of war the West is conducting, corrupting the minds of our people with Greed which they call Capitalism! At one time even Robert Ng from the Far East said that Greed is Good! THE WHOLE NATION WENT CRAZY WHEN HE SPOKE AT A UNIVERSITY!

I attended my first New Town Alumni committee meeting on 9 July 2013 and the President said, “I am committed to the committee because who I am today is because of New Town Secondary School and I must give back to the school.” I have told my children don’t blame me for who I am. I am who I am because of my school, NEW TOWN SECONDARY SCHOOL. Without my Principal, Mrs. Yeo Lai Cheng’s words of wisdom and my teachers’ deep concern for our future at the hands of the false god of capitalism, my life might have been wasted chasing the wrong values in life just like most Singaporeans!

Mrs. Yeo Lai Cheng wanted us to be a visionary like Mr Lee Kuan Yew….and she said Singapore needs love… It was only after that I had the courage to embark on my lonely journey and only now I seemed to see a bit of the light.

In the late 60’s my teacher already told us that to love God we got to strive for greater humanity. Yes she said that we got to take care of ourselves first then the family but she added that if we can do more we should and we must if we want a harmonious world.

She said that if we truly love God we will value human lives. Secondly we must take good care of this world because God only gave us one world and not 180 plus worlds. My teacher said that all of us can play our part to make the world right and the way to show our love for God is to take care of our ‘One Home the Planet’ by not littering and polluting the clean water so on and so fore. I really believe this kind of talking is so necessary nowadays for our young children. If we got to use God name this is the best way to do it.

We have only one life hence my teacher wanted us to make good use of our life and leave something good behind. I also never forgot what else she said, “The problem with humanity is that we believe we cannot make the world better as individuals, so everyone is out there to get as much as they can and in doing so, harming the environment. They do so without realizing our very survival and the survival of the future generations depends on this one planet God has given to us.” She continued, “Just imagine if every one of us did not litter? Can you envisage the healthy planet we would have and on top of that, we would not need to employ so many people to keep the planet clean.” Such a powerful thought and my teacher wanted us to be the light for others to feel God’s presence in all of us. For her, that was the way we should show our love for God, by Caring.



My teacher told us Singapore is not the World. She wanted us to care for our One World and she said that if the world does not care for the Palestinians struggle for a homeland, then one day Palestine will disappear from the world map. She said that for the Palestinian people to have a homeland, the WORLD MUST CARE for them…please see:


Why THE ASEAN House?

My mother said that Mr Lee Kuan Yew did not take ASEAN seriously. But in my eyes ASEAN is very important for Singapore because to create a Greater Asia ASEAN is the foundation. That’s why we must construct the ASEAN House and I sincerely hope China will put its stamp by financing part of the construction of the future AEAN House.

I believe we got to strive for a Greater Asia which includes India, Russia; Middle East & Africa because our future must not be determined or shaped by the Western power whose only aim is to control all of us through their economic power. When the whole nation was geared up just to serve the MNC in my simple eyes we are slave to their needs but what about our own needs? Instead to survive we need to excel with great creativity and this we need all the human resources of the people at large.

ASEAN is not just about business but security too hence we need to pile a strong foundation for ASEAN future generations by creating the ASEAN Headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia.



During a class discussion in regards to race and religion, my teacher told us tolerance has a limit because without understanding, one day the balloon will burst. What’s important is to have a discussion and a dialogue to bring about a better understanding of each other’s cultures and religions. Race and religion cannot be kept in a box nor can it be swept under the rug! Acceptance does not come naturally, it comes from understanding and understanding needs dialogue. The World Harmony Day platform is an ideal venue to allow such sensitive topics to be discussed in a calm and rational manner and if we can harness all the pure spirituality and energy, we might be able to develop a guidebook for all humanity.

There is definitely a need to introduce Universal Spiritual Education in the main stream educational system, which would foster better understanding. We need to come out with a blueprint for teaching the essence of God, which is LOVE for greater humanity and not the God that most religions are teaching now…please see: and

I don’t know how to put it but when I was young I understood that Capitalism was replacing GOD. So it is a danger for humanity that many cannot see, so if we don’t fight back we cannot prove to the world that capitalism can be evil. This is in fact what my whole journey is all about because in the Capitalist world they tell you with money you can buy everything including love. BUT YOU CANNOT BUY TRUE LOVE BECAUSE IT RESONATES FROM THE SOUL!

So by walking this journey without money I am proving that God is with me all the time guiding me and showing me to the path of success. This is the power of spirituality and God even created a new family for me. Don’t you think this is really amazing and do you see what I am driving at? I have to thank my mother because she was the one who said that the young need examples. If you want to convince them that spirituality is the real deal then I have to sacrifice my personal life to enable the young to feel God is with me. The example is strong because frankly speaking the things that I have done until now would not have been possible without God’s help. I wish people could love God in the right way and not use God’s name for their own agenda. I was taught by my teacher to love God by striving for greater humanity. Which is the opposite of the evil Zionist Jews destroying our one world to achieve their objective regardless of the loss of human life.



“Whether you accept it or not, each life is linked to all life. Your thoughts, words and actions create a ripple effect; much like a stone thrown into a pond. The quality of that ripple effect… is your legacy” – Kosta Stoyanoff

What my mother said left a very strong footprint in my mind; “It is so sad that no one is prepared to make sacrifices in life to chase for a higher ideal, and if we continue in this manner to chase after money we will lose our soul and thus be heartless, and this will be very sad for humanity.” My mother said that it was very sad that the people’s very existence is just to chase after money instead of for a higher ideal. What I could not believe I heard come from my uneducated mother’s mouth was when she said, “If we do not chase for a higher ideal in life, we are just living like animals.”

Secondly, we will not only lose the meaning and purpose of our life, but it will also be a great loss for humanity. She said that the world would go from bad to worse; what she really meant was that future society will be a cold and heartless one without compassion for our fellow men. Compassion for no one except themselves as the ‘Me’ factor will be a very strong influence in our lives, especially when the whole world has embraced Capitalism as a newfound “Religion” (just like one of our founding fathers of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew). Not only was Lee Kuan Yew pragmatic but he was also a very proud man too, who enforced his beliefs onto the nation. This means there is no Hope for mankind. I often asked God, “Why have we lost faith in men by surrendering to our destiny instead of fighting back with our strength and belief? We should make the world as it should be, instead of accepting it as it is.

If I am the Prime Minister of Singapore, I will set up an exchange program for Palestinian and Israeli students to help bridge the great divide. Next, I will get the government to pay for the blueprint cost in the total planning and concept design for the ASEAN Headquarter. Last, but not least, I would set up a committee to look into the possibility to come out with a creative universal spiritual education for the secular schools. Let me share with you what I have written on January 7, 2013, to my primary schoolmate Serene Chen.

“Maybe after viewing this link you can understand me better and why I can’t give up my dreams.” This was her reply, “Thank you for sharing your thoughts and visions with me. You are very brave to embark on your journey, filled with obstacles and yet not defeated. May you be able to experience your visions in this lifetime?”

I told her it is not possible to realize all my dreams in my lifetime because besides BELIEF it needs money and power to make it happen. She said that since I know I could not realize it, then why to waste my time and money to chase it. I told her someone has to bring these visions out in the open, if not, then Singapore’s future will be at stake if we still believe that America is our protector! We cannot keep on increasing our defense budget. I would rather invest in the ASEAN countries, especially in agro.

Serene said, “Ya, 1 small step at a time; soon you will leave footprints for people to remember you. I’ve yet to find my true calling, guess I want to learn to have peace with myself first.”

And this was my reply to her on Tuesday, January 15, 2013, 12:18 AM

My Dearest Serene,

I don’t need people to remember me but I need Singaporeans to know that our destiny lies with ASEAN especially China. I Pray and Hope SINGAPORE will not be the venue to start WW3!! As a nation, we have only survived even though we have to reach First world status. Mr. Goh Chok Tong when he became the Prime Minister he said that he will bring Singapore to the Swiss Standard in 2020 but he did not tell us how he is going to do it? For your knowledge to be in the First world state, we need great thinkers and creative talents in order for Singapore to excel and what I see in front of me is MNC taking over our country! Well in one short sentence I surmise that Mr. Goh Chok Tong is ALL WORDS but NO ACTION! Because if there is action, he will be helping Mr. Sim Wong Hoo during his difficult time. Mr. Ngiam Tong Dow told Strait Times Journalist why Singapore should just aim to be solid “second-upper” city. This article appeared on 12 Jan ST.

I always believe Singapore should do more, not only for its own people but also for ASEAN like coming out to initiate funding for the ASEAN headquarter in Jakarta. (Many Indonesian Asean leaders I met told me Singapore should do more for Asean and my reply was I did my part by coming out with the blueprint for the concept design). I told them I cannot go to the government, and tell them what they should do; instead I present my vision in architectural form and wrote all my arguments as to why ASEAN is important for Singapore with the hope they will be inspired and thus take action. Just look at the sand crisis once Malaysia and Indonesia stopped selling to us, we were in big trouble and suddenly the construction cost went up ‘Sky high’! And sad to say, the leadership could only cry out loud that our neighbors envy our success, so their action is kind of like punishing Singapore. But the way I see it, they are only showing our ‘weaknesses’ in every sense of the word. In the first place, why should our neighbors have to sell their products at 60’s prices while we sell everything at current market prices, like selling them back the water at a high price? I am concerned that if we are not on good terms with our ASEAN neighbors, even our food supply will be at stake?

I never believed that our destiny lay with the US, or Israel, for that matter. My dream since I was a young child was to have a stronger ASEAN and to reach the goal of building a greater Asia with China taking the lead. In 1998, after my father read my book that ASEAN’s future is our future he was very surprised and he questioned me as to how I got the idea of a greater Asia. (I am a black sheep in my family and my job is like a servant taking care of everyone).I told him I don’t trust the Western countries. I cannot forget what my mother said, “When the West cannot compete they will just Bomb Us!!” So, indirectly, I am very much influenced by my uneducated mother from China’s Canton province, a farmer girl.

As a young child, I wished I could be like all of you, so care-free, but I can’t. I often wondered why I am so different in my thinking and my mind is so far away, thinking unrealistic things like saving the world. Do you remember some teachers often asked me to stop dreaming? Thanks to Professor Bennett, I finally found my sanity; It was only after I accepted that all I had done was my calling, that I found peace within and have accepted my karma. It was really a long and tough journey, and if I die tomorrow, I die a very happy woman because I have done what I set out to do as a young child, and frankly speaking, not many people have the luxury of the time and money to do so. When I said I’m a blessed soul, I hope you understand it now. What I have achieved is with my own hard earned money and instead of buying houses or investing in shares; I rather plowed it all in R&D of spirituality architecture. Yes, I know the money should be given to my 2 children, but the way I see it, it is more important to bring out all of my aspirations for Singapore and the world and to enrich society through my sincere contributions. I always told my children that after I realized my dream, it will be their turn and I would spend money on them if I have any left. 🙂 My son always asked when the two of them were young when it would be their turn because they saw me going after one project after another.

Whether the government can see what I am trying to achieve is not important because at least the message is out on my blog that Singapore should be humble and lead from behind because this is the way to gain respect and hence will be admired by many instead of talking BIG without substance. If we can achieve that, we will never be fearful that others will take over Singapore. So this means we don’t need to spend about $27 billion for defense. You might say that I am idealistic in my thinking, but for a tiny red dot, no matter how hard you want to defend against one tiny bomb, especially if it is nuclear, we will all be gone in one second no matter how much you spent! So my wise mind tells me we better build good relationships with our ASEAN neighbors, especially Malaysia.



I feel a sense of urgency to start teaching future generations how to share this One World. If we do not, the world will be in very bad shape! Quite honestly, I dare not imagine what kind of world we are going to have in the near future or whether there will still be a world left for all of us if the bombing of another country is their right due to a suspicion? For this reason, in this endless space of time, I have kept my mind working very hard in a search for knowledge to guide me to the path of ‘Wisdom’ for humanity to reach World Harmony.

The best gift to give to our children is a peaceful world; therefore we need to find a way to keep this world safe for them and their children. If the citizens of the world do not make a stand now in world affairs, I am afraid that in times to come, there will be no more world for our children’s children. The show of protest worldwide during the war in Iraq is a great sign of our collective consciousness to try to straighten out this world.

The world’s problem started when the America Government took everything for granted, even their own superiority. They were much too arrogant, especially after Mr. George Bush took over as President of the United States. By making all kinds of baseless accusations, they launched attacks against Muslim countries using ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ as a pretext, killing civilians and destroying the towns along the way. This war in Iraq is an illegal war on a sovereign state since America “went it alone” to bomb Iraq without UN permission.

Even if America won this war, the citizens of the world must not allow Bush to get off Scot free. We must get to the bottom of it and if those weapons of mass destruction have not been found, justice must be served for the sake of humanity, and for the sake of stability and security of the future world! Because the original premise for going to war was due to the fact that Saddam Hussein possessed ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ as a justification for the legitimacy of this war, we, the citizens of the world, expect an answer from the world’s greatest power.

I have great faith in God, there is no need for me to question His existence, but just to go for my dream no matter how costly it is going to be or what is going to happen to me. I know deep from my soul that my children will always love me for who I am, even if I am down and out because I am LOVE. Though penniless, I am happy for how I perceived that life should be, constantly giving of oneself in whatever way possible. The people can say what they want about my actions and me, but God will always love me and be by my side to give me strength and courage to go on.

We must not allow religions and Capitalism to come into the picture to rule and divide us, or to take over our consciousness, and hence, the meaning of our life. Success in our life is to adopt a correct attitude and that is by giving instead of always taking. Look at our poor environment and you can witness firsthand how destructive human beings were and still are, especially in the bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq. The beautiful mountains God has given to us were not at war with anyone, then why were they constantly attacked? In the spiritual world, mountains are sacred and we must give them their due respect and also protection.

I strongly believe that the exposures and experiences that I had as a young child somehow shaped my thoughts. It means realizing that the experience of life that I am having now has been created not by some ‘other’, but by what I have done in the past, by the thoughts and beliefs that I have been holding along the way. My teacher told us that America will dominate the world through their mighty weapons and this means through force. She also questioned how the world could be peaceful when the UN gave the homeland of the Palestinians to Israel? I also learned, at that young age, that in Ireland they were killing one another due to religious conflicts and this disturbed me tremendously………



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