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Do you know that the 7 American CHOW CHI BAI called me a coward, “Zionist Women Rule Over Cowards Like Sunflower Bitch Chong” and this is far from the truth as you know how determined I am to rid of the earth of these devils. So instead of calling them dirty names in Chinese on my 6th PALESTINE FREEDOM CREAMING, which was on my birthday, I CALLED FOR THE WORLD LEADERS TO HOST WORLD HARMONY DAY IN THEIR RESPECTIVE COUNTRIES ON 20TH FEBRUARY 2016 http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/are-we-waiting-for-another-sept-11-before-we-come-together-as-one-global-family/

I had failed my ex-husband and my 2 children, BUT I CANNOT FAIL ALMIGHTY GOD because of the vow that I had made to Him when I was a young child that I will save the world by first saving my soul! The solemn vow must be fulfilled no matter what and unfortunately my ex-husband & children cannot understand what I am trying to achieve. They saw me doing so much creative works for free and NONE materialized instead they saw the civil servants chased me out of their office when I presented my proposals to them. http://sunflowerchong.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/SMUS-PRIMER.pdf  (The evil Zionist Joos deleted http://www.sunflowerchong.com, which was about the importance of acquiring the Consciousness, knowing you are a Soul and being connected to God.)

Singapore Art Centre

The journey was so amazing but the journey to meet the respective civil servants was just UNBELIEVABLE! Not only they did not acknowledge me, they never say a word of thank you. In fact they seemed annoyed and they told me off and asked me to stop behaving like I am Lee Kuan Yew!! This means I should not tell them what to do because they know how the art centre should be build. The government wanted to built to big theaters but the artists wanted the government to build the other 3 small theaters because the nation was not ready for the appreciation of arts. If the big theaters were build it will be a hard task to filled up the seats:(

The top civil servant got angry with me and said that they were the ones who had been fighting so hard all these 30 years to get the government to build the theaters. She said that we must not spoil their plan and confused the government because if the controversy continued the government might not build these 2 theaters.  She was so annoyed with me that she chased me out of her office but before that she told me many civil servants had called her to make me stop all my nonsense that means they did not like the idea of me knocking at their doors with proposals:( If I don’t knocked on their doors then whose doors should I knock, the Ministers doors, laggi worse cannot get through the building receptionist?

But at least one good consolation came out of this nightmare. One of the staff name Joyce came to me and told me that then President Ong Teng Cheong did praised my effort. The SAC hold a gathering and President Ong Teng Cheong was present but they invited most who had contributed ideas but they did not invite me although I had given a good proposal:(


National Library

The journey to the development plan was so challenging yet exciting but sadly to say the journey to meet the respective civil servants was again just impossible! To cut the story short they advised me to keep my concept proposal confidential in case others will get hold of my idea. In the first place I am not an architect by profession and if an ordinary person like me was prepared to spend so much money (almost $25K including the model of the library) to bring out the concept plan I didn’t care who was going to steal the idea. If the idea got to be stolen in this manner so be it because my primary concern was for the government to get all the best ideas for the library. This is what every caring citizens should do if they do care for Singapore. Moreover I live in a spiritual world and not a Capitalism world because in a Capitalism world ideas make money so you must guide your property. But in a spiritual world ideas that you have is God gift to you so you must share to uplift society. That is the first step to build a better world.


Singapore Management University

SMU is a business university but Singapore needed an Art University. Even if I could not get what I wanted I strongly believed my concept proposal will influence their thinking and planning.

The staff told me not to waste my time and money because when it was the government plan it was set a rock and no one can change it except Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. They asked me was my name Lee Kuan Yew?  I said no Ms Chong Sun Wah but I believed the government was not maximizing SMU site potentials and I truly believed that an Art University will serve the nation better because there will be more caring citizens and Singapore badly needed them and art is the way to fulfill such aspirations. I never forget what my ex-principal Mrs Yeo Lai Cheng said, “One day Singapore needs the people with love and not only paper qualifications.”

I told the civil servants that man makes the plan they can change it too, so it was not set in stone. What was set in stone was the old mindset of the civil servants! Through my proposals, I hope to change all that and I had even bought a sculpture “The flying Golden deer” made by Brother Joseph McNally to bless SMU with the hope that the students will give back to society. Spiritual people think like that, but in the capitalism world they called people like me ‘stupid’. I have this believe that the business students if you do not drum into their brains that they have to give back they thought that their intelligence is only to help them make more money. We need to bring the awareness that their intelligence is to build a better society.


My children asked me, “What God really wanted you to do?” My reply was, If I know, do you think I would be still be running around?


Let me share with all of you this intimate poem that I have written while watching my 2 young children playing together:


Young and innocent they are
Enjoying every moment of happiness playing together
Is a sight I wish to see forever?

Guilty and sad at times
To change their life so young
Am I a mother qualified to raise my young’s?

To deny them their true father
Was never a motive I after
Only God can give me an answer

How patient and understanding I was
Still my marriage is at lost
Is it a sign to move forward alone to fight my cause?

I pray constantly to God for guidance
To help me reach the true direction
So my children will understand all my actions

To provide them the best
Will be my immediate test
I believe God is preparing me for a bigger test!

I hope they will grow up to understand
That this life is not about money and they
And help me to reach my dreams and aspirations then

Young and intelligent they are
Happy I should be
Yet I’m not, except filled with God good memories

Beautiful they are
I’m bless by God
Did He send them here to help and guide me if I’m lost?

What can a mother asks
Except to keep them healthy and smart
Nurturing and cultivating their minds and hearts

Sometime it is sad to witness life is so unfair
When fairness I try so hard to seek
Can my children understand my aspirations and needs?

Giving them a future without a father
Was never my intention and answer
Except time will tell what I after

“Will I be happier if I’m simpler, without the worries of Singapore’s future?” – Sunflower Chong 1983

My relationship with my children had broken down after I was adamant in my commitment to fight for the Palestinians’ cause by using the World Harmony Day platform:(

Sunflower’s Profile Written By My Daughter

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what sunflowers do.” – Helen Keller

Sunflower Chong is a Visionary. An ardent art lover she believes that art is a vehicle to reach a higher power. In short, she is an ‘Enigma’, putting all her faith in her Creator. She follows the sweet mystery in life and this spiritual path never cease to amaze even the closest to her.

What carries Sunflower through life is her own special belief that all will be taken care of. Her determination and will power is a rare show of faith and belief. Having escaped from her first Lebanese husband from Abu Dhabi, armed with nothing but her 2 children, she returned to Singapore and with tears written a poem “Let me enhance Worldwide Unity with share, care and love by understanding people’s need”

Let Me Enhance Worldwide Unity With Share, Care, And Love By Understanding The People’s Needs.

God I am not, but an expression,
And a gift of God.
Saint I am not,
Nor a Saint would I try to be.

An ordinary being I am,
Born with qualities true,
To work for my country’s needs,
And the aspirations of its people.

At times I am not what you see or what I am,
With time I hope you will understand me.
Though I like not its sham, drudgery and broken dreams,
This world still is a beauty shining with ‘welcome beams.’

In fact, I contend and very happy,
I am still alive and free,
Especially on my return to Singapore,
Where many duties await me.

My devotion and loyalty are strong and even mighty,
That I may contribute fully to our lost society.
Let us not lose another twenty-five years,
If you can lend me your ears,

My special task is to help us to achieve an identity,
To foster the people’s happiness and unity.
This great mission that I shoulder, will it be too big for me I wonder?
Am I ready, to take on such a great responsibility?

To achieve what I feel God wants of me,
The people’s support and understanding I seek.
The only answer to counter I believe,
Is the fostering of Universal LOVE as our Belief?

Religion is pure and good,
If there is only ONE to believe.
It can be mean and nasty,
When different sects contend to lead,

Please listen carefully to me,
Lend me your ears if you are not too busy,
Your full attention I need,
To understand all my yearnings and beliefs.

To reach our goal of unity,
Let’s build with one identity,
Preached goodness, give kindness,
Conducted in fairness, strive for Inner Happiness.

-To grow strong roots of true unity; Act in them is our first necessity – Sunflower 1983

Receiving little education from school, having failed her O-Levels at the age of 16 years old, she was born in a time when it was thought that it was not necessary for women to have higher education. For her, the School of Life is ‘The Life the University through Experiences’. In short, the world is her universities and the experiences are her teachers.

A natural adventure seeker, she went to the Gulf War as the only woman there to bring the Russians to put out the oil wells fire. She has written proposals on new forms of Architecture and presented it to the authority. Unfortunately, they stubbed her due to various reasons.

As a Singaporean, she has a deep sense of duty and responsibility following the S21 spirit, long before the campaign started. This is just one of the examples amongst the numerous others.

Taunted by many people as radicalism and an idealist she never once changed her principals for the sake of conformity. Her unorthodox way of living life has also drawn much criticism but her deepest satisfaction is that her family has complete trust and respect for her dreams and aspirations.

She is a devoted and a patient mother of two. Gabriel, her son 23 years old and her daughter Greta 21 years old support her cause ardently. In fact, World Harmony Day was an initial mother and daughter effort, which blossomed into a full team working World Harmony Day.

Gabriel said, “The dreams must go on, but my education can stop”. He has been a silent pillar of strength to both women and they are a family with great passion because her values passed to them – ‘Share, Care and Love by Understanding People’s Need’.

Her understanding that there is Creator’s Law and Man’s Law and Creator’s Job (Compel by ‘The Consciousness’) and Man’s Job (It is all about Survival). Both she tried to fulfill to her best ability, as she is taking the middle road.

Even with little in their bank account, they are still preserving for a greater cause as the banks in their hearts are filled with richness from working on World Harmony Day.

By Greta Georges

20 February 2003

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