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Hallo dear Sunflower,

In IMG 6333 the picture shows my grand-grand children from Johan side
with Pieter as father of the twin and Filip as father from Marilou.
(left)Lucas boy 7m (middle)Marilou girl 13m(right ) Lola girl 7m left and
right is a twin

In the word doc you see Emiel 5 y and Corneel 3,5 y my grand-grand children
from Karin side with Sofie

I see you are still involved with world problems. I am 85 and Germaine will
become 84 next sept.

How is it with Greta and Gabriël. Do they have also already children make you a grandmother

Have a nice day




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Dearest darling Roger,

You said, “I see you are still involved with world problems”

Do you remembered when I was last at your place Germaine said, “Sunflower why don’t you bring World Harmony Day to the 4 corners of the world?” And I had told her I will, so I have been working very hard with great love to achieve this impossible goal:)

I already told you long time ago I have a dream and in the dream one day the people will listen to my voice:) YOU KNOW ME BETTER I HAVE TO DO GOD WORK so I will keep on walking until the day I feel it is time to stop:)

Ok so many things have happened in my life and I cannot tell all but you have to read here http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/sunflowers-e-books/ and I will attach a short summary what my journey is all about? I hope to publish my 1st book ASEAN FUTURE and living from hand to mouth that means I don’t have money so it is not so easy:( If I make money then I can buy a ticket to visit your family and YOU ARE A GREAT GRANDFATHER:)

Your great grandchildren are so beautiful Germain and You are so very very blessed with great love from your children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren and frankly speaking I can’t wait to visit you. I MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH and will definitely come when I have the money !!

With great love always,

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