2015 Top Muslim Converts

Published on Apr 12, 2015

List of few high named people who converted to Islam.

1. French director Isabelle Matic announced on her Facebook page on January 11 that she converted to Islam, only a few days after Charlie Hebdo Paris attacks.

2. Carly Watts, a British Model.

3. Danny Blum, a German Footballer.

4. Sarah Willis, U.S.

5. Zara Glucht, Poland.

6. Sony Bill Williams, New Zealand Rugby player.


Young British women are converting to Islam BBC full Documentary HD

Published on May 10, 2015

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The Battle for British Islam BBC Panorama BBC Documentary 2015.

Click here to enjoy more videos: Make Me a Muslim BBC full movie Documentary 2013 episode 2 Growing numbers of young …

More On :- 1. Glasgow girl (Crazy , Drunk) want to learn Arabic to understand Quran, reverted to Islam.BBC 2013 …

Make Me a Muslim | young British women are converting to Islam BBC full movie Documentary 2013 (RESPONSE) tags young, british, woman, convert, …

Growing numbers of white British women are converting to Islam. But why would they want to give up all the freedom that western life allows??? What Is the …

I created this video with the YouTube Video

Young British women are converting to Islam BBC full Documentary HD


American Women Reveal “Why We Converted to Islam”

Published on Apr 25, 2015

Daring Question #402


[EXPOSED] ENGLISH Catherine becomes MUSLIM & TALKS – My Journey To Islam

Published on May 15, 2015


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Russian Model Masha Alalykina Converted to Islam and became Muslim

Published on Jan 1, 2015

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New Muslim Converts: How I Converted to Islam? ᴴᴰ – Susan Carland

Published on Dec 6, 2014

New Muslim Converts: How I Converted to Islam? – Susan Carland
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Why Dr Lisa Killinger come to Islam :: Women In Islam Through Western Eyes

Published on Dec 11, 2014

More On :- https://www.facebook.com/Calltorealsa…

Complete List :: United Kingdom Reverts

1. Glasgow girl (Crazy , Drunk) want to learn Arabic to understand Quran, reverted to Islam.BBC 2013 :- — http://youtu.be/h6XrENztX6g

2.Every year, more than 5,000 Brits convert to ISLAM : BBC documentary “Make Me A Muslim Clip” 2013 :- — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyMNAv…

I wasn’t religious before I converted. I didn’t really believe in God. I now cover my hair and wear a hijab, which was a big decision. My dad doesn’t like it, though, and I don’t wear the hijab when I’m with him.
At first I got some stares and nasty comments but in the past six months I’ve grown in confidence. Now I go to the mosque once a week and I pray every day.dawah
I also took a Muslim name, Safir, but I still use my old name of Claire too. I have a new partner too, who is a Muslim, but we’re not settling down just yet.
Islam has made me calmer and, for the first time in my life, I feel accepted.
There’s not much I miss about my old life, except the odd sausage roll — I can’t eat pork now.



Lauren Booth (Tony Blair’s Sister-in-law) – My Journey To Islam (Another Lecture)

Published on Aug 7, 2014

Lauren Booth is the sister-in-law of Tony Blair former Prime Minister of the UK [1997-2007].

شقيقة زوجة توني بلير تعلن اسلامها الصحافية البريطانية لورين بوث
My Story My Journey My Islam – Margaretha Adriana Van Es – 23 August 2014

Published on Aug 22, 2014

converted to Islam


Former Playboy Model Converts to Islam – Her Journey to Islam (Emotional)

Published on Aug 6, 2014

At the age of 17, Jamie’s father kicked her out of the house at which time she lived under a freeway overpass for a week. She became involved in vices and modeled for playboy until she decided to turn her life around. She discovered Islam and gave all of that up. Now, she lives in much peace and happiness. Allah (God) is all merciful and forgiving and can do whatever He shall wish to do. Nothing is impossible for Him to do. If He shall wish to forgive you for even this, He will. One of the most difficult obstacles new young converts/reverts face today is the public stereotype and the acceptance from their parents of their new chosen faith. But remember this, Allah gives you no task or obstacle that you cannot overcome and He will be with you so long as you remember Him and ask for His help. Eventually, after they really learn the truth about your new faith, Islam, they will come around Inshallah (God Willing). Nothing is impossible for Him to do. So keep looking forward, praying, and remember that you are not alone. Muslims around the World love you and accept you as they do any brother and sister, and that thousands and thousands of those who convert/revert every year, often face the same challenges, but at the end, Allah brings peace and happiness. It is a small test of the strength of your faith. Stay strong, keep looking forward, and keep praying to Him. Whoever Allah guides, none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide.
My Story My Journey My Islam – Vicky Nasr – 6 August 2014

Published on Aug 5, 2014

converted to Islam
Islam in USA – American Rap Singer Revert to Islam

Published on Aug 5, 2014

Islam in USA: American Rap Singer Revert to Islam


My Story My Journey My Islam – Alana Blockley – 4 September 2013

Published on Sep 3, 2013

convert to islam
From Hollywood to Islam – The Story of Sr. Zainab Ismail

Published on Sep 10, 2013

877-Why-Islam presents the story of Sr. Zainab Ismail, nicknamed the Sheikha of the health and fitness industry. She is a fitness and nutrition expert who has had many celebrities from Hollywood and sports as her clients. But a series of events over a few years, brought her to Islam by the Mercy of Allah SWT. Her yearning for the closeness to Allah led her to accept Islam not once but twice. She shares the importance of supporting new Muslims and accommodating them in our communities.

To contact Sr. Zainab – Please contact us at events@whyislam.org. We will forward your request to her and you will hear back from if she chooses to respond.

For more information, please call 877-Why-Islam or visit

Hotline: 877-WHY-ISLAM
Website: http://www.WhyIslam.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whyislam
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/whyislam
UK Hotline: 0808-189-1044
My story My Journey My Islam – Marzena Goralska – 14 August 2013

Published on Aug 13, 2013

convert to islam
My story My Journey My Islam – A jewish sister Lila Hussain – p1 – 14 August 2013

Published on Aug 13, 2013

convert to islam
Filipino actress Queenie Padilla leaves Showbiz for Islam

Published on Jul 21, 2012

Filipino actress Queenie Padilla, the daughter of the famous bad boy of the Phillipines cinema scene, Robin Padilla, has left the showbiz scene to become a devout Muslim. In this emotional interview conducted after performing Hajj, Queenie explains how she was lost and unhappy in showbiz, and now feels happiness and contentment in her life since she made the commitment to Islam. She also thanks her father for giving her the opportunity to perform Hajj, and also her mother, who was born a muslim, as she recently appealled to Queenie and her sister to embrace the religion of Islam.

Uploaded by http://www.muslimsandtheworld.com

Original clip is located at http://www.muslimsandtheworld.com/fil…

Link to this clip on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHZjQs…


Lauren Booth – My Journey To Islam

Published on Dec 3, 2012


Myriam Francois-Cerrah – My Journey to Islam

Published on Oct 8, 2012

Discover Islam Week 2012- My Journey to Islam

Some of us are lucky enough to be born into the deen, but then some have to take a special journey to find Islam. Therefore with much pleasure UCLU Islamic Society is proud to present ‘My Journey to Islam’, a panel discussion centred around 3 converts to Islam with different backgrounds and with very unique stories to tell. The event will be followed by an open Q&A.

Islam is the fastest growing faith within the UK and the world, and this is your chance to find out what Islam has to offer to ones mind, heart and soul.

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