Gaza Ceasefire’s Shocking Photos, Then Carnage Resumes Full Force

Published on Jul 28, 2014

“The Israeli army has insisted that a mortar round it fired into a UN shelter in Gaza on Thursday in a clash with “militants” was not responsible for the deaths of at least 15 people.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement that only a “single errant mortar” landed in the school courtyard.

It has released aerial footage which it says proves the shelter was empty at the time the stray shell went off.”* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

*Read more here from BBC:


Mike Meredith
Mike Meredith 9:28am Aug 1
8 hours ago
It’s all being exaggerated…. Hamas are cowards using kids and civilians as shields to later turn around and call Israel terrorists…
i am glad they are, been running into lots of trolls, shills and hasbara trolls
Yeah….. lots of trolls… I’ve seen fake pictures of kids half torn apart and heads cut off people asking for money to save Christians….. I’ve seen it all….most is not true!… yes… there is a war going on that our media is not covering but we have to be carefull how we represent our country!
If you notice most of the anti Israeli post are from Arabs or conspiracy theorist that are from other countries that hate the US… and If you ask me most are fake profiles!
which pictures? the ones shared around? hmmm
i looked into the matter and learned a lot, i havent slept all night so am sluggish this morning
some good docmentaries i will share later,
just a friends daughter is stuck there along with other americans and we dont know if she is ok
there are shills out there spreading disinformation to discredit people sharing things. I accidentally came across some and when shown it was fake or misleading i realized it was a deliberate misleading.
Yeah….from what I’ve seen…..almost all the propaganda makes Arabs look like innocent people that would never hurt a soul…. that is bullshit!
you do know how this offensive stared do you?
Roi Tov—Mossad Predicted Netanyahu’s Kidnapping of Settlers
Roi Tov—3 Boys for the West Bank
Yes I’m well educated on the matter and it is difficult to blame one side!… the history of Palestine is also exaggerated!
what is it that people are confused about
I’m still learning. before the end f world war 2, before israel was born, the arab christian, jews and muslem populations got along pretty well. I do understand israels society is highly divided and soldiers are refusing to go into gaza
do you have any good videos or links you can share?, I’ll watch them, i got to rest now, but please feel free to share anything to help me learn
5 hours ago
Mike …do you hate your own country?
3 hours ago
i hate and despize what its become for the crimes it has committed, i hate and despise the arrogance and selfishness i see in people, the outright racism and indifference of the suffering our policies cause onto others around the world. people are too divided to make a difference, divide over most nonsense things. so much problems it has. people are slow to wake up to reality. but there are also good and kindhearted people around in many places. just too many lies and deciet. the damages our corproate policies have comitted around the worldand at home, things are backwards. i just no longer care for this country or this human world. fed up with people saying if they dont like it then leave. people are brainwashed to live and work as slaves their entire life. I am fed up with Israel and the trouble they cause us, i have no sympathy for them i can care less if i am considered an antisemite now. fed up with their excuse of the holocaust everytime they butcher people, they are extremely racist , lying pieces of shit. i care enough for our country that i want these bastards who havewho have duel israeli citizenships within high levels of the government and military and control our media fededing us lies continuosly telling us that all muslims are terrorist when the CIA and mossad train them, oh they are gods chosen people lets bankrupt ourselves and give them chemical weapons so they can torch civilians with white phosphorus

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