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Letter to Senator Lieberman Scenario After Pre-emptive Strike In Iran


The BBC Film That Exposed Israel’s Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons (FULL Documentary)

Published on Jun 19, 2012

The BBC Film That Exposed Israel’s Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons (FULL Documentary)


If Only Life Is So Simply With BOMBS And All The World’s Problem Will Be Solved

My Reply

22 March 2012

Dear Senator Lieberman,

“Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it” – Albert Einstein

Firstly, I thank you very much for your reply. I kept wondering when I would receive a reply from you because I know the Iran nuclear issue is close to your heart. After reading your letter, I am very happy to share my inner thoughts with you.

You said, “While I believe tough sanctions offer our last, best hope of peacefully preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability, I also believe that it is important that the Obama Administration keep all options on the table. If a nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable, as the President has stated, we must make clear to the world that we are prepared to do whatever is necessary to prevent the unacceptable.”

As long as the United Nation gives the green light count me in. BUT a pre-emptive strike is not acceptable, no matter what excuse Israel is going to give. Have you read this article from Reuters? http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/is-the-israeli-government-playing-a-computer-war-game/

The Reuters paper published on 10 March in the local paper, the Straits Times, an article entitled “Israel ponders fallout of an attack on Iran.” In the beginning paragraph it said, “There is a gathering view, expressed with growing insistence by senior officials, that the resulting conflict would be a price worth paying.”

Worth it for who may I ask or is it because the estimation death is less than 500 it is worth taking the risk to bomb Iran? This was what Reuter had written, “Defence Minister Ehud Barak has gone so far as to predict that “maybe not even 500” civilians would die in the wake of a strike on Iran. Fewer than 50 Israeli civilians died in the 2006 Lebanon war and 2008-2009 Gaza Strip conflict.” The Netanyahu government takes the lives of their fellowmen very lightly, this is very worrisome. Why the urgency and what is the real reason behind Netanyahu government needs to go to war within 6 months?  The Reuter Mar 20 article, “Despite Iran jitters, Israeli anti-war camp muted” say it all. Dan William written, “The organiser of one anti-war artistic exhibit in Tel Aviv has accused Netanyahu of fuelling a showdown with Iran to distract from domestic ills. The cost-of-living protests last summer forced his government to alter economic policies.” http://in.reuters.com/article/2012/03/20/israel-iran-mood-idINDEE82J08J20120320

Netanyahu and Ehud Barak must be out of their minds playing with fire on top of fire. They see things so simply, like the “Jewish Hawks” that had painted the entire picture to the naive George Bush Jr. when they justified and encouraged a pre-emptive strike on Iraq. They are self-serving people that only look at a situation from one angle, their angle and only their interests. I am a visionary, and an outsider, so let me paint you the whole scenario about how the Netanyahu will bring the whole world down.

These Israeli leaders and Jewish Hawks talk like they are playing a new computer war game. A computer game is a fixed scenario in a box and you can’t introduce any new element into the game, but in real life you have additional elements, RUSSIA & CHINA! It is sure that Russia and China will not sit still and allow the world to be destroyed because of the Jews’ constant fear and insecurity. Russia and China will likely always side together. http://www.youtu.be/AhvfCFCfdNk And America should not even attempt to separate them because it is just wishful thinking on their part…can Russian and China convince America to separate from Israel? Don’t blame them because you made a wrong move in using your veto on Palestine, and it is natural for them not to stand by you on Syria. Partnership is two-way street.

America today and the old America are very different. In the 60’s, America is so rich and powerful that no one dared to stop America when it decided to give the Jews a homeland in Palestine. But now it is a different story altogether. If Netanyahu ever pre-emptively bombed Iran, it would give the excuse for Russia and China to give support to their allies, just as America had always done for its allies like Israel and others. Do you think Russia and China are going to be spectators when their own stability are at stake? The wars in the past were about OIL! Russia’s and China’s interests are in Iran, so do you think they will allow Israel to destroy Iran? Will America allow anyone to destroy Israel or Saudi Arabia? Of course not, because American OIL is in Saudi Arabia! Now do you know why America came to the rescue of Kuwait in 1991?

Let’s say that even if Israel decides to go it alone to bomb Iran, would America get off scot free? It’s not likely because even if Israel decides to do it without America, they will still pull the US into the conflict. If the Israelis bomb Iran, it is pretty likely that Russia and China will bomb Israel. Does anyone really believe that America will just stand there and watch, and say, “See I told you so, why did you not listen Netanyahu?” But by then it is already too late because too much damage would be done and this is going to be a third world war!

If ever Israel takes action against Iran, this might be the opportunity for the Palestinians to have their country back with the help of China. The Chinese government is everywhere doing very good public relations with many countries and wherever they go, there is the appearance of a win-win situation in their business dealings. But as for the West, they have taken great advantage of the third world countries for many years with the result of destroying their environment and polluting their water. If this conflict in Iran erupts, it will give Russia, and especially China, a great opportunity to take over the world. Since the Middle East is all about oil, and if China is willing to share it with Russia, how long do you think Saudi and the other Arab countries will still stand by America?

Don’t forget you are cutting your own defense budget while Russian and China are increasing theirs many fold. Over the next ten years time, if America is not treading carefully with all the other countries, this superiority will just slip away without you noticing it. The Chinese go around quietly and diplomatically, but America keeps making their loud noise, especially the republicans. So, please consider where your standing with Israel is in the eyes of others, especially if Israel is not attacked, because they do not have the right to attack others unprovoked. If America can be a fair broker of peace, America will forever stand tall in the world and all nations will want America to be a leader. But not if you still stick so blindly with Israel. This is a pragmatic world, and who knows; maybe all the ASEAN countries will go with China too. Just like when America was strong, everyone ‘kow-tows’ to you because of money, but there is NO LOYALTY in this game!

Another drastic scenario, could Singapore be an interesting “acquisition” for China? Behind closed doors, the conversation is always the same; if Singapore cannot make it as a sovereign country, should we go back to Malaysia? Some quarters said why must we return to Malaysia?  Other say maybe Indonesia will take us back because during the Gaja Mada period it belongs to Indonesia? People would say, that’s not possible…but why not if Netanyahu has destroyed the sanctity of the rule of law, then every country is free for all. Who ever has the military might will be the winner as it was in the past for the UK or America. Who knows, maybe the fight will be between America and China because Singapore is a very important hub for these countries. Therefore, I hope you can see the danger and the spiralling effect or chain effect if Netanyahu is going to pre-emptively strike Iran. We must stop such madness because if the world cannot stop it, it is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. If there is No Law and Order, it will be Lawlessness and Disorder, and our One World cannot withstand it because we are also so closely linked now.

I am not a Palestinian but a Singaporean living from hand to mouth and yet I cannot take the Netanyahu government’s NONSENSE anymore. For this reason, I will continue to dedicate my entire life to help the Palestinian people in whatever way I can within my capacity as an ordinary citizen of the world to make a homeland happen for them. I would like them to know that over in this part of the world we do care for them but unfortunately many are helpless to do something concrete to help. I will pray for them to have forgiveness for the Jewish people because the majority of the Jewish people are very good people. But I sense great danger from the “Fundamentalist Jews in Israeli government” called the Zionists who are stalling the peace process by demanding (not accepting the 1967 borders) and stealing (building more settlements) more land using the same old excuse, Security!

If every country behaves like Israel, it would be the end of the world, and we don’t need Armageddon to come! If the Jews do not want to live their whole life with fear they must be fair to the Palestinians by giving them a homeland that is long overdue. Instead, Netanyahu keeps pointing to the one reason why they still don’t have peace in the Middle East – The Arab refusal to accept the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. Before, it was the “right to exist”, and now it has been twisted to, ‘A JEWISH STATE’, and once again, there is no end to all their reasons for not implementing the peace agreement. The Jews were a people without a land, and now that they have one, they are unhappy with 78% of Palestine. It seems it is not enough to make them feel safe, they want all of Palestine.

In my 2nd letter to Netanyahu I wanted to put these lines (but was advised not to) – “If You Dare Bomb Iran Without The Green Light From UN The Whole World Must BOYCOTT ISRAEL And The First Thing We Will Do Is PUT YOU IN THE HAGUE JUST LIKE MILOSEVIC!” Instead I have written to President Obama to look into this possibility, because the UN only works with countries and not individuals.

We need to PRE-EMPT Netanyahu and stop his madness with this idea to bomb Iran, hence I was compelled to write to President Obama with the hope he will look into this very important matter for world peace and stability. There were cries to indict George Bush Jr because of the pre-emptive strike on Iraq, and I think this time round, we should not ponder but seriously consider making it very clear to Israel that the leaders could be held accountable before it is too late.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong


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