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Letter to ALL World Leaders Who Have Recognised Palestine

Letter to ALL World Leaders Who Have Recognised Palestine


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Gary Nicholson 11:21pm Sep 2, 2014
“The world is a very sick place. Governments stage Wars to Please Corporations and they are little more than Entertainment for the rest of the World. Contests where “No Holds are Barred.” There are no rules; not really. It’s our team is going to win. We can break the rules when it comes to winning. We can kill indiscriminately and wrong is only wrong for the decided enemy. This is my observation. The religions are not only on the sidelines, they are in the thick of it. And “God is on our Side;” even though there are time the same religion can be on opposing sides. People usually fail to see it but no matter who the decided winner is there are no winners. There is loss and destruction everywhere and recovery may be Decades or even Centuries away. Israel bombs innocent People; including infants and small children and arguments spring around the world as tho whether this is done in defense. Grow up people, this is not defense and it is obscene. I could go on but why rant; I’ve said enough.”

[ENG SUBS] Shaheed Mutahhari I Historic Speech on Palestine



7th November 2014


Dear World Leaders,

“In war ‘answered the weaver,’ the strong make slaves of the weak, and in peace the rich make slaves of the poor. We must work to live, and they give us such mean wages that we die. We toil for them all day long, and they heap up gold in their coffers, and our children fade away before their time, and the faces of those we love become hard and evil. We tread out the grapes, and another drinks the wine. We sow the corn, and our own board is empty. We have chains, though no eye behold them; and we are slaves, though men call us FREE.”

~ Oscar F W Wilde 1854 born in Dublin

Why am I writing to all of you?

A terrible situation exists in our world that I believe can only be ended with the support of the most important world leaders; and especially those leaders who have had the courage to recognize Palestine. The Palestinians are living like poorly treated livestock while their oppressors enjoy the wealth and plenty that they have cunningly cheated others out of; they even steal the land from the poor Palestinians who are the rightful owners. You all know I speak of Zionist Israel’s occupation, oppression and torture of the Palestinian people. This must be stopped by those with the strength and courage to stand against the Israelis and grant the Palestinians the homeland they deserve.


Zionist Israel and the Zionist Jews are trying to stop any of us who oppose their corrupt propaganda and they attempt to intimidate those who try to speak up through public humiliation. Supporters of my quest to free the Palestinians have gone through threats and creaming humiliation. These Zionist Jew Bitches try to silence their support and threaten me with similar treatment, yet I persevere in my journey to bring World Harmony Day to a weary world that must stand up and recognize the plight of the Palestinians and pressure the cowardly Zionists to return the land that has been stolen and agree to a Palestinian homeland.

Ayatullah Motahari’s Famous Speech On Palestine [HD]

And I have challenged them directly in their face by voluntarily being creamed. We must not be intimidated by their cowardly tactics and I will to continue to fight them by offering the following solemn vow: I will continue to allow myself to be humiliated with creamings to expose the Zionist Bitches’ intimidation tactics. Why a 2nd Creaming? And I will continue to be creamed until the Palestinians are free and have been granted their own state and land. I will continue to broadcast the need for world leaders to fight for Palestine through my petition that the Zionists continue to block our supporters from signing: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/call-for-support-for-a-palestinian-state.html And I will bravely sacrifice my vanity by getting creamed as many times as it takes to achieve a free Palestine and the Palestinians’ freedom from oppression and tyranny by Zionist Israel!

I have written a similar letter to Sweden PM Stefan lofven, President Vlamdimir Putin, President Xi Jin Ping, President Jacob Zuma, President Dilma Rousseff & Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Do you think you can join the BRICS to lift World Harmony Day to a even greater height by bringing the world to a Spiritual Oneness by hosting WHD event on 20th February 2015 in your respective countries?

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,
Sunflower Chong

THE BIGGEST SECRET – The book that will change the world – DAVID ICKE



Michael Aydinian

IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP! In other words they will do anything & everything to get their way, whatever it takes, however evil! Yet there’s more! Along with their deluded belief God made himself busy giving them & only them the right to do as they please, (after all they think non-Jews are sub-human,) they have a penchant for deception that truly beggars belief! This enables them to commit all the crimes under the sun, from bribing officials all over the world to the elimination of the Palestinian people is Genocide & still remain very much under the radar.

Of course over 100 years ago the Zionists realized they had to do two things – first & foremost, they had to control the flow of information, especially the news. Since their plans included in all likelihood the assassination of JFK, the quite outrageous attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 & the daddy of them all, 9/11, without complete control of the mainstream media they could have never pulled it off. How many people for instance know Osama Bin Laden went on Aljazeera TV the day after 9/11 proclaiming his innocence? Surely everyone on the planet should have seen this interview. How dare anyone deny us this right! Bin Laden was accused of this heinous crime yet the very next day NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO HEAR WHAT HE HAD TO SAY ABOUT IT! To say this is preposterous is a chronic understatement! You see making up a pack lies as the Zionists do for fun is only part of the coup; much of the time what we don’t hear is what’s crucial. The news is now so one-sided we never hear the other side of the story.

Secondly, they needed the best back up possible – America! Slowly but surely they infiltrated the upper echelons of US power to arrive at a point where the US would unconditionally back Israel no matter what! This allowed Israel to literally throw away the rule book. 65 UN resolutions were drawn up against Israel only for one country to apply a veto – the US obliged every single time, donating the greatest villains on the planet a get out of jail free card & as well as a license to do whatever they wanted.

While all this international skulduggery was occurring, the media had to work overtime trying to paint the quite ludicrous picture that Israel the ultimate aggressor was actually the victim! Not to forget their age-old stalwart – THE ANTI-SEMITIC CARD! Boy was this over-played? As soon as anyone criticized Israeli, they were branded A.S! What a clever way of avoiding criticism, most especially when it’s meaning is a total contradiction for Arabs are Semites too! Throw in the Holocaust or the HOLLOW HOAX, which effectively steered the uninitiated into believing the Jews were the only people ever persecuted, the most elaborate duping process ever conjured up was well & truly operational.

Controlling US politicians though would have to be an ongoing process. Moreover with what the Zionists had in mind it was essential they always had a majority, the bigger, the better! Almost from the get-go in 1948, the Dual National Zionists had the begging bowl out for Israel. Couldn’t Mr. Rothschild sort them out? Soon billions of dollars of US tax payer money was regularly being siphoned off to Israel. Now what’s interesting here is a large portion of this would be returned to AIPAC, the all-powerful Zionist lobby group in the US so that they could offer ever larger chunks in bribes. Moreover if one of their stooges came up against a true American Patriot, the media would turn on the dirty tricks tap, while the traitor lied his arse off! Worse still he or she never had to worry about campaign funds. Regular injections of capitol were always there!

Needless to say The Zionists now have the White House, Congress & the Senate in their pockets. If a RON PAUL comes along they cheat by rigging the elections, plain & simple! You’ve got to hand it to them. Us taxpayer money is being used so that their politicians work for for the best interests of Israel, which more often than not turn out to be detrimental to America! Like I said, when it comes to deception, they stand in a class of their own! With all this in place Israel is not only able to instigate whatever they want, THEY DO SO WITH FEW PEOPLE COGNIZANT THAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR JUST ABOUT ALL THE SHIT THAT’S GOING ON! How many times have I said nothing serious happens in America unless the Zionists want it!

I’ve also said they will not stop! Sure enough 30 odd FB friends sent me articles outlining how the Zionists are pulling out all the stops to derail any chance of a peace deal between the US & Iran. This was no surprise to me as was the news that Kerry said he was not an idiot & the talks had broken up! Then the bombshell! I did not expect to hear that the talks had broken up because of FRENCH WEREN’T HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COME THE FROGS HAVE SUDDENLY MADE THEMSELVES BUSY? What the hell have they got to do with this?

Casting aside the fact that up to 10 years ago France & Iran had perfectly good relations & France regularly criticized Israel. Just 5 years ago Sarkozy said Netanyahu was a pathological liar. I’ll allow you a wild guess as to what effected this dramatic 180 degree turnaround jump shot! Even RT Moscow never once mentioned Israel when they reported about the break-up of the US/Iran talks. This shows exactly how the Zionists operate. They’re the only ones who want war; Netanyahu can’t keep his big, fat, stupid mouth shut; they then get France to carry the can WHEN IT’S THEM ALL THE TIME! Their effrontery holds no bounds! They will not stop!

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IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP! In other words they will do an…See More
By: The GMM uk – Michael Aydinian

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