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FUCK SATANYAHU Israelis will miss the Opportunity to have A Jewish State of 78%!!

FUCK SATANYAHU Israelis will miss the Opportunity to have A Jewish State of 78%!!


Israeli Defense Minister: Tel Aviv Will Not Allow Iran To Build Military Bases In Syria

Benjamin Netanyahu’s nightmare comes true as Putin crushes his plans                                     http://www.pravdareport.com/world/asia/25-08-2017/138513-israel_iran-0/


Why Palestine Is Still the Issue



Scumbag Netanyahu is Exposed he has no intention to honor Oslo Peace Agreement!

Netanyahu Slams The Door On Palestinian State


Satanyahu goes to war with the world. Israel’s self-imposed exile

Netanyahu Real Intention is to Swallow the whole of Palestine

Netanyahu says will not allow street to be named for Arafat

Zionist Israel=ISIS Executes Four Palestinian Refugees, Orders Execution Of Anyone Who Raises Palestinian Flag

Why Israel Backs Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Independence


Define Palestinian :

Israel exposed. The truth that you won’t see it at Tv.
Kathleen Hassanali – Truth nothing but the truth. Every thing these men have said blows my mind.Well done to you. These Zionist are treating the palistinians horrifically wrong no more to say as these men have said it all


WATCH// In Last Monologue, Israeli Comedy Show Host Implores Israelis to Wake Up and Smell the Apartheid


“If you’re offended by it [terms of Apartheid or Genocide] then don’t do it.” Miko Peled


Gideon Levy: “Without the US there is no occupation. And the US carries responsibility for any of Israel’s deeds and crimes because without the US Israel couldn’t do it, very clearly.”

Gideon Levy: Americans “Are Supporting the First Signs of Fascism in Israel”


For Justice and Equality in Israel/Palestine
Against enormous odds we are making change. What a year 2016 has been, we move forward because of you, many thanks.


Dr. Mads Gilbert documented Israel’s crimes in Gaza
Real Aid Means No Blockade
GAZA: Billions pledged, a percentage delivered, but real reconstruction can’t occur till the blockade ends. #EndGazaBlockade


Jerusalem 5800, new master plan to Judaize holy city
30 Palestinians are without homes today after the Zionist government demolished their apartment building in east Jerusalem .


Palestinian Bedouins fear forcible transfer by Israel
Ethnic Cleansing of entire Palestinian community of 7,000 in Khan al-Ahmar by occupation to steal their land. UN and international NGOs warn that risk of forcible transfer could affect around 7000 Palestinians living in Area C.


#Watch // This is the true face of Israel
David Elkins – this is the Israel America (and most of the west) defends. FYI Israel has illegally occupied Palestine for over 50 years Palestinians are the ones being terrorised. Not Israelis


These two Scottish gentlemen are so passionate about Palestine, that one of the gentlemen finds it so difficult to hold back his emotions.
Satria Wijaya Eric Tjan – God bless these gentlemen for being caring n loving PALESTINE! We are all Palestinians n our prayers love n best wishes are with PALESTINE always!


Palestinians Wisam A’raj & Mo’min Fararja, savagely beaten on September 21st in Shu’fat Camp in Occupied Jerusalem as they’re lying on the ground at gun point by the Immoral Zionist Occupiers (IOF)
Nabeel Qutub – The Israeli IDF scum bags assaulting and torturing unarmed Palestinian youths!
This is Israeli ‘Democracy’ at work in the occupied Palestinian areas. America still trust such psychopaths to be humans which they are not, SHAMELESS


If this video doesn’t break your heart, then nothing will. Please share
Watch: Israeli occupation soldiers shot and injured a Palestinian child in Kofr Qadum, West Bank


If this video doesn’t break your heart, then nothing will. Please share


A VIDEO THAT ISRAEL DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE ! Several hundred Palestinian children are being held in Israeli PRISONS
Michael Mc Quaid – This must be stopped. Did the Jews not learn anything from the Holocaust? Now they are the oppressor. It’s hard to believe.


It’s a Shocking video which breaks hurt … If you cn’t bear it plz don’t watch …the cruelty of Zionists …
Steven De Groot – Russia seriously needs to drop a few reminders in Tel Aviv just show these fucks that they ain’t impenetrable.#JustDoItPutin


Israeli zionists soldiers brutally arrested a young #Palestinian girl, then a #Zionist squatter settler kicks her in the head.
Mash Man – Fucking coward Zionist pieces of shit. One day you will be treated with the same hatred and violence you fucking parasites!!!! Burn and rot in hell with your mothers and fathers!!


These Palestinian kids are facing the world’s most dangerous walk to school


It’s so heartbreaking to watch a video….I cant imagine what these little children would go through everyday 


Watch the most Immoral ‘army’ (IOF) beating up a 12 year-old Palestinian boy in Occupied Hebron after chasing several boys and swearing at them.
Richard Awad – Pathetic behavior from the so-called “only democracy in the middle east “. Shame on USA policy for sustaining this bullshit democracy with our tax dollars.


Truth vs. lies. Israel exposed.
Rod Garrett – Every sane human on earth knows that israel is holocausting the Palestinians off the face of the earth.


“They were beating me until all I felt was pain.” 3 out of 4 Palestinian children endure physical violence after their arrest by Israeli forces.
Elsa Sundsvold – I saw it with my own eyes when I used to live in Palestine!!! I big crime and a big shame!!!

Hunting time for IOF, the Palestinian children are the best catch
Qasim Munir Chaudhry – Bitter Truth…ISIS is the only terrorist organization that can travel:2000 miles from Syria to attack Brussels 1000 miles to attack KSA 3500 miles to attack Bangladesh….Challenge all the countries….but can’t travel 52 miles to attack Israel because :”The dog doesn’t bite its own tail”


“I swear, it’s mine.” An 8-year-old Palestinian girl cried when an Israeli officer confiscated her bike in Hebron, occupied West Bank.


Israeli soldiers trying to arrest a 6-year-old child in front of his mother…
Emanuelle Carter – Brave mother! Does the Israeli government not teach their soldiers a little bit of psychology? It does not matter what the little boy did. A true respected soldier does not grab kids. That pathetic excuse of a soldier should have just asked who his mother was, and let his mother punish him if he did something childish and wrong. The United States sends Israel millions of dollars, they should use that money to educate soldiers on how to deescalate problems. Proving to little kids that they have to hate and they have to fear people in the military is a very bad thing to do. Those poor kids will be damaged for life, and they are the ones that will become the suicide bombers when they become adults.


The Systematic Mistreatment of Palestinian Children… Just going to school is a major act of courage…what would you say if this was your child?
Nadim Salim – There is easy solution to all that crisis Israel leave illegally occupied Palestinian land and go back inside its borders as defined by U N.


The life of Palestinians!


The Real face of “Israel”.
Israeli ‘soldiers’ brutalize a Palestinian father who asked them to stop firing tear gas because his kids were suffocating! Watch & Share


Palestine will be free
Azeez SicAandari – They are the true evil of today.The world would be better off without them. They are the different brand of ISIS ruling and dominating without fear n with western support. Shame on you israhell!


Israeli undercover agents shoot unarmed Palestinian youth at point blank range
Ernest Letang – This terrorist state Israel, it’s time for the world to stand up against this known terrorist Israel and hold it accountable for is barbaric act genocide and crime against humanity,


Archive: A Palestinian girl confronts two Israeli soldiers to convince them not to shoot at peaceful protesters.
John Huffstutler – Ashamed of my country for supporting this… I’m so sorry my heart goes out for the people of Palestine!!


Palestinians’ daily life in Occupied Palestine. Palestinians do not even have the freedom of worship in their historical mosque al-Aqsa
Afi Aslam – Jews have hell fire, burning for over thousand years the cursed evil cowards no wonder Hitler got rid of you Palestine’s not your land you coward bastards! Enjoy the torture of the innocent. For surely Allahs torture will be beyond words.


Israeli police assault on Muslim worshipers at the Aqsa Mosque
Caroline Edwards – They can stop them from praying in the mosque but they will never be able to stop them from praying to God #freepalestine nobody can kill the faith of anyone so fuck you isreal one day the tables will turn and you will all rot in hell


Hans Finckh this evil terroris acts must stop NOW!!
In April, Israeli soldiers stopped a 19-year-old Palestinian girl at an Israeli checkpoint in Hebron (al-Khalil), searched her bag inhumanely and arrested her. Young Palestinian children were watching the scene.


#Israel is currently holding 700 Palestinian administrative detainees without charge or trial.
When arrested, detainees are not told the reason for being held. Former administrative detainee Linan Abu Ghulmeh: “There was no court case, no file, just a secret administrative detention file.”


Israel cuts water lines going to several Palestinian villages in the Occupied Jordan Valley this morning. This is the second time in one week.


Israeli Occupiers spraying nasty waste at Palestinian homes and civilians in Kafr Qaddum Town in the Occupied West Bank.
Why are the Jewish people around the world quiet if they claim they believe in god then they should know there is a difference between Zionist Jews and real Jews?


IOF soldiers kidnap the Canadian human rights activist, Sara Marios, who works for an International Human Rights Commission.
She was kidnapped in Al-Khalil City to prevent her from covering the Israeli crimes against Palestinian citizens.


Learn the difference between a Zionist and a Jew.
Watch how Zionist israeli soldiers, attack a Jew laying down on the ground !!!


“If you play with fire, you get burned.”


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