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Free Gaza and Free Palestine thus Free the World!!



Zionist Terror in Gaza – Free Gaza and Free the World

Published on Jul 17, 2014


In this most powerful expose yet on Zionist crimes in Palestine, Dr. David Duke exposes the horrific Zionist terror in Gaza and proves how Zionist influenced media around the world lies to us! Not only must we free Palestine, we must free the West and the whole world from Zionist Globalist tyranny!

Reporter Breaks Down while Reporting on Israeli Killing of Palestinian Children‬ in Gaza

Published on Jul 21, 2014

She also reports what you almost never hear reported in U.S. media about Israeli Settlements in the West Bank. If You Care, Please Share this Video to get the word out about what Israel is doing in Gaza: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZUIU… #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #FreePalestine #BDS

Media Bias for Israel Masks Israeli Aggression against Palestinians

“Israel is keeping up a steady stream of attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip”

UN Envoy Cries for Gaza Children

Published on Jul 30, 2014

Former Member – House of Representatives-LA

Dr. David Duke exposes a video of the UN Envoy on Gaza refugees who breaks down in tears after learning of another horrific Israeli mass murder bombing of a UN operated school and civilian shelter. Suddenly the links for the video disappeared from mainstream publications. Looks like the Zionist thought it was too moving and they did not want it seen by people in Western nations!

Israeli Genocide in Gaza – A Documentary by Dr. David Duke

Published on Aug 7, 2014

http://www.DavidDuke.com & DrDavidDuke Facebook Fanpage

Dr. David Duke, former member of the House of Representatives and PhD in History proves Israeli crimes of Genocide in Gaza by the Jewish state of Israel.

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