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Beings Are Visiting Us From Other Dimensions” – Confirms The FBI




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Dear Global Watch Weekly Member

One of the biggest debates to engulf the conspiracy sector over recent years is who really is running the world stage. Some believe it is Islam. In fact many Christian authors are increasingly jumping on a fast moving train believing that the final new world order will be one built on Sharia Law.

Others believe it is the Illuminati, still others believe it is the Jesuits and the Vatican.

How important is it to frame everything within the context of the vision received by Albert Pike in 1871?
This is a fascinating report which covers a huge amount of information about the role that Islam is playing during the end times. I am sure you are aware of the recent terrible attack on the International airport in Istanbul Turkey in addition to previous attacks in Belgium and France.

Holy War is one of the most controversial reports to tackle the question of Islam and the New World Order and addresses the growing popular belief that we need to be looking East and not West for the final world dictator and final new world order.

Holy War is a result of  months of research and tackles everything from
The Letter of Constantinople to the controversial teachings on the Lost Tribes of Israel.
From looking at the 13th Bloodline of the Illuminati to
The controversy regarding a secret plot to remove the Muslim Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to facilitate the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple.
From Understanding who the Knights Templar’s were and their relevance in history to
The importance of the coming of the Al Mahdi in the foreign policy of Iran.
From knowing why World War III will involve Russia to
Understanding the end time relevance of the Rothschild financial dynasty and much much more…………………………
Its a massive publication which provides major insights to help you in your pursuit for truth and is presently available to members.
All the best

Daniel Bailey


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Dear Global Watch Weekly Member

You may or may not know that 20 years ago there was a Christian man from Canada who had come across secret classified information of future technologies being developed to create havoc with our minds without us even knowing.

Months after the man had released this information and gone public with lectures and presentations, he was arrested by the Canadian authorities, his children taken away on the grounds he was mentally unstable and then weeks later he was dead.

However by the time he was arrested, the information he released had gone viral and there was simply no possible way for the authorities to close the lid on some rather nasty and diabolical projects they were trying to keep under wraps.

Using a combination of deceptive holographic technology, Chemtrails, weather modification and electronically charging (known as HAARP) parts of the atmosphere to induce changes in people (remember we are designed as electronic receptors), he stated that this Hodge Podge of technology was designed with one thing in mind.

Control and Manipulation.


For instance, have you ever got up one day and simply just felt depressed or really low without knowing the reason? You get to work and the atmosphere just seems subdued for no reason. Have you ever considered the possibility that there are elements in the atmosphere over your region which have been charged to test specific emotional responses in the population?

Sounds totally far-fetched? Think Again……

Decades later the United Kingdom and the United States government agencies who are increasing their powers of data control have already been in the news for the reckless abandon in which peoples personal data has been treated with utter contempt. There have been numerous stories of government agencies with antiquated networks allowing hackers to easily hack in and steal data as well as astonishing stories of staff accidentally dropping or leaving DVDs full of personal data on trains, taxis, airplanes etc.

But this is only just the tip of the iceberg.

Have you ever applied for a loan, mortgage or car finance? The chances are that your data which the creditor was checking against is held by either Equifax, Experian Transunion or one of their global subsidiaries.


Have you noticed that in all your research on the new world order everybody always talks about the NSA and DARPA (US intelligence agencies). However nobody talks about Equifax, Experian or Transunion. Why? Because these 3 companies are the secret covert eyes and ears of intelligence agencies.

Whilst everyone gets fat fed with exposing the NSA and DARPA, the world’s largest 3 credit reference agencies slip through the net and wield their power in entangling nearly all of us in their web of data capture. And who are they feeding our information to?

And what does this have to do with the great illusion/lie referenced in II Thessalonians, Aleister Crowley, the man dubbed the “Great Beast” and the United Nations?

What are the new form of holographic technologies which can generate holograms which substance which you can touch?

See the answers now at



Daniel Bailey
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London England W1U 6PZ

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