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Educate the Heart



Peace Summit 2009 – Educating the Heart and Mind

Uploaded on Oct 13, 2010

His Holiness the Dalai Lama along with four other Nobel Laureates and respected leaders in the fields of education, business and social transformation take part in four panel discussions as part of the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009 held in Vancouver Canada on September 27-29, 2009. (www.dalailama.com)

Video courtesy of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education.


Sir Ken Robinson – Educating the Heart and Mind

Sir Ken Robinson said that we must put the Art back to education ……. the art should be the centre of education…….the school that marginalize the Art is not doing education………

Uploaded on Nov 2, 2011

http://www.dalailamacenter.org Sir Ken Robinson speaks during the Dalai Lama Center’s Educating the Heart Series. He discusses the importance of an education that educates not just the mind, but also the heart.



Sir Ken Robinson, Creativity, Learning & the Curriculum

Uploaded on Mar 21, 2011

Edited highlights from Sir Ken Robinson’s talk at Learning Without Frontiers recorded March 16th, 2011, London.


Sir Ken Robinson and A New Direction

Uploaded on Dec 6, 2011

‘Bridge Building’ — Connecting the Arts and Schools in London
A New Direction asked Sir Ken Robinson to reflect on the current challenges around creativity in education


Sir Ken Robinson said that Creativity is the process of original idea that has value

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