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David Icke on Palestine

David Icke on Palestine

David Icke on Palestine

Uploaded on Aug 13, 2010

David Icke on Israel, Zionism, Nuclear Weapons and the House of Rothschild

1st known Israeli terrorism group:
Irgun (Hebrew: ארגון‎; shorthand for Ha’Irgun HaTzva’i HaLe’umi BeEretz Yisra’el, הארגון הצבאי הלאומי בארץ ישראל, “National Military Organization in the Land of Israel”) was a Zionist paramilitary

…background of state terrorism:
The strategy of tension (Italian: strategia della tensione) is a theory that describes how world powers divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions.

next example is Hamas:
http://www.WahrheitsSuche.org/israel-… (German)

B’nai B’rith International (English pronunciation: /bəˌneɪ ˈbrɪθ/; Hebrew: בני ברית, “Sons of the Covenant”) is the oldest continually operating Jewish service organization in the world. It was founded in New York City by Henry Jones and 11 others on October 13, 1843.

B’nai B’rith is engaged in a wide variety of community service and welfare activities, including the promotion of Jewish rights and the state of Israel, assisting hospitals and victims of natural disasters, awarding scholarships to Jewish college students, sponsoring low-income senior housing, and opposing anti-Semitism through its Center for Human Rights and Public Policy.[1] With nearly 100,000 members and supporters, B’nai B’rith International reaches more than 50 countries around the world to increase the welfare of resident Jews.

Canaan (Kanaʻn; Hebrew: כְּנָעַן Kənáʻan; Arabic: كنعان Kanʻān) is an ancient term for a region encompassing modern-day Israel, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories and adjoining coastal lands, including parts of Jordan, Syria and northeastern Egypt. In the Hebrew Bible, the “Land of Canaan” extends from Lebanon southward across Gaza to the “Brook of Egypt” and eastward to the Jordan River Valley. In far ancient times, the southern area included various ethnic groups. The Amarna Letters found in Ancient Egypt mention Canaan (Akkadian: Kinaḫḫu) in connection with Gaza and other cities along the Phoenician coast and into Upper Galilee. Many earlier Egyptian sources also mention numerous military campaigns conducted in Ka-na-na, just inside Asia.

Various Canaanite sites have been excavated by archaeologists. Canaanites spoke Canaanite languages, closely related to other West Semitic languages. Canaanites are mentioned in the Bible, Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian texts. Although the residents of ancient Ugarit in modern Syria do not seem to have considered themselves Canaanite, and did not speak a Canaanite language (but one that was closely related, the Ugaritic language), archaeologists have considered the site, which was rediscovered in 1928, as quintessentially Canaanite.[1] Much of the modern knowledge about the Canaanites stems from excavation in this area. Canaanite culture apparently developed in situ from the Circum-Arabian Nomadic Pastoral Complex, which in turn developed from a fusion of Harifian hunter gatherers with Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) farming cultures, practicing animal domestication, during the 6,200 BC climatic crisis.[2]

go to Wikipedia in order to read more about it

The flag of the European Union has 12 stars in one circle
What do those stand for ?

12 stars crowning the head of the Queen of Heaven in the book of Revelation, Chapter 12
12 hours on a clock
12 months in a year
12 symbols of the zodiac
12 apostles
12 sons of Jacob
12 tribes of Israel
12 Biblical minor prophets
12 ounces in a troy pound
12 semitones in an octave
12 days of Christmas
12 Caesars chronicled by Suetonius
12 Olympian gods
12 labours of Hercules
12 tables of Roman Law
12 books of Paradise Lost and the Aeneid
12 hues in the colour wheel, star or sphere (western art)

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