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CD with the history of Palestine in images


Asim Ghani [Please share]

Call me over-optimistic, but isn’t there a degree of deliberateness to the recent string of “oversights” regarding Israel by Western media and organizations? And notice the lament by Israeli media?

The most notable, of course, being the pilot of the Spanish airline Iberia landing in Tel Aviv announcing “Welcome to Palestine”

Air France wipes Israel off of the map…literally

Landing in Tel Aviv, Iberia pilot says ‘Welcome to Palestine’


Israel Demands U.S. Recognize Illegal Settlements Or It Won’t Make Peace

The bloody scumbag asshole Netanyahu can”F OFF”, illegal israel is already spiritually written off the map of the world and now it is the physical that We 7 Billion Humanity will achieve for the Palestinian people!


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Swiss-Palestine Association (http://www.palaestina.ch/

Facebook: Associazione-Svizzera-Palestina-Sezione-Ticino/)

Dear Friends

We produced a CD with the complete history of Palestine in images in PowerPoint (you need to have Windows Office or Open office): 600 slides, 1000 historical and actuality fotos, 60 maps, charts, comments, sources, etc.

The CD is available free of charges in English, Spanish, French, German or Italian.

The PowerPoint presentation is suitable for conferences, meetings, schools, researchers, historians, students, etc. The CD is a tool that every activist should have and use.

The CD is free of charge and available at any time. Send your postal address (or a confidential postal address) to:     imparalavita@bluemail.ch

and the CD will be sent to you free of charges in all the world.

The CD is free of charge (freight costs included) because it is our way of supporting the Palestinian cause. There are no triks, spam, viruses, commercial advertisements, subscription requests or other costs. We pay all from our own pockets.

On the same CD there is also the presentation in images: „The current economic system and the alternatives” that is very didactic.

On your request we can send to you the main files by  www.wetransfer.com directly on your computer.

About in one hour check your e-mail box name  sunflower_chong@yahoo.com. I will send to you now the mine file of the CD by www.wetransfer.com

Remember that on the CD there are no copyrights, but probably there is on some pitchures that me i finded on internet, so I suggest you not to make business with the CD. Thanks.

Best regards from Switzerland

Enrico Geiler

Swiss Palestine Association


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