BREXIT = DEATH to EU and Soon NATO & UN!!

BREXIT = DEATH to EU and Soon NATO & UN!!


Russia’s ascent to World power and its relation to the decline of the EU

Pepe Escobar: As world digests the implications of Brexit, Putin goes to China

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage: ‘Putin Behaved Like More of a Statesman Than Obama’

President Vladimir Putin comments Brexit, criticizes EU

Putin Has Now Weaponized His Own Popularity

The mind, placed before any kind of difficulty, can find an ideal outlet in the absurd. Accommodation to the absurd readmits adults to the mysterious realm inhabited by children.” – André Breton

How appropriate, to say nothing of au courant,  to kick off this post with a quote from André Breton; a French poet, writer, and author of “The Surrealist Manifesto”, he is best remembered as the founder of Surrealism.  And oh, Mama; surreal is what we have for you today. Yes, having weaponized everything from refugees to referendums, Putin has finally rolled out his magnum opus: he has weaponized his own popularity. Except it is somehow a secret.  What a good thing that we have Newsweek to brief us on how that works, because at the outset I confess I am puzzled as to how secret popularity could function as a weapon.


Brexit Is Good News for Russia but a Headache for NATO

Hacked Emails Reveal NATO Pushed Obama Administration to be Tough on Russia

Obama Ratchets Up to Invade Russia

Fort Russ: Kissinger: The goal of the US is a break up of Russia


An Economic Hit Man Confesses and Calls to Action

Published on Jun 24, 2016

John Perkins describes the methods he used to bribe and threaten the heads of state of countries on four continents in order to create a global empire and he reveals how the leaders who did not “play the game” were assassinated or overthrown. He brings us up to date about the way the economic hit man system has spread from developing countries to the US, Europe, and the rest of the world and offers a strategy for turning this around. “Each of us,” he says, “can participate in this exciting revolution. We can transform a system that is consuming itself into extinction into one that is sustainable and regenerative.”


The rule. not the exception

Operation Northwoods document

Uploaded on Nov 21, 2011

This is one of the chapters of a documentary which I am making about various conspiracies, how propaganda can be effectively used against the citizens of any nation, and how traditional cultures can be changed and manipulated through different psychological techniques. The film is not yet finished, but if enough people ask for the film, I might consider consolidating the video files into a DVD image and upload the resulting video somewhere. For this reason, I have left the comments option on for this video. But if I start to get smart alleck annoying comments filled with profanity, I’ll have to disable the comments option, as I don’t have time to argue with children or read an email account full of stupid comments. I have about 2 hours of video for this documentary so far, and the documentary covers a wide range of topics. Here are some links to verify what I am reporting here:


Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia

BREAKING NEWS: Hungary Orders The Rothschild Banks To Leave The Country!!!

Complete List of BANKS Owned or Controlled by the Rothschild Family

How bad are the bankers really? Worse than you can imagine

Helen Chaitman-Big Bank Customers Destroyed in Next Economic Meltdown

Published on May 24, 2016

Attorney Helen Chaitman, who represents victims of the Bernie Madoff $65 billion fraud, contends the big banks are like mobsters. Chaitman says, “There is no question about it. They operate illegally because they can generate huge profits by doing so. They go from one crime to another, and when they get caught committing one crime, nobody gets fired. Nobody disgorges bonuses. They just take those people and put them in a new area where they haven’t yet been prosecuted.”

What will happen to the customers of the big banks in the next financial meltdown? Chaitman warns, “The customers will be destroyed, and if the banks still have enough money to buy Washington, the government will protect them just like it has since 2008.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Helen Chaitman, author of the new book “JP Madoff.”

All links can be found at USAWatchdog.com: http://usawatchdog.com/criminal-banke…


UN Have Unveiled Their Master Plan For The Next 14 Years…… It Is Terrifying

Fort Russ: $9 Billion – The Toll on Turkish Economy for Shooting Down Russian Plane

A Warning ! Bomb Blast At Istanbul Airport Was Aimed To Stop Turkey’s Leadership To Mend Relations With Russia !

Turkish Grey Wolves: Forgotten Story of Cold War-Era Paramilitary Group


It is no secret that the CIA used former Nazi collaborators and executioners as a Cold War instrument against the USSR. For instance, the CIA and the US State Department sponsored OUN leaders’ immigration to the United States in 1949, according to Dr. Per Anders Rudling, a Swedish-American historian (The OUN, the UPA and the Holocaust: A Study in the Manufacturing of Historical Myths, 2011).

Remarkably, Ruzi Nazar, a leader of the Munich-based ABN, had longstanding relations with the CIA and MHP. Being a former member of SS Turkestan legion, he had been involved in paramilitary training of Grey Wolves in the 1960s.In general, Turkes established over 100 camps across Turkey for MHP’s military arm.

The ultra-nationalist group took part in terror activities aimed against their leftist rivals and Kurds in the 1970s, resulting in the death of almost 6,000 people. It is believed that Bozkurtlar were also responsible for a 1981 assassination attempt aimed against Pope John Paul II.

Despite the massacre they unleashed, the Grey Wolves enjoyed full protection from Turkey’s counter-guerilla units of a Special Warfare Department.

Needless to say, the collapse of the USSR was seen by pan-Turkish MHP and Bozkurtlar as a brilliant opportunity to expand their influence over the former Soviet Republics with Turkic and Muslim population.


EU referendum: German and French to unveil European superstate blueprint post-Brexit

Paul McGuire | Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Speaker & Author



Watch “Leaked Bilderberg Documents Reveal Globalist Plot For European Union”

Published on Jun 29, 2016

Josh Sigurdson spent close to ten hours compiling information on the European Union from recent Bilderberg Meeting leaks regarding the European Union.

The quotations brought to you in this video come largely from 1989 to 2002 where the European Union grew exponentially from the EC. The documents talk about the plan to create a global monetary union, a global government, brainwashing countries into willingly giving up their sovereignty, expanding the union to Russia, creating the building blocks of a global government with global regulations and global central banking. The creation of the Euro is mentioned several times before the currency even existed and how the IMF is technically a global government in itself. The documents also go into creating a military super power between the east and the west alongside NATO where the US is the military strongman and Europe is the nation builder. The documents even talk about most of Europe’s opposition to genetically modified foods. At one point, anonymous globalists at the Bilderberg Group talk about potentially creating a G2 between Europe and the United States. That’s where the last Bilderberg document leaks leave off.

These leaks are historic as journalists and investigators have been studying what happens at the Bilderberg meetings for close to 60 years as all the top dignitaries (royals, presidents, prime ministers, bankers, major CEOs, mainstrea media and globalists through and through) meet in private with absolutely no transparency expecting the vast public to be stupid enough to think they aren’t planning anything. That they’re just wasting resources all coming together to have a meaningless conversation that they feel must be private.

As Josh was told when he confronted Bush’s speech writer and Bilderberg member David Frum, the EU and Euro were planned at Bilderberg.

When Josh asked Bilderberg steering committee member Lord Conrad Black about that statement, Conrad Black claimed no such thing happened at Bilderberg and that they didn’t talk about globalism, but simply, “how to handle the Russians.”

Well we now know absolutely that this is not true. Globalism is the goal of the Bilderberg Group Meetings.

This is an inside look into madness. The globalist plan for a New World Order and how we the people can be used as pawns in their game as they push for increased power over us as we bow down in servitude. Pawns in a game of chess, sacrificing ourselves for the king and queen. We were once called crazy, we are now vindicated and most of us wish we weren’t vindicated. Viewing the world through rose colored glasses is much more comfortable. However, we must understand the negatives in order to create a positive. In order to come out on top as free beautiful individuals instead of slaves to a global order we did not consent to.

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen break down these revealing documents.


Now Britain faces ‘Coloured revolution’ as Soros moves to stop Brexit

Organizations Funded by George Soros and His Open Society Institute

Brexit: a brilliant revolt against the political class

Christy Doyle

Eight more countries want to hold referenda to exit the EU – France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Portugal and Slovakia could all leave.

The USS European Union is sinking: Abandon Ship!


Brexit: Daniel HannanSuperb speech on Brexit (best I’ve seen yet!!)
Daniel Hannan is a European Parliament member, who subsequently has now lost his job given the outcome of the referendum.


Europeans in Rebellion Against US Russophobic War Agenda

16 Reasons to Celebrate Brexit’s Win

MERKEL’S WORST NIGHTMARE: Germany calls for Referendum as ‘people want to be from EU’

German Companies Committed to Russia, Even in Today’s Crisis

German Companies Solidify Presence in Russian Market

Leader Of Germany’s Gold Repatriation Movement Confirms Austria To Repatriate 50%

Austria Wants the Gradual Easing of Russia Sanctions

France doesn’t want to strangle Russia and die for NATO

French Would Vote to Leave EU if Frexit Referendum Took Place

Protestors Rise Up In Their Millions Against Ruling Class

PressTV-56,000 sign Dutch petition for Nexit vote

‘Something is moving in Italy’: Liguria adopts resolution to lift anti-Russia sanctions

Could Australia leave the AU and become Stralia?


Gerald Celente Just Issued A Dire Warning To The World After His Shockingly Accurate

Israeli group urges Brexit over EU West Bank policies

Brexit set to Impact Israeli Trade with Britain


Watch “Bix Weir On The Coming Collapse, The Silver & Gold Potential and The Globalist

Published on Jun 27, 2016

Josh Sigurdson talks with Bix Weir of RoadToRoota.com about the Road To Roota theory, the possibly limitless potential of silver and gold, the globalist cabal attempting to force the entire world into absolute servitude to the state and the divide and conquer agenda of the U.S. election as presidents are selected, not elected. As nationalist Trump supporters, fascist Clinton supporters and socialist Bernie supporters fight among themselves, the agenda is succeeding. The U.S. is on the verge of a civil war and the globalists are loving it.

Bix also goes into the worthless digital and paper money throwing the people into debt enslavement. Currently the world is on the verge of a collapse of historic proportions. As Bix Weir wrote a recent article titled “Here’s Why $100,000/oz Silver Is A Conservative Estimate”, Josh asks him whether he believes the price will actually hit such an incredible number or if he was trying to make a point about the potential of silver as prices are rigged across the board. Bix then goes into the global silver and gold price rigging as the master manipulators continue to deceive and plunder the markets.

Josh also goes into Deutsche Bank, their inevitable collapse as well as the (ESF) Exchange Stabilization Fund’s silver price rigging and the power they wield.

The interview wouldn’t be complete without some talk of Hillary Clinton’s criminal activity.

We thank Bix for joining us and will surely be talking with him more in the future as the global collapse liberates the people from the global collectivist control freaks plundering people’s rights and freedoms in their mission to enslave the masses.

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