I Was Totally Shocked When I Found Out AOM Removed All The Email Addresses On Their Site

I was so happy when I found the AOM’s website with so many email addresses and thinking they are educators sure got some support:) Cannot ‘tahun’ no support but one very angry mail screaming at me and I found out the board had removed all the email addresses from their site, I almost got  a ‘heart attack’. Never in my widest dream just do a petition can get people so upset to remove all the email addresses. (So now when I found a site I email individually).

After the initiate shock it took me a day to reply them and 3 negatives reply asked me to take them off the list, one reply said this is the wrong venue to post such petition. (Now I work on UN, EU and American government sites.)  The positive reply kept me going. It is the positive reply that allowed me to open my heart without reservation and I rewrote the petition letter with honesty and sincerity. Post Under Petition Letter.


Sent: Friday, November 18, 2011 11:22 PM


Although my feelings are not as strong, I do believe what you argue here.



My Reply

19 November 2011

From: Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com>
To: Joanne
Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2011 12:02 AM

Dear Joanne,

Thank you very much for your reply you don’t know how much it means to me. I will continue to work hard for God because my teacher said the politicians should be doing God job but they often fail humanity. She wanted us to develop our consciousness and do not allow Capitalism to rob us of our soul because when that happens right or wrong very blur. She said once we have acquired the consciousness it is like God is with us and when thing are not right we will know how to make it right. In short she wanted us to be the eyes for the politicians and if they do something wrong we must speak up and let them know. The petition is not Pro Palestinians but as long as there is occupation terror will continue. I just don’t want all these people to die for nothing. If the leaders can open their heart their people will have a good life. Is this wrong for me to ask from the Israeli government? Because of what had happened in GAZA many people in Asia dislike the Jews (they speak in silent). Many sites wrote very bad things about the Jews. I found AOM in one of those sites. I did not harm people I don’t know why some people so angry with me.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity

Sunflower Chong

NB: When I was a young child I had promised God I will not failed Him, if I see things wrong I asked Him to give me the courage to make it right. If I am meant to walk this journey I asked God to take care of me financially.


My Reply

20 November 2011

From: Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com>
To: Joanne
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2011 12:58 AM

Dear Joanne,

I must thank you again for giving me an honest view so I am motivated to continue my work for God. My teacher said to love God is to strive for greater humanity. Because of your reply I am feeling alive that inspired me to improve the petition letter. My friend Steve polished my draft.

And this guy one of the member send me this which is good I have not reply him yet because afraid he angry with me.

From: Phillip
To: Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, November 18, 2011 10:24 PM


I previously thought about responding to your email that your choice of venue was not appropriate, and I wish now that I had.

AOM’s choice to block this type of email blast was appropriate.

Your cause may be worthy, but the channel for communication was ill-chosen.



And now I go to pro Palestinian countries websites. Hope this time no one will get angry with me. I am all alone fighting this cause in Singapore no one want to friend me but now I got 3 new friends in America support me:) I am so happy.

I found this on the website too, very positive. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2224298499

This one no good – http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2011/09/27/netanyahu-diplomacy-france-spain/

So hope people power will be strong enough that Netanyahu will conclude the deal. But the recent interview on Charlie Rose with Erhud Barak don’t sound positive. He said cannot talk to Hamas. Charlie Rose said before Israel said no body to talk to and now Hamas and Fatah coming together and Israel said cannot talk, where got hope for the Palestinian dream of a homeland.





On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 7:57 AM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear Leaders of AOM,

This is the only email I have received from your colleague,

“Your email is disgusting. How many states have been threatened with extinction by every surrounding country for over 60 years and been force to fight 5 or 6 wars just for survival.

There should be no discussion with the PLO until and unless they openly recognize Israel’s right to exist.

I don’t accept double standards. Shame on you. Take me off your mailing list. E.

When I received the above email on Thursday, November 17, 2011 12:16 AM I was very disappointed but when I found out AOM had deleted all the email addresses on their site I was  totally shocked with disbelieved. The essence of education is Courage and Character but your organization has failed to uphold it when the email addresses were deleted.

The vision of AOM is to inspire and enable to build a better world and the mission is to build a vibrant and supportive community.  The petition that I have sent to your organization is your value and belief, what have I done wrong for your organization to react in this drastic manner? I asked myself how a credible organization like yours can be so paranoid! I thought the Israeli government is the only paranoia and thus had driven the future generations to the same path.

How could we build a better world when fear still takes the front seat instead of the consciousness? How can we make the world right when the people in power (America) close their eyes to the injustice done to the Palestinian people especially in GAZA by the Israeli government? One soldier was captured and almost1800 people must be killed! This kind of act cannot be condoned because it is inhuman and outrageous! The Israeli government try to justify it like what Ehud Barak just did on Charlie Rose show but in the eyes of the world this act was insane you can’t justified it no matter what? I am not well educated just an ordinary individual yet I got the courage to Speak Up because I am compelled by my Conscience!

The Israelis are the Chosen People to make the world right not to turn the whole world upset down due to their insecurity! They must remember it was the German ‘Hitler’ that had slaughtered 6 million Jews and not the Palestinian people. Why the Palestinian people got to pay the price till this day by denying them a homeland where their people live in misery without dignity?

What is more disgusting, my email to all of you or the land stolen from the Palestinian people? If the Jewish people had not stole the Palestinian land why are they trying so hard to keep it? When I was 10 years old my Jewish teacher Ms Soloman told us that the Palestinians stole the Israelis land. She taught us this song “Born Free” – this land is mine God gave this land to me. This brave an ancient land to me. But what about the Palestinian land I asked my Jewish teacher and she got angry and said, “Sun Wah shouts up!” I told another teacher about what happened and she said, “If the Palestinians had stolen the land of the Israelis why was the land known as Palestine and not Israel.” The truth is hard to swallow? The Israeli government just cannot rewrite history as and when they want!

Partition and Theft http://www.counterpunch.org/2007/04/01/how-palestine-became-israel-s-land/

How Palestine Became Israel’s Land

For Palestinians, theirs is not the land of conquest, but the land of their roots going back to time immemorial. Such a lineage does not rely on a biblical promise like the Jewish claim that God promised the land to Abraham and his descendants, and is therefore, the historical site of the Jewish kingdom of Israel. It belongs to the people of Palestine by the simple fact of their continuous residence repeated through birth and possession going back to the earliest Canaanites and even those people living there before recorded history. They were there when the Israelites invaded the land, occupied it, and held it intermittently as wave after wave of other conquerors came and went, and they were still there when the Romans put an end to Jewish Palestine by destroying Jerusalem in 135AD. If a religious basis is sought, then the Palestinians can lay claim to being the descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael who is regarded the forefather of the Arabs. But actually, Palestinian rights are enshrined in the universally accepted principle that land belongs to its indigenous inhabitants. Thus, the modern day struggle for this land by European Jewish immigrants who have no connection with Palestine other than through their religion is a colonial enterprise that seeks sovereignty for an “external Jewish population” to the exclusion of the indigenous Palestinians who, regardless of faith–Jewish, Christian or Muslim–have lived together for centuries.

Please read this link and it will pain your heart to know what is happening in Gaza and West Bank.

Worlds apart (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2006/feb/06/southafrica.israel)

Israelis have always been horrified at the idea of parallels between their country, a democracy risen from the ashes of genocide, and the racist system that ruled the old South Africa. Yet even within Israel itself, accusations persist that the web of controls affecting every aspect of Palestinian life bears a disturbing resemblance to apartheid. After four years reporting from Jerusalem and more than a decade from Johannesburg before that, the Guardian’s award-winning Middle East correspondent Chris McGreal is exceptionally well placed to assess this explosive comparison. Here we publish the first part of his two-day special report.

Benjamin Netanyahu wants the ‘status quo’ to remain. We must not allow the citizens of the world to dislike the Jewish people but Netanyahu’s government is not helping instead making it worst when he calls for “A Jewish State” like what KKK wanted for America “A White Christian State”.


SharkswithfrikingLazers  09/27/2011 06:17 PM Report

In a remarkable video from 1978, 28 year old MIT grad Benjamin Netanyahu debates whether there should be a Palestinian state created on the West Bank and Gaza.

Netanyahu argues that such a state would have but one goal: to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

Ten Minutes:

Again, let the UN handle it.

worldwatcher 09/27/2011 06:35 PM Report


Most Western whites, because of their white identification with white Jews, do not know how to verbally read between the lines and political *code words/phrases/terminology* — words that otherwise pass for common words (like “A/The Jewish State”,words/phrases/terminology that have a highly specific *ideological*, *political* and *legal* meaning) — in Netanyahu’s/Israel’s glib, duplicitious, disengenuous statements.

(As Malcolm X once said, “Colonialism[especially, settler-colonialism] is the perpetration that tries to make the wolf look like the lamb, and the lamb look like the wolf.”

And, indeed, Zionist Jews try to make the *native* people of Palestine, the *Palestinians*, whose ancestors have lived there continuously, look like the foreign invading population — and try to make the invading European/Western Jews, because their ancient *religious* ancestors lived there 2,000 years ago, look like the *native* people. And the ancient Hebrews weren’t even the first people in Palestine.)

As long as Israel enjoys overwhelming military, economic, political and Western media advantage, Israel (or this prime minister, Netanyahu, as with Ariel Sharon, or all those before him) will never seriously negotiate with the Palestinian people’s leadership — until there is some tectonic change, or a series of tectonic changes, in Mideast geopolitics, especially from U.S.-supported &/or paid-off dictatorships that support/ed Israel, like, formerly, Egypt’s Mubarak.

(Ironically, Israel itself may have produced one possible tectonic change, and shot itself in the political foot, thinking that, as usual, Israel can get away with almost anything it wants too, with it’s rich Uncle Sam’s backing, when Israeli soldiers ham-handedly, but premeditatedly, murdered some 11 Turkish citizens [people the Israeli news calls “terrorists”] on the Gaza humanitarian relief flotilla on the high seas — a relief flotilla containing, on other flotilla boats, many anti-Zionist Jews highly critical of Israel — where, once again, Israel makes itself look like the lamb, and tries to make others, here the relief humanitarians, look like the wolves.)

In the meantime, in the European West, Israeli/Zionist Jews will be the masters of smooth PR (public relations) lines: “Israel wants peace” (actually a piece of every country around Israel) and “The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”, when (in my take-off on one of Israel’s constantly repeated PR lines, it’s actually that, “*Israel* will never *miss* an opportunity to *destroy* an opportunity”, for not only peace, but especially anything at all amounting to true justice. (Btw, Hitler also said that he wanted “peace” — just under his *domination*.)

In fact, it’s *ILLEGAL* — it’s a *crime* — with *criminal* penalties — for any Israeli politician to call for absolutely true national, political, legal, and social equality in Israel, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion: what Jews demand in any other country, especially in the European West. In Israel/Palestine, Zionists demand *Jewish* [instead of Christian] white-supremacy.

Yet, many Israeli Jews have the nerve to ask, “Where is the Palestinian ‘Gandhi’ or the Palestinian ‘Martin Luther King’?” But, I wonder, where is the *Jewish* ‘Gandhi’ or the *Jewish* ‘Martin Luther King’?

But, political Zionism is a morally repugnant, _RACIST_ ideology, ultimately every bit as morally repugnant and as racist — if not quite, practically, to the exact degree (everything but the gas chambers themsevles) as Nazism — with otherwise essentially the same racist and ethnic eliminating/cleansing goals as Nazism (see online, 20 Parallels Between Zionism and Nazism): the elimination of a constructed-“despised”, unwanted people — this time, the Palestinian people. Many Israeli Jews, even Israeli politicians, openly call for the complete ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from historic Palestine, as is happening in Jerusalem itself. And, this time ultimately the continuous and systematic replacement of that “despised”, unwanted people (the Palestinians) with a foreign population (largely European/Western Jews): the once brutally oppressed (Eastern European Jews) since become the new brutal oppressors for well over half a century now. Or, effectively, ‘After Hitler, *our* turn.’

Those relatively few Israeli and Western Jews highly and morally critical of Israel and political Zionism say that Israeli society has steadily become much more and more deeply racist against non-Jews in the Middle East and Arab world. In fact, there is a popular slogan about Israeli Jews as a society: “They learned from the Nazis.”

(Actually, this is also factually true, as the Israeli military once studied Nazi methods in militarily uprooting Jews from the Warsaw ghetto.)

Many Jews are Zionists because they are Jews (from the time many of them were children, many of them were propagandized by Israel’s founders and other older Zionists too); but some Jews (the ones you never hear about in our media) are *anti*-Zionists *especially* because they are Jews: they believe that just as others shouldn’t oppressed Jews (and Jews are no longer oppressed, especially, in the Western world, but not even in Middle Eastern countries where Jews still live — even in Iran), that Jews shouldn’t oppress others! It was Albert Einstein who said, “It would be my greatest sadness to see Jews do to Arabs *much* of what Nazis did to Jews.” Einstein also said, “If we are not able to find a way to honest cooperation and honest pacts with the [Palestinian] Arabs, then we have learned *nothing* in our two thousand years of suffering, and deserve all which will befall us.”

(There is the true story of an early European Zionist Jew who went on his first trip to historic Palestine. He returned and said, “I have seen ‘the bride’ [historic Palestine]; she is beautiful! But, alas, she belongs to another man [the Palestinian Arabs].”)

Everyone in the Middle Eastern and Muslim world clearly understands the white/Western hypocrisy and gross double standards perpetrated by politically Zionist European/Western Jews in the past 75-years of the largely European Jewish colonization of Palestine. Even Gandhi called political Zionism, “a crime against humanity”. Thus, Israel itself is an act of Zionist mass terrorism and Israel itself is a crime against humanity: literally hundreds of Palestinian villages and towns were razed to the ground after the Palestinians were driven off or wholesale massacred (as in the then Palestinian town of Deir Yassin, where Palestinian men, women and children were first forced-paraded around and then massacred) by invading European Zionist Jewish militia.

How can someone morally or logically speak of “A Jewish State” — which means an *ideologically* and racistly European Jewish(-supremacist) state, the parallel of declaring a “White Christian State” (which is what the Nazis or the KKK wanted) anywhere else, But, in Israel, “A Jewish State” in someone *else’s* land. This, where (even after all the ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people and the huge influx of a foreign Jewish replacement population over the past more than a century) about half, or more, of the population of historic Palestine is still native non-Jewish in a land (historic Palestine) that was an overwhelmingly Arab (Muslim, Christian, Druze, other and secular) land! Most Zionist Jews (and certainly all Israeli and white Western academic historians) know this, but they just don’t care — because they’re white European/Western *RACISTS*!

So, European Jews invade historic Palestine — the middle of the Middle East — and complain and are constantly preoccupied about “too many Arabs(!!)”, just as many non-Jewish Europeans/whites (and especially the Nazis) once used to complain and be constantly preoccupied about “too many Jews”! European Jews went to historic Palestine, drove off as many of the native people (the *Palestinians*) as the Zionists could (native Palestinian Jews were but a small fraction of the native population and they *never* called for an ideologically “Jewish State”), politically and economically disenfranchised the native people (Zionist European Jews were even racist against *non-European* Jews), otherwise subjugated the native people, and then acted all “perplexed” that the native people didn’t/don’t like it! (This kind of reminds me of that line where a kid brutally murders his parents and, when caught, then throws himself upon the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan!)

Zionist Jews and white Westerners call the native resistance to the European Jewish militarized invasion, systematic disenfranchisement, and Jewish settler-colonization, “anti-Semitism”! And Israeli/Zionist Jews believe that truly anti-racist people who oppose even Jewish racist nationalism *too* (here virulent anti-Palestinian racism) oppose Jewish racism (the way Zionist Jews feel) “because we’re Jews!”

But, the Palestinians are far more Semitic than European/Western Jews who’ve been intermixing in Europe for 2,000 years! And who’s ever heard of some people claiming another people’s land because the former supposedly lived there 2,000 years ago (what if we all tried to reverse 2,000 years of human migration) or because 3,000 (or 5,000, depending on from where you start counting) years ago, supposedly “God” promised some people today another (especially, native) people’s land? *NO PEOPLE* have the moral right to “go back” — across thousands of miles of oceans and seas to entirely another continent — to supposedly “reclaim” the land of their, especially, *ancient* religious ancestors: *NO ONE*. If Zionist Jews tried that argument and excuse with any other people, but people with the military power to repell such Zionist, those other people would just blurt out and howl out in utter, sheer laughter right in the Zionists faces — and the Zionists would be immediately recognized for the *JEWISH RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALIST* nnnutcases that they are!

(Maybe the European decendents of the Vikings could “morally” *claim* “the right” to the southeast coast of Canada and the northeast coast of the U.S., and a religio-ethnic “Viking-supremacist state” there, because the Viking decendent’s were once there and their “God”/deity promised *them* it 3,000, or 5,000, years ago and they’ve “come back” for “what’s *theirs*”! The Zionist claim to Palestine really makes about as much intellectual and moral sense. The Zionist claim to historic Palestine is *literally* worse than Medieval!!)

But, what people in the world would willingly accept their land/country militarily invaded by a foreign population intent on disenfranchising and displacing the native population of that land, and then (the foreign population) offering to give a small part of that land/country back. This could only be perpetrated at the barrel of a gun. And, in fact, Israel was incepted by the European Jewish terrorism of the Jewish Irgun and Stern gangs (British officials and historians *could* tell you about those Jewish former terrorist gangs), often in direct/indirect association with the Jewish Hagannah militia. This is ironic for an Israel that says that, “We/Israel will not negotiate with terrorists.” But, historic Palestine was not invaded and colonized nonviolently by foreign Zionist Jews; so, the Palestinian people (no matter how outgunned) have no obligation to resist nonviolently.

But, most Jews and other white Westerners *overlook* this moral hypocrisy and gross double standard so matter-of-factly that such statements by Netanyahu, his Israeli predecessors (including the verbally, duplicitously ‘pious’ Golda Meir), and other politically Zionist Jews (like the verbally, duplicitously ‘pious’, duplicitously softspoken, and duplicitously, ever-so-visually expressive Elie Wiesel) that they are absolutely oblivious to the wanton racism and wantonly racist statements perpetratrated against the native population: the Palestinian people. It’s ‘cowboys and Indians’ all over again, with Jews being the new ‘cowboys’ and Palestinians being the new ‘Indians’ all over again. But, Zionist Jews may be *HISTORY’S GREATEST HYPOCRITES*, with, once again, a European people saying that they were brutally oppressed back home (in Europe), but, once again, going out to the non-European world toting the Bible and the Gun and, in turn, brutally oppressing others.

A whole religious and historical mythology (complete with the same kind of racist anthropological digs that the Nazis practiced, but in Israel Jewish “anthropologists” smashing through anything that is not Jewish) has been spun to support Israel and to blame Israel’s/Zionists’ *victims* — and actually mythology that parallels the mythology spun by the Nazis against Jews!: especially the revival of a “glorrrious ancient kingdom” based on blood, and requiring steadily more ‘labensraum’. This Zionist mythology has become state mythology not only in Israel, but in the U.S. (and, of course, in our news media) too! But war — especially by those who purposely invade others or otherwise start them — is all about *LYING* and, then soon, victor’s mythology.

This is reinforced by the constant Western/Jewish documentaries, films, plays, ever-newest “latest discoveries”, etc., about the Nazis and the Jewish holocaust (as though the Nazis didn’t try to exterminate other entire peoples too), played out in Western media, used by Zionist Jews as ‘war propaganda’ — the exploitation of the Jewish holocaust and its mass Jewish suffering — against the Palestinian people. This Zionist self-exploitation of Jewish history was — even through right-wing political Zionism, often represented through another of several historical forms of *Jewish*, anti-Palestinian, fascist figures — started long before Nazi rule.

But when many Armenians went to historic Palestine to escape their brutal oppression and genocide, they didn’t go there to take the place over — and they were *welcomed* by the Palestinian Arabs. And, Arabs/Muslims living in Nazi era France (reference online, The “Mosques of Paris”), and Arabs in North Africa and other parts of the Arab world, even protected many Jews from the Nazis: where is *that* story in Western documentaries and films. Jews lived peacefully with the Arabs [as historically before in Arab Spain] until Zionism later came along. So much for the thanks and appreciation from Zionist Jews.

It’s European *Christians* with the long history of persecuting European Jews — so why didn’t European *Christians* themselves make atonement and give European Jews land for “A Jewish State” in *EUROPE* (or in the U.S., Canada, or Australia, for that matter, where there’s *lots* of empty land, especially in the deserts or wilderness, since we now claim to love Jews so much and want to protect them).

But, *where* are the regular documentaries about what white-America did right in *this* country to the Native Americans, the black slaves, the Asians, and the Latinos in the U.S.?: genocides and crimes against humanity perpetrated by *THIS* country. The U.S. didn’t perpetrate the European Jewish holocaust! Why not every form of American media employed about the holocaust that the *U.S.* perpetrated — including with historical Jewish-American complicity (traders, merchants, market-holders, insurers, etc.) in the black slave trade?

Anyone in the European West who points out such gross Zionist hypocrisy is, if possible, driven out of their jobs and/or otherwise economically attacked by Zionist Jews (recently in Oakland, California, the city museum, The Oakland Museum, was economically threatened by Zionist Jews into not showing a Palestinian children’s art exhibit!) — and thus politicians, journalists, academics and, especially, other people with institutional status are collectively kept deeply afraid by the Israel lobby: they (including Charlie Rose, who, like other political discussion shows, hosts people, described as “experts”, who are never, under the supposed journalistic ethic of full disclosure, disclosed as Zionist Jews and ‘past’/present members of the Israel lobby; and when Martin Indyk was once described that way, Indyk got in a big huff) very well know the price that will be paid by others (including moral, *anti*-Zionist Jews) criticizing Israel, any of its leaders, and, especially, political Zionism.

Zionists in the West are the new political masters (the new ‘Paroah’, so to speak) and the rest of us are the new political slaves. Any of us in the West who can see the truth, despite Netanyahu’s and his political predecessors’ glib PR words, are collectively held hostage to this hypocrisy:



16 November 2011

Dear Leaders of AOM,

We cannot afford to be spectators anymore toward the Israelis and Palestinians conflict, why? The Israeli government is acting as though there is no rule of law in the world. A good example was the capture of Gilad Shalit by Hamas. One Israeli was captured and almost 1800 Palestinians were dead. Is that the right of the chosen people, where is justice? (http://www.ifamericansknew.com/Statistics  Last Updated: October 25, 2011)

According to the Israeli human rights organisation, B’Tselem, in the fighting that continued until a ceasefire was reached on Nov 26, 2006, 416 Palestinians were killed (five Israelis were also killed, one by friendly fire). The ceasefire endured on and off until late 2008, when clashes broke out between Hamas and the IDF along the Gaza border. Israel then launched Operation Cast Lead, an extensive invasion of the Gaza Strip that resulted in 1,390 Palestinian deaths, 700 of whom were Hamas, 454 of whom were women and children.

We have been bystanders for far too long and it’s time we take action. The world needs us to be proactive; it’s time for us to rally our efforts as one concerted voice to claim back our beautiful world. First and foremost, we would need to let the Prime Minister of Israel Mr Netanyahu and the Jewish people hear our voices and our strong mandate to give the Palestinian people a homeland now.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/sep/18/observer-editorial-palestine-statehood

In 1948, United Nation had promised the Palestinian people 45% of the land. In 1993, Yitshak Rabin in the Oslo Agreement had given the Palestinians 22%. After his assassination, all agreements were in disarray. It has been 20 years since. The Netanyahu government refused to conclude the deal citing security as the reason.

I remain convicted to my belief and my fight for world harmony. I strongly believe that with the support of like-minded individuals and world communities such as AOM, we would be able to rally the Israeli government to give the Palestinian people a homeland in time to come.

I would like to appeal to you to support this petition for a Palestinian State.

The success of the “Arab Spring” tells us that a “Global Spring” is not impossible to achieve and it can begin with just a simple click of your mouse to support this petition. The Palestinian people need our support now more than ever for a “World Spring” to finally achieve a homeland for their people.

We must have the strong faith that we can build a better and fairer world for all. When I first placed the petition online, I had thought that I was a lone voice to fight for this cause that I firmly believe in. Since then, 27 good souls have signed to pledge the support for the online petition. Admittedly, there are some were doubtful that this online petition will make a difference or have repercussions on them, I sincerely hope you all will think otherwise.

On behalf of the Palestinian people I thank you all very much for your support. Please spread the word.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong
Founder of  www.worldharmonyday.com

From: Adam & Beate
To: Sunflower Chong
Cc: 1453@gmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 5:02 AM
Subject: Re: Call for Support for a Palestinian State – Online Petition

Dear Friend

As an Israeli peace activist, I wholeheartedly support your initiative. A
Palestinian state is not only good for Palestinians – it is also good for
Israelis. With a Palestinian state the Palestinians will be free of the
occupation – but also the Israelis will be free of being occupiers and
oppressors, and will at last have the chance to live in peace.

all the best

Adam Keller

Gush Shalom (Israeli peace Bloc)




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