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America Wakes Up. Jews Did 9/11

Israel Taps Every Single Phone In America 

Uploaded on Mar 25, 2010

Israel Taps Every Single Phone In America 2/2


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America Wakes Up. Jews Did 9/11

SHOCKING 9/11 INTERVIEW: Is this man a Prophet? or is there something more to it?


Uploaded by theTRUTHprincess on Jan 3, 2012

Is this man some kind of PROPHET? or is there something more to it?
Interviewed the morning of 9/11, this Israeli government official offers shockingly accurate predictions of post-9/11 world events.

Observe closely how this man wastes no time in
blaming Bin Laden for the attacks without
a shred of evidence,
predicting the IRAQ, & Afghanistan “WARS”,
calling for LIBYA’s destruction,
& pushing for war with IRAN!!!

How did he get into the studio so fast, who felt that it was
vital or absolutely necessary to get his point of view
before the thousands of other possible guests,
& why did he jump at the opportunity
without any hesitation???

Lastly, why did he have such SPECIFIC ideas
about what should be done about it without
“knowing” exactly what happened or
who was directly responsible???

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