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Allah – God of ISRAEL

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http://abrahamsfaith.blogspot.com “Let’s say two people have the same boss. Just because they disagree as to the plans of the boss doesn’t mean that they have two different bosses. And just because perhaps they disagree as to the boss’s will doesn’t mean that they each work for different bosses. Disagreements as to the plans, desires, or doings of the boss doesn’t equate to disagreement as to the essence of [the mahut of] who the boss is.

Muslims, Jews, and the original followers of Jesus (who said that the greatest commandment is ‘Hear O’ Israel the L-RD is our G-d, the L-RD Alone / the L-RD is One.’) …for all 3 of these, the Creator is One absolute existence. He is not subject to change, neither shares His essence or divinity with another, nor does He have origin in something else, nor does He multiply His divinity, and His Singularity is Incorporeal and Incomparable to any other.”

Deut. 32:29 “…there is no [other] god with Me.”
“…leth alah bar mini” (“…there is no Alah other than Me.”)

Jewish Rabbi Worships Allah


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Zionist Jewish Rabbi Yehudah Glick from Jerusalem accepts and worships Allah as God.

(Please note that I do not agree with the Zionist beliefs of this Rabbi but I appreciate his comments and worship of Almighty Allah).

Real Jews and Real Muslims are friends

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This man is a real Jew who speaks the truth , he doesn’t follow the majority he follows the truth , the only differents between humans and animals are free will and power of thought , if we don’t use these abilities and just say or follow whatever other do then we are animals in human’s skin

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