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Ahmed Deedat on BBC: Choices and East Meets West

Religions Must Serve The Good Of Humanity

In order to have world harmony besides achieving a homeland for the Palestinians, humanity must come together as ONE People with an open mind to learn from one another religions. Hence, it is very important to have continuous dialogue, discussion and even debate to enable us to move closer to the truth because the truth will set us free. This video from BBC is one good example but more of these kind of activities are highly needed to advance the cause to bring the world closer to one another. Simply said when we have a better understanding of all religions it will unit humanity instead to divide.

I strongly believe Singapore has the right environment to play a role in fostering better understand among all religions. This was my letter to MM Lee.


I strongly believed the spirit of Nalanda is much better suited in an environment like Marina South. You can never find a better or ideal place in the world. Singapore is know far and wide as a success story in fostering a multiracial, multi cultural an multireligious society living in peace, harmony and unity. Singapore will be the perfect setting for the great renaissances of the world to meet to light the world with universal education in spiritually.

In Mecca, Saudi Arabia every year 2 million people from around the world meet. Now try to imagine Singapore being the Mecca of the east but the uniqueness is that every year in different months different religious celebration will be held at Marina South and best of all every year 20 February all the people will celebrate World Harmony Day:) WHD includes people with no religion. This powerhouse will be the centre of the world to remind the people to work continuously for the betterment of humanity.

We know somebody got to do this great work for humanity and with MM Lee total support I hope the new direction of PM Lee’s government can look into this matter. “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started… and know the place for the first time.”– T.S Eliot



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