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A State for ALL its Citizens is the ONLY Answer


Water For All: The Case For A One-State Solution

Negotiations over water tend to kill peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, so why not a one-state solution?

In light of yet another round of negotiations between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israeli negotiators (which, it must be said, took place on the heels of an announcement to build more illegal homes in East Jerusalem), questioning the likelihood of negotiations ever resulting in an independent and fully sovereign Palestinian state along the pre-1967 borders is as pressing as ever.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu, during his public scolding of President Obama, referred to the pre-1967 borders as “indefensible” for Israel, he was not expressing a fringe, radical point of view, but rather, frankly articulating what many in Israel’s policymaking circles had implicitly recognised decades ago; that a completely sovereign Palestinian state within said borders, in complete control of the natural resources to which it would be entitled, is an unacceptable option.

Caroline Glick & Mark Levin: The Israeli Solution — A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East

Published on Mar 8, 2014

Commentary at: http://www.westernfreepress.com/?p=20…
Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin interviews Glick about her new book, The Israeli Solution — A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East

The One-State Vision and Foundational Principles of a Republic in Historic Palestine

I. We, the undersigned, Palestinians and Israelis, believe that the historic land of Palestine should be shared by all those who now live in it and its natives who have been expelled or exiled from it since 1948, and their descendants, regardless of religion, ethnicity, national origin or current citizenship status. Cognisant of the great changes in the Middle East including the recent Arab uprisings, we conceive of our movement as part of the drive towards democracy, accountability, transparency, equality and economic and social justice in the region. We intend to build a model state in the region, rooted in equal citizenship, popular democracy and institutional justice.

Palestine and the ‘Parallel states’

In the past I wrote my thoughts on three ‘options’ to resolve the Zonist-Palestinian conflict based on the One State, Two-State and Helen Thomas’ Third option. The recent showdown between the leader of world’s sole military power, Barack Obama and Benji Netanyahu, the leader of world’s sole money power (which Benji won) on the former’s vision of One State option introduced me to a fourth option of Parallel States, Palestine and Israel sharing the same land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.

Proposal for an Alternative Configuration in Palestine-Israel

A bi-national state would necessitate a reconfiguration of the shared space of Palestine-Israel. This proposal outlines the political and territorial configuration of two sovereign states, but in one political and economic union, namely the Federal Union of Palestine-Israel. This reconfiguration is based on the current demographic distribution of both populations and the need to accommodate the returnees from the exiled Palestinian population.

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