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A Letter to Gaza

Letter to Gaza » Muftah


Ramzan Alnoaimi

July 23rd, 2014

Your existence is a daily nightmare for him. Merely your existence. You, being here, challenges his fraudulent entitlement to your land. He sees his crime in your eyes. In his head, you are an unbearable pain.Shutting your voice is not enough. Imprisoning you is not enough. Killing you is not enough.He wants you to disappear!He will dehumanize you. He will tell himself and everyone else, that you are a beast. That you don’t know how to love. How to live. How to fear. So he kills you. But it’s not enough.

He will say you are the most dangerous threat to this planet. To whatever is called human. That the stone in your hand is more dangerous than his human extinguishing weapons. So he kills you. But it’s not enough.

He will tell you to trust him. And that he’ll give you peace. He will tell you to believe him. And that he’ll give you a piece. And then he kills you. But it’s not enough.

It’s never enough. In his head, you are an unbearable pain. Your ghost is surrounding him. He must make you disappear. So the crime also disappears.

When he succeeds. When you disappear. From your land. Away from his eyes. He will tell your story. A story in which you fade. Your real story is just as unbearable. Exactly as you were. So it also must disappear.

He will come up with a very creative and very ugly end. To end the story he made. To end you. Something similar to the story of ‘old world viruses.’ He will convince himself, you are history, and he can make it through.

You will fade and your story will. I am afraid. Or they’ll make you folklore. The same way ‘Native Americans’ faded and became a folklore. The same way ‘Native Australians’ faded. Or even more. You’ll slowly fade, I am afraid, so he can’t see his crime in your eyes, anymore.

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